House in the inheritanceHouse in inheritance Photo:PantherMedia, a 47-year-old native of the Philippines, has worked as a doctor for more than 20 years and told reporters that she was not surprised by this amount of inheritance. “There were no secrets between us. So when he drew up his will and told me how much I would get, I was not surprised, "said the woman who introduced herself as Christina (the maid decided to keep her real name a secret for the sake of safety). Despite the impressive capital, especially for the maid, Christina after the death of the doctor in 2009, he continues to lead his usual life. She only plans to live forever in prosperous Singapore, and whether the owner's house, also inherited, or it will be a new home, will become her home, remains unknown. About 200 thousand maids work today in Singapore, mostly they are natives of Indonesia and those most of the Philippines. The average monthly salary for such a "lucky" position is about $ 700. Perhaps it is not worth setting, it is not worth counting the capitals of famous actors, but is it worth it just, as they say, to rush to Singapore ?!