Evgenia Polishchuk (Fedutinova)

instagram: @evgeniyafedutinovavk.com / janeshomebaking– It all started with baking for relatives and friends. Gradually, she began uploading photos of her baking to Instagram, and orders began to come in. I made my first cake to order on October 13, 2014, and a little earlier I started making macarons and cupcakes. It can be said that the business “found me myself”, I am very glad that I don’t need a diploma of a design engineer anymore! There are more and more orders every day. For this week, I gave more than 30 cakes, about 350 macaron cakes, 200 marshmallows, 150 cupcakes, cake pops, biscuit balls on a stick - ed.), Cookies and mastic figures. It’s good that my husband has been helping me for a long time - it’s unreal to cope with this amount alone. There were even more orders for the New Year, I didn’t sleep for 3 days! Peak seasons are, of course, holidays. The number of clients in such periods passes for 40-50 people. Cakes are always taken! And on birthdays, and just like that, and on holidays, and it is very good! The main difficulty is the lack of time. In addition to baking, I still have a lot of important things to do - studies, for example, work as a teacher. Recently, the lion's share of the time was occupied by preparing for their own wedding. Customers usually take orders from the bakery on their own, but there is also a delivery service. Carried by a husband or dad - only I trust them my pastries! It happened, of course, that orders were not taken away, but I immediately laid them out on Instagram - and instantly everyone was willing. Sometimes I bring goodies home and I indulge my relatives. I try to make all orders individual, but, of course, my handwriting is visible everywhere. The most unusual order in my memory was from one pregnant girl. By her order, I put a note inside the cupcake, made a stork with a bag — and that’s how she told the good news to her husband! People love biscuit cakes - that’s a fact! Not mousse, confit, dacoise and anything else, but a regular sponge cake with delicious cream, fresh fruit and berries. Decor is chosen from my page in Instagram, sometimes we come up with something new with the customer.1 / 6My favorite recipe is saltycaramel Ingredients: * sugar - 300 g * butter - 65 g * cream 33% - 335 g * salt - 1 tsp. Preparation: 1. Divide all the sugar into 6 parts - somewhere in 50 g. In a saucepan with a thick bottom, pour the first batch of sugar and melt, without disturbing, to an amber color. Add the next 50 grams of sugar, melt again. For a more uniform sugar melting, tilt the saucepan in different directions. So repeat 4 more times until all the sugar has melted.2. 3. Put the dishes with the cream on the fire and heat, but do not bring to a boil.3. Caramelize sugar to amber color, most importantly, do not overdo it (in this process, literally a minute - and all is lost). Then remove from heat, add butter and salt.4. Add hot cream, but not all at once, but gradually, in several approaches, stirring well each time. Again, put the pan on the fire and heat to 108 degrees, with a strong boil at maximum heat for 4-6 minutes. Cooking time varies depending on the desired thickness of the caramel after cooling. Culinary advice: be careful of the original products, even sugar, flour, eggs! If something does not work out - change the manufacturer, try again and in no case do not despair! Well, try to invent everything yourself, and not copy other people's recipes: play with the composition, grams, interesting additives and learn what you want to enjoy!1 / 4