English cuisine recipesEnglish cuisine recipes "No fies-o-clocks, -I was saddened by a friend who was considered to be a connoisseur of life there, because he worked on the London Stock Exchange. - Tea is drunk at any time, as in Moscow. In addition, the British do not eat, and eat. Nothing worse than English food, I have not tried. Thank God, the capital is full of Italian and Japanese restaurants. And God forbid you from the porridge and fish and chips! ”Breakfast There was no breakfast for breakfast. I can not say that it upset me, I can not stand her since childhood. But there was a great fried eggs with bacon and tomatoes and toasted bread, which should be smeared with jam (here it is called “toast-and-jam”). As it turned out, this is exactly what a traditional English breakfast looks like, and oatmeal is not at all a mandatory participant in the event. I was so excited by the good food that I turned to the red-haired waitress in my meager English, flavored him with a smile: “Waris e porridge, miss?” LunchBy our way, it's lunch time, and then I got into a stereotype. After all, as is customary, we should have soup for lunch! The aunt who served in a small restaurant where I had dinner with my English friends asked me three times whether I really wanted soup or something else I meant. We all assured her that it was exactly the soup that I needed for a good lunch, and both of my companions ordered a cucumber sandwich. I slightly stiffened: what does it mean with a cucumber? Bread with a cucumber - and everything? All lunch? But when before everyone was hoisted on a large-scale plate with a powerful sandwich triangle inscribed in it, I calmed down. Judging by the multicolored layers, the case was not limited to one cucumber there.English cuisine recipes with photosEnglish cuisine recipes with phototraditionalBritish cucumber sandwich- Cut cucumber, peeled from the skin, with very thin mugs, salt and leave for half an hour. .- Put the thinnest slices of ham or smoked chicken breast on the butter .- Squeeze the salted cucumbers and put on the sandwich. and young radish circles. My soup was brought to the end of the meal, when I had finished the sandwich ordered from grief. The soup was terrible in appearance: there was something dull and gray-beige in a not too deep plate, sprinkled with fresh herbs to mask. The soup was terrible and the smell: a flavor similar to hops-suneli, struggled with the smell of soaked cardboard and ... can not be! “Porridge?” I asked, hiding the horror.“Yes, Yes!” The presenter smiled, sharing the joy of learning with me. The oatmeal caught up with me! If you hold your breath, I decided, for one spoon, perhaps, I would be enough. At the sight of good eyes, hating the whole of this restaurant with its white tablecloths and a pervert cook, I carried a full spoonful of gray burda to my petrified smile ... The soup turned out to be not just tasty, but frank delight. My taste buds sang with happiness and demanded two more - no, three! - plates of the same soup. It’s good that in this battle with myself I won, otherwise the business for which I arrived in the capital of Britain would be under threat. Oatmeal soup-poured with hot milk and broth and boiled for 15-20 minutes, stirring, then wipe. - Fill with cream, egg yolks and butter. - Croutons are served separately. Five-o-tklo With all the responsibility I declare: tea drinking in England still exists. Maybe in business London he is obeyed carelessly, but in a quiet suburb, where I went to visit my distant relatives, everything was in full accordance with tradition: the clock struck five times, and we with the ancient “cousin Helen” and her spouse grandly sat down around the tea table. In some generation, both of them were Russian and from somewhere they knew that not everyone drinks tea with milk in Russia. Therefore, two kettles were kindly brewed: one in English - with hot milk, the other in Russian - just boiling water.The tea was very good, Ceylon. But he was not the only hero of the tea party. Here's how we drink tea? With jam and sweets, with dry-donuts, with gingerbread, cookies, cake and cakes. Cousin Helene’s table was crammed with all kinds of meat snacks: hot rolls puffed up next to a cold oiler, a luxurious cupcake reclined in the middle of the table, and dozens of sandwiches lined up on a rectangular dish. What a blessing that I refrained from adding soup! Dinner In order not to be confused, you should understand that we are having dinner in our second Russian breakfast (lunch), and dinner at the English lunch. It turns out that ordinary British do not dine at all. Dinner is the lot of idle aristocrats and secular party-goers who, according to their daily routine, sit down at the table after 22 hours. But they miss breakfast (the first), because they only awaken by noon. My English cousin gave me a sumptuous dinnerin Russian. A black chef invited from a French restaurant tried his best: warm butter buns richly decorated with black caviar pattern, and pancakes rolled up in rolls with red caviar. In small bouillon bowls, the beetroot purée called “boorsh” with sour cream in the center splashed around. From English there were constant meat snacks, hot potato salad, thick lamb leg (also with potatoes) and sweet apple pudding in vanilla ice cream. I barely got out from the table at the end of the meal and had a heavy sleep in a taxi on the way to the hotel. Dinner In an attempt to stir up my appetite exhausted with plentiful food, I thought gloomily about who had spread the rumor around the world that the English are little and bad eating, and how with such a frank gluttony they manage to be in general not a thick nation. A huge table for a festive dinner, covered according to all the rules, was so beautiful in its starch-crystal-silver splendor that in my imagination a scene of royal funerals appeared. “Why not weddings?” I asked my imagination with annoyance. “Too quiet,” it replied in embarrassment. “Our people would talk, clapping each other on the shoulders of each other, exchanging jokes, and here only sluggish handshakes and a whisper” ... Finally, everyone was invited to the table, and a waiter in a dress coat settled down at my first dance position. Before I could think that he was dressed much better than me, I had a tiny oatmeal on the table in front of me. I turned back in amazement: “Porridge, sir?” Then I realized that these two spoons of liquid porridge,which I shoved into myself, helped me to withstand nine changes of dishes with dignity. The next morning I did not suffer at all from nighttime overeating and libations, on the contrary, I woke up vigorous and ready for breakfast. in English (poridge) - Oatmeal is boiled in salted water until the cereal is soft. - Porridge is poured onto a heated plate, and cream or milk is added to the ready-made plate. - Sprinkle sugar on top. And again breakfast And again fried eggs with bacon and strong tea! I opened a fresh newspaper and took a bite of the crispy side of a warm roll, and then a large plate of steaming gray mass appeared in front of me. The red-haired waitress I asked about oatmeal yesterday hasn't forgotten me - thank you, miss. International courtesy laws forced me to eat everything, squinting with pleasure, because the redhead with a conspiratorial smile watched me from outside the buffet door. It's good that I'm leaving already. To the village, to my aunt, to the wilderness, to Yorkshire! Yorkshire nightmare Mrs. Gilby is a recognized expert in Yorkshire pudding, the absolute champion of the all-British competition in its preparation. I dreamed of meeting this lady - and she kindly invited me to dinner. Yorkshire pudding is one of the symbols of the unity of Great Britain. Margaret Thatcher once said that she wishes her compatriots the same unanimity on domestic policy issues as they show for Yorkshire pudding. “Victor, this is pudding. Pudding, this is Victor, ”Mrs. Gilby joked in Carroll, placing a huge chunk of potato casserole on my plate, and an equally huge slice of roast beef next to me. Boiled peas and carrots were placed on top. The hostess poured a thick, fragrant gravy over the entire mountain of food, after which the dish almost burst its banks. It can be considered a real miracle that I coped not only with this gigantic portion of meat and potatoes, but also other food prepared by Mrs. Gilby for our dinner: pea soup, meat pâté and impossible beauty and tasty kidney pie. And that's not counting small snacks and desserts. I think I owe my endurance to the elderberry liqueur, which I assiduously tasted under the guidance of Mr. Gilby. By the way, he enlightened me as to why the British eat so much meat - because of the English harsh climate. “Nothing warms up in bad weather like a good piece of meat and a thick ale!” - said Mr. Gilby and complained that modern British youth are recklessly turning to vegetarianism, after which they do not get out of colds and flu. And two more weeks of breakfast, lunch and dinner During my trip to the UK, Iate a total of about a centner of English food. Mostly yummy. About five percent of the food eaten was oatmeal in the form of porridge, soups, kissel, or puddings. My attitude to oatmeal has changed a lot: now I recognize its absolute health benefits and the fact that it can be really tasty. I have tasted about twenty kinds of sweet and savory puddings. I think this is only one hundredth of the pudding wealth of England. I had a chance to try fish and chips - fried fish and chips, which my friend warned me against. Once this dish was considered the food of the English poor, and now it is the first line on the menu of every English pub - cheap and tasty. I understood why the English national cuisine is so little known outside the country. English cuisine is homemade. Have you ever seen restaurants of high English cuisine? English food is simple, as all ingenious.