Over the past four years, Hugh Grant has managedBecome a father four times. First-born, a boy named John, the actor gave birth to the producer of Swedish television Anna Ebershtein in 2012. With his son Hugh met in 2010 in London and for a long time hid his affection.Hugh Grant photoA photo: frame from the movie "My Boy" A little later it became clear why. It turns out that the actor had another novel on the side - with the Chinese actress Tinglen Hong. She also gave him two children: a daughter of Tabitha and the son of Felix, who was born in the same year 2012 as son John. For most people, this will seem strange, but the participants in this love triangle are happy with everything. Moreover, 37-year-old Anna Ebershtein recently gave birth to Hugh another child - a girl. The name of the newborn, its height and weight is still unknown. The mother of Anna Susanna has already commented on the happy news. The woman said that she was happy with the appearance of her granddaughter.