Long Island CocktailLong Island Cocktail Photo: ShutterstockDaiquiri CocktailDaiquiri Cocktail Photo: Shutterstock "Long Island" The name of the cocktail comes from the name of the island of Long Island, the first residential center in the bay of New York. It was first prepared at the time of the dry law in the USA. "Long Island" looks very similar to cold tea, it was a great way to mask alcohol. It is considered one of the strongest cocktails. Alcohol content in it is about 28%. Required ingredients: vodka - 15 ml, gin - 15 ml, white rum - 15 ml, silver tequila - 15 ml, orange liqueur - 15 ml, sugar syrup - 20 ml, cola - 50 ml, lemon - 50 g, ice cubes - 200 g. "Margarita" This is a cocktail containing tequila with the addition of lime juice, citrus liqueur - triple-seca, and ice. One of the legends says that the cocktail "Margarita" was first mixed in the 1940s in the bar Rancho La Gloria, located in the vicinity of Tijuana. Named after a little-known actress named Margarita. Essential ingredients: tequila - 30 ml, citrus liqueur "triple-sec" - 15 ml, lime juice - 30 ml. Cocktail can be decorated with a slice of lime or lemon. Serve in a glass of "Margarita".