Nikolay Valuev, Big Daddy, Channel 5New TV Show Screensaver Photo:Press service of Channel FiveThe sportsman and deputy is now the host of Channel Five. The first broadcast of his program "Big Daddy" will take place on September 7, Sunday. The boxer will show and tell how he manages to cope with three children of different ages - Grisha (12 years old), Ira (7 years old) and Seryozha (2 years old). Everything will be specific and to the point, as the athlete loves. For example, the heading "Daddy's Kitchen" is devoted to how to quickly and tasty feed mom and babies, and not some abstract or fashionable recipes. In the new program there are no staged, exemplary scenes, only real, "live" footage. So, in fact, the boxer will invite the whole country to visit him. And any viewer will be able to assess how modestly or, on the contrary, how richly the deputy lives.Nikolai Valuev, son of Grisha, daughter of Ira"Big Daddy" with his son Grisha and daughter Ira, andall three boxers have a boxer! Photo: Nikolay Valuev's personal archiveNo this for seeding. Valuyev's house is not limited to: in the next issues of the TV show, Nikolai will visit other star fathers. He will visit families of musicians Alexei Kortnev and Soso Pavliashvili, actors Sergei Selin and Anton Makarsky. The famous popes will share funny stories from their experience and funny revelations of children: "This is a program about people who did not hesitate to create a family and to give birth to more than one, not two children," says Valuev. - Because true happiness is in the family, and not in being a "free bird" and thinking only of yourself. Probably every man wants his family to be as strong as possible. In my opinion, children are the main destination of man on Earth, for this it is worth living. "By the way, Valuev is not the first to work on TV. In 2011, he had his own program on the Novokuznetsk Independent Television "Men's Affair". And in 2013, Nicholas paired with Anna Ardova agreed to lead the "Boyard" TV game on Channel One. In the new program there are no staging, exemplary scenes, only real, "live" shots in the Valuev's house