On August 11, on the page of Fur, a note appeared: "The son was born. Another one. It's time to remember children's songs ... "Comments immediately sprang up - friends congratulated" With a rise in fluffiness !!!))) "and they wanted" More Fur, good and different. " The name of the newborn was not named by Alexander, but the colleague in the humorous shop Andrei Bocharov left an eloquent entry: "From the bottom of my heart I congratulate! You have excellent sons. It's great that now there is also Andrei Aleksandrovich Pushnoy. "Photo:archive "Telesem" This is the third child in the Pushny family, and again a boy! The elder Dmitry is 12 years old, the middle Mikhail is seven. Alexander and Tatiana have been together for 18 years. They met in the Novosibirsk Academgorodok, where both lived and studied, and the wedding took place there. “Tanya and Sasha met at the Palace of Culture after the concert,” said Alexandra's mother, Nina Dmitrievna. - I think it was a punk festival. He put on the sound: the only one knew how to do it correctly. And the punkers loved him for that. Tanya worked there as a graphic designer. Once Sasha went into the room, and she was sweeping there, the dusty dust was terrible. He began to cough exponentially, and she swore, they say, everyone goes around here. So we met. After a while, the son brought Tanya home and told me: "Tanya will live with us." At one time Sasha was in a personal crisis and constantly repeated the phrase: "I am an involuntary participant in family life." And after some time, having already moved to Moscow, he somehow called me and literally shouted into the phone: "Mom, I love Tanya!" The musician noted the appearance of a new family member with a new video, which clearly confirms that "it's time to remember children's songs." True, the children's hit of several generations “I lie in the sun” sounds in a very peculiar rocker manner. The commentators of the video have already noted that it is unlikely that the baby will be able to fall asleep to such "lullabies". However, since the days of KVN and "Good Jokes" Alexander has been distinguished by the originality of musical interpretations.