Photo: frame from the cartoon "Beauty and the Beast"

Brigitte Bardot

The legendary Brigitte Bardot is not only amazingactress and one of the most beautiful women of the planet, but also the best friend and protector of animals. In 1986, she founded a fund to help our younger brothers and donated 3 million francs for his development, selling personal things and jewelry! Now, on the spacious Villa Bardo in Saint-Tropez, there are numerous pets. True, they are very lucky with the hostess?Photo: Getty Images

Cara Delevingne

The most popular fashion model Kara Delevin is also verylikes animals! At one of the photo shoots, along with the beauty posed charming fluffy rabbit, which is so pleased with Kara that she decided to take her home. The model named her new neighbor a beautiful French name Cecil and ... hired a nanny for her so that the baby would not be sad in the absence of the hostess. This is life!Photos: @caradelevingne

Peris Hilton

The most famous blonde in the world - Paris Hilton- always adored the doggie and even led a television show called "America's Best Puppies." Thanks to Paris and her love for miniature pets, the Chihuahua breed has become one of the most popular in the States! Miss Hilton called her most famous dog, Tinkerbell - just like the fairy in the cartoon "Peter Pan." Baby Tink leads a chic way of life: the hostess dresses her in suits of luxury brands and removes her individual rooms in hotels! Glamorous dog even managed to light up in the clip of the popular singer Pink.Photo: Getty Images

Nicole Kidman

In his spare time filming actress Nicole KidmanHe leads a solitary life on his farm in Nashville. Here she can ride horses (you remember how well Kidman stayed in the saddle on the set of the movie "Australia"?), Messing with dogs and even planting alpaca! Do not be surprised: in one of the interviews, Kidman confessed that she did not like the soul in funny animals. These cloven-hoofed moths with soft wool and very long eyelashes are bred in the mountains of South America. It's good that Nicole did not settle on her farm snakes - in fact reptiles are also included in the list of her favorite animals!Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Swift

Popular singer Taylor Swift simply adorescats! Some of her fans even claim that the pop diva itself is like a cute kitty - just look at the cut of the beautiful blonde's eyes! At home the singer has two fluffy creatures - Olivia and Meridit. Photos of his favorites Taylor often shares with fans in his microblog in Instagram - touching shots!Photo: Getty Images

Amanda Seyfried

Actress Amanda Seyfried has a charmingAustralian Shepherd named Finn. Amanda loves to walk with her pet around the city, takes Finn with him to the cafe and treats there with biscuits. By the way, the dog Amanda has his own account in Instagram. On the four-legged handsome signed more than 50 thousand people! Finn is a real star.Photo: Getty Images

Charlize Theron

Star of the film "Sweet November" - actress CharlizeTheron is a great animal lover. Two of her cocker spaniels, Denver and Dalilah, several times played with her at the cinema. According to Theron, she would never have been able to communicate with a person who hates animals. She even starred in social advertising against the use of natural fur in clothes.Photo: Getty Images