auto With each year of cars on the roads becomesmore and more: someone buys them for the convenience of movement, and someone just for solidity. But scammers who want to profit from your inattention and ignorance of the laws, no less. What should you do if you are held hostage to this situation? Let's consider some variants to which any should have taught you: So, a young attractive girl driving a foreign car is on the planned route. Behind her is a car, which from time to time by attracting attention periodically turns on the main beam, say, stop, you need to talk. How to be in this situation? First of all, do not try to stop and find out the reason for the strange behavior of the driver. It is necessary to get to the nearest traffic police post and find out the reason on the spot. After all, if they are scammers, they must hide from your sight. Another situation that may interest car scavengers is the man at the age of more than 50 years. You will ask why? Everything is very simple. The fact is that people of this age often have reached their apogee in the career plan and, therefore, have an unlimited amount of money. In addition, these people are self-sufficient and will not tell anyone about suspicious individuals. Scammers can easily do it as if they were not, and you are to blame for allegedly scratching their car. Now they require a certain amount of money on the appointed day. Well, you were much more sophisticated and told your best friend this story. Friend, in turn, advised to apply to the police. At the time the money was transferred to the perpetrators, the police detained them, and now they will bear their punishment within the prison. The easiest "prey" for scammers are the so-called "hackers". They like to drive around the city at high speed, which often leads them to unpleasant situations. For example, the "driver" makes a lead and sees that the car, which he wants to get ahead, starts to gain a sharp speed. At the same time clings to the body of his car. You stop to find out the reasons for this behavior. Of course, scammers immediately begin to demand money for a damaged car. How to be in this situation? Take out the mobile phone and take a photo of the scratches caused by this incident. If it turns out that they are just people who want to make money for you, they will understand that it was not there - you are not that stupid. I'm sure they will immediately want to leave this ill-fated place. Remember - there are a lot of options, so be vigilant and do not let yourself be deceived.