yoga for weight loss Yoga is one of the most ancient healthsystems of our world. Moreover, yoga is a whole philosophy that has always helped people find ways to solve problems not only bodily but also spiritual. And all because yoga teaches the harmony of our mind with the material shell. That is, by practicing yoga you can put your mind and body in order. That's exactly the latter and makes yoga interesting for ladies of all ages. After all, few of them are satisfied with their appearance, and the general interest in losing weight makes women look for more and more new ways and means of acquiring harmony. And yoga for weight loss is also of interest to everyone who strives for ideal forms. But it really helps! One of the main advantages of yoga is the opportunity to be engaged not only as an instructor (trainer, teacher) but also independently. What do you need to know when choosing a club for yoga? Which set of exercises is easiest to do at home? We will try to find the answers to these questions.

Helpful Tips

The popularity of Indian philosophy (namely thisthe country is considered the pioneer of yoga) is growing every day, whole centers and clubs are dedicated to yoga, and all because the complex of exercises really helps to cope with many diseases, including depression and extra pounds. It is worth remembering that choosing a good teacher (that's what yoga trainers are called) is not an easy task. In addition to the ideal knowledge of the basics of yoga, he must have the strength of spirit and tolerance, not only in relation to his students. The yogi must be calm in any situation, because he himself teaches silence and concentration, which help people to maintain their health and be happy. Before choosing a place or individual coach, visit the training as a spectator, pay attention to how the teacher communicates with the students, as he performs a set of exercises. You must feel that he is "your man," and only in this case you can really attain nirvana and understand all the subtleties of the material and spiritual worlds. Do not look for easy ways, ring all the centers, even those that are far from your home, and visiting them, pay attention to teachers, and not on the state of repairing the premises. The experience of the teacher is as important as your sympathy for him. If you do not have the opportunity to attend training for some reason, do not despair. You can fully master the complex of exercises for beginners, seeking to lose weight or just wanting to improve their health. exercise yoga for weight loss

Yoga for Beginners

As you know, we must start from the beginning. Therefore, before you start classes for weight loss, master the complex for beginners. By the way, this complex will be a good workout before performing more complex exercises. Before you start, you need to buy a yoga mat. Without it, training is almost impossible, since the execution of exercises must take place on a stable non-slip surface. The cost of a special rug can reach sky-high prices, but you should not buy very expensive at once, at first you can do with the fact that it is cheaper. If the rug is bought, decide on the time for yoga. It does not matter what time you do yoga, it is important that you do not interfere with anyone so that you can completely give yourself to yoga. Practically at any age beginners are advised to perform simple asanas first (this is what yoga exercises are called). We offer a set of five basic exercises that will help you at the first stage understand what your body is and feel it. Pose "mountain" The basic asana, which will help you to straighten the posture and teach you to stand firmly on your feet - this is very important. The most important thing in this pose is to correctly distribute the weight to the feet: not on one leg, not on the heels and not on the socks. If you cope with this exercise, then it will not be difficult for you to do the following. How to perform a pose of the mountain?

  • Stand so that your feet touch each other.
  • Pull the knees up one by one to increase the upper part of the thighs slightly. In addition, you should feel the front and back of the thigh: the muscles should be stretched.
  • When performing, it is also necessary to draw in the belly, straighten the shoulders and chest. Note that your collections are parallel to the floor, and the spine is fully extended.
  • Hands should be placed on the sides, but in perfect condition - lift up, if you have enough strength.

Remember that the pose "mountain" is called so, becausethat it is important to remain motionless and stable. Take six deep breaths and go on to the next exercise. Pose "tree" The pose of the tree is suitable for beginners, but despite the simple execution, it helps to stretch the spine, increase the tone of the muscles of both legs and keep the balance. Exercise.

  • In order to perform this asana, you should stand in the pose of the mountain.
  • The right heel should be placed on the left thigh, the foot should completely touch its surface, with the toes pointing downwards.
  • Next, you need to raise your hands up and try to take six breaths. Not to swing, many advise to keep your eyes on one point directly in front of you, this will help balance.
  • The same should be done on the right foot.

It is worth noting that this pose helps peoplecope with a variety of diseases: rheumatic pains, various arthritis, respiratory disorders. Pose "elongated triangle" This asana is never obtained from beginners the first time, but in just three or four days you will feel that everything is right. Some yoga postures can not be fulfilled immediately, but do not get upset because of this - everything has its time. Performing the pose of "elongated triangle.

  • Stand in the pose of the mountain (almost all asanas of yoga not only begin, but end with this pose).
  • Then take a deep-deep breath, then jump should spread your legs widely, with the feet should be parallel to each other, and the arms are spread parallel to the floor.
  • Turn the right foot 90 degrees to the right, and leave the left leg in its previous position.
  • Exhaling, tilt the entire body to the right, the palm of the right hand should lie completely on the floor, and the left arm is stretched up. Try to take six deep breaths and return to the starting position.
  • The same thing needs to be done in the other direction.

Particularly useful this position is considered for people,which have violations in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, muscular system and shoulder joints. Pose "stretched lateral corner" This asana has a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the previous one. In addition, it helps with inflammatory diseases of the spine.

  • In order to become a pose, first of all we take the asana "mountain".
  • On inhalation, it is necessary to make a leap and spread your legs more than a meter, while the arms should be apart and parallel to the floor.
  • Exhaling, turn the right foot to ninety degrees, then bend your legs so that a right angle is formed, and pull your left hand over your left ear.
  • The chest, pelvis and legs should be in the same plane.

Take six deep breaths, and afterreturn to the pose of the mountain and do the same, only in the opposite direction. Pose "Warrior" This asana has two different modifications. The first, presented below, is provided for beginners, who only master yoga. To do this, you need to do the following.

  • Stand in the pose of the mountain, while stretching your arms up, connect the palms.
  • Just like in the postures "stretched lateral corner" and "elongated triangle", jump your legs more than a meter.
  • Next, you should exhale and turn the bodyright. The right foot is ninety degrees to the right. Next, you need to bend the knee of the right leg until the thigh is parallel to the floor, and the shin is perpendicular, while the left leg should remain straight.
  • Make six deep breaths and repeat the pose on the left side.
  • Back in the pose of the mountain.

This posture helps improve blood circulation, as well as improve the tone of the abdominal organs.

How does yoga affect the figure

Does yoga help you lose weight? This is a question for which there is no clear answer. It is generally accepted that yoga does not help to reduce weight, but this is not entirely true. The system provides for a set of exercises, which, despite their lack of mobility, help maintain muscle tone and at the same time involve absolutely all muscle groups. At the same time, the yoga complex for weight loss does not differ from the usual exercises that people do, not striving to become slimmer. Many people think that the secret of harmony of yogis in asanas, but this is not true. In addition to daily training and meditation, they pay special attention to the diet. Often yogis eat exclusively raw, thermally unprocessed food. In addition, they arrange unloading days and drink only water. Yoga for weight loss is invented already by modern teachers, and therefore its system does not provide only physical exercises, it is also aimed at improving the spirit and body as a whole. Nevertheless, the question of many women about the effectiveness of yoga for weight loss can still be answered: yes! Yoga actually helps to lose weight. Yoga Slimming Exercises

Exercises for weight loss

Even if you start to perform onlycomplex exercises for beginners, the effect will not keep you waiting! Well, then you can perform a more efficient complex. So, yoga for weight loss - exercises.

  • Spread your legs to the width of your shoulders,with the back of the hand, the knees should be straight. Inhale. On exhalation, bend so that you can touch your forehead with your knees: first right, then left.
  • To perform the next it is necessary to lie down on the floor,palms put on the floor on both sides of the chest, and elbows while lifting. Legs should be straight, and socks elongated. When you breathe in, try to lift the body, leaning on your hands, and bend your back. Head tilt back and hold your breath for three to five seconds. Returning to the starting position, exhale.
  • The following exercise must also be performedlying down. Pull out your legs and take a deep breath. Exhaling, bend the right leg and with both hands, press the knee to the stomach, hold your breath for three to five seconds and, slowly straightening the leg, return to the starting position. Repeat the same with the other leg, and at the very end with both legs.
  • The above exercises, above all, helpstrengthen and tone up your muscles. These exercises are especially useful for those whose skin has lost elasticity after childbirth or simply with age. It is necessary to train systematically. It is advisable to devote every day at least half an hour to complete the exercise. Gradually, the time allotted for classes can be doubled and even tripled. In general, the duration of the training depends on your state of health. The main condition - yoga should be fun.

    Yoga for losing weight at home - the main difficulties

    Do yoga to lose weight at home - greatan idea for particularly busy people who do not have the opportunity to attend sports clubs and sections. But there are the main problems that you can face when training at home.

    • Relatives and relatives often do not perceive your good intentions to cope with excess weight and do not approve (to put it mildly) yoga for weight loss.
    • Complexes of yoga for weight loss do without an instructor or coach is difficult. You can not watch yourself from the side and follow the even back and parallel stops.
    • Often in the high-rise buildings there is not enough ordinary silence to gather your thoughts and concentrate.

    However, each medal has two sides. And yoga classes at home also have their pros and cons. And the pluses are:

    • Yoga classes for losing weight at home are shown to those who feel uncomfortable in public. After all, exercises often provide, so to speak, uncomfortable poses.
    • In solitude, it is much easier to relax and understand yourself and your body.
    • How much, how and when to deal with - you decide only. And spend time only in a comfortable time.


    What effect does yoga have on the figure?figured out. Exercises for weight loss learned. Pros and cons of self-employment with yoga revealed. Now it is worth paying attention to cases when and to whom classes on this system are contraindicated.

    • First of all, before you engage in any sport or health system, always consult your doctor.
    • If you decide to do exercises forlose weight, try to collect as much information about your chosen system: read specialized (non-tabloid literature), scientific articles and stuff.
    • Remember that not every coach that offers its services has the proper education and experience.
    • Another postulate that needs to be guided in everything and always: everything is good in moderation. Do not suffer from fanaticism, do as much as your body requires: feel it and help it.
    • Do not forget - yoga for weight loss in the mandatoryorder provides at least a small workout. If you are practicing a set of exercises in the morning, just walk around for a few minutes before committing yourself to classes.

    And most importantly - believe in yourself! Remember that patience is hard work. Systematic training is sure to bring the desired success. Treat life in a philosophical way and remain beautiful always and against all odds. Good luck! We advise you to read: