Can a woman be legally dismissed?

The Labor Code protects a woman fromundesirable shocks in the form of dismissal from work. But not every employer or entrepreneur is interested in providing special conditions for a pregnant employee and maintaining her workplace for 3 years.whether it is possible to dismiss a pregnant womanPregnant can be dismissed only in the event of complete liquidation of the enterprise. Photo: GettyA future mother can be dismissed only in two cases:

  • with the complete liquidation of the institution where she works;
  • at the termination of work of the businessman who has given it a workplace.

2-3 months before the liquidation of the enterprise, a womanmust receive a warning in writing. Upon dismissal, she is paid full wages. It should be remembered and not allowed to infringe upon their rights. Elimination of the department or workshop where the pregnant woman worked does not entitle the employer to force her to sign documents for dismissal. He must transfer her to another department or department, while retaining her wages. Reorganization or change of management is also not an excuse to deprive the future mother of the job. Disciplinary offenses, absenteeism, violations of labor discipline can not cause the dismissal of a pregnant employee. In such cases, the employer can only make an oral reprimand, de-adjust or lower the allowances to the salary.

Is it possible to discharge a pregnant woman on probation?

Conclusion of the employment contract is oftenprovides a trial period for the specified period of time. At the end of the trial period, the employer decides whether to hire a new employee or not. If he has not passed the probation period, the management takes a decision on his dismissal. The law prohibits the dismissal of a pregnant woman on probation. Even a lack of professional skills is not a reason for firing a pregnant employee. But if the pregnant woman wrote a letter of resignation at her own request and initiative, the human resources department has no right to detain her. The employer bears full responsibility for violating the rights of pregnant women and their unlawful dismissal. If their rights are violated, future mothers can apply for help to the State Labor Inspectorate.