Mila Kunis, mother of two children, and, according topart-time, the star of the American film industry, does not hide: she and diets are things from different worlds. But they still have to touch. Despite the fact that the actress prefers "junk" food such as fast food and refined products, from time to time, she puts order in her diet. As she herself admits, these are the moments when she prepares for the next shootings: "I never paid much attention to what I eat. Tasty and good, "- says the actress.Mila Kunis and Ashton KutcherA photo: GettyImagesFor example, in order to demonstrate a dried figure in Black Swan, Kunis was on a diet of 1200 calories a day and smoked a lot. "I'm not suggesting everyone follow my example, I do not call for smoking to begin in any case," warns Mila. On this diet, the actress dropped 20 pounds in eight weeks. In translation for kilograms - nine-odd kilo! And when the shooting ended, Mila returned to her favorite fast food and gained 25 pounds. That is, almost 16 kilos. And then - pregnancy, the second. Mile had to admit that her diet requires more attention. Otherwise, genetics genetics, and with excess weight to part is very difficult even zvezde.Mila abandoned simple carbohydrates in favor of complex: sweet porridge replaced porridge without sugar, the place of cornflakes took muesli, instead of cookies for a snack, the actress eats nuts. And even chocolate is bitter. Plus proteins and essential fatty acids. The result - the actress looks stunning, even after the second birth. And at the same time gives advice on how to eat and exercise during pregnancy, to come into shape was not painfully painful.Secrets of a slim figure by Mila KunisPhoto: frame from the movie "The Black Swan" 1. Do not overeat Almost all women are prone to overeating. Sorry, but it's a fact. In addition, there is a very common myth that pregnant women need to eat for two. So, pregnant women need really more calories. But it's just about 300 extra calories a day. This, for example, is a banana and a low-calorie yogurt. So try to control what you eat. Food should remain healthy and nutritious, and not just a collection of empty calories. 2. Do not give in to moods During pregnancy, you probably suffer from nausea, mood swings and other things that will affect your eating habits. And nausea, and irritation often want to seize delicious. Especially irritation. Nevertheless, do not succumb to this craving for unhealthy foods. Irritation will not go anywhere, on the contrary, you will feel even worse than before. 3. Carbohydrates let it beDiet should be balanced. That is, it should contain enough proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates. Do not try to follow complex diets, the purpose of which is to reduce the carbohydrate content in your body to a minimum. After all, carbohydrates are vital for the child so that it can grow and develop normally. Fiber, dietary fiber - mast-hev. That is, nuts, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, green and leafy vegetables.Secrets of a slim figure by Mila KunisPhoto: GettyImages4. Do the gymnastics Do not run the marathon, do not drag the bar, no. But physical activity is necessary. Walking and simple charging is something that will help you to keep yourself in shape. Ideal for pregnant exercise: fold your arms as if holding a child, legs spread out on the width of the shoulders. And make turns right and left. It looks incredibly simple, but works great: it removes tension from the spine, tones the buttocks. And if you do the exercise on a regular basis, it will help to move the fights more easily. Do not hurry This tip does not apply to pregnancy, but to the post-partum period. If you watched the food and did not forget about the sport while you were carrying the baby, then it would not be difficult to lose the last excesses after the birth. But do not expect that once the baby is born, you will magically regain your old form. Your body needs a little time, give it this time.