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We represent our winners!In the opinion of the editorial board, Anna Kolesova became the face of the special project of the "Telesem" magazine "Mother's joy". According to the users of the Woman's Day website, two winners were determined in the contest "The most charming baby of Samara": Ekaterina Aronova took the first place, and Timofei Surkov took the second place.Ivan ChernikovPhoto: Rumiya Safiullina / WdayMariana KoifmanPhoto: Rumia Safiullina / WdayAlex ArzumanyanPhoto: Rumiya Safiullina / WdayMaxim PavlovPhoto: Rumiya Safiullina / WdayDiana KraukinaPhoto: Rumiya Safiullina / WdayMaria RumyantsevaPhoto: Rumia Safiullina / WdayAlexander SurkovPhoto: Rumia Safiullina / WdayArtemy SimonovPhoto: Rumiya Safiullina / WdayPolina ShkrylPhoto: Rumiya Safiullina / WdayMaxim SurkovPhoto: Rumia Safiullina / WdayVoting on the last page!