Content of lalius

It's a beautiful little fish. In nature, its color combines the intertwining of blue and red stripes, but the breeders also produced other colors - pure red and blue, neon-red, neon-blue, coral and neon-green.laliusLalious - small aquarium fish Photo: Getty Here are the basic rules for keeping such pets:

  • For a pair of fish, a small aquarium of 20 liters is suitable, but if you want to start a flock, it is better to take the aquarium for 60 liters.
  • It is better to not keep severalmales, since in the mating season they will begin to divide the territory and become aggressive. But 1 male and a lot of females - please. If you still really want to get a few males, do a lot of shelter in the aquarium. This will moderate the partition of the territory
  • Be sure to drop the algae. They like fish and will saturate the water with oxygen. A sufficient amount of algae will help you avoid the aerator.
  • The water should be warm - 24-28 degrees.
  • The thickness of the water should be at least 35 cm.
  • Water must either be replaced sometimes, or the filter must be installed.

Food fits any, purchased. Food for this type of fish can be bought in almost any pet store. The only thing you have to do is thoroughly grind the feed before serving. To get fish vitamins, sometimes they need to give finely ground spinach, lettuce leaves or algae. Try not to overfeed the fish of this species. Unfortunately, even with good care this type of fish does not live long - 2-3 years.

Compatibility of lalius with other fish

Pisces of this species perfectly coexist with manyothers. Males of the same species can be aggressive towards each other, but they are calm to other males. Guramis and sclerias will become excellent neighbors. They are just as quiet, calm and friendly. Zadiristyh cockerels and barbs to this type of fish is better not to populate, in order to avoid serious injuries. Even if the males and barbbas do not touch your wards, they will be able to hide from fear in such hard-to-reach places, from which they will not be able to escape and perish. If you want to lodge a piece of India in your house, get Indian salmons. Aquarium with these kids will become a decoration of the home interior. Also read