yellow stains from perspiration Any person at least sometimes, but sweats. What can you do, it's so arranged. And in the heat or during intense physical exertion, up to three liters of sweat per day can be released to the body. And nowhere to get out of this. With the evaporation of sweat in the human body is a process of thermoregulation. However, thermoregulation of the body is not the only purpose of sweat glands. With the subsequent transfer of biologically active substances and pheromones, which play an important role in socio-biological processes. But today we will talk about something else. Sweat, which contains salts and organic substances, absorbed into clothing, leaves unattractive spots on it over time. Most often, such yellow patches from sweat are formed on clothing - in the underarm area and sometimes on the back. Stains from sweat on clothes not only look ugly, but also have an unpleasant smell. Especially noticeable are these spots on white, standing out on it with their yellowness. Of course, you can throw out a thing and buy yourself another. But, firstly, it is not economical, and secondly, this thing can be especially loved, and it just does not feel like refusing it. Therefore, very often asked about how to remove yellow spots from sweat. how to wash yellow underarm patches

A few tips on how to remove sweat stains from clothes

Fresh stains from sweat can be easily enoughwash, but the old spots often remain on clothes and after washing. What to do in this case, how to wash the yellow patches under the armpits? We offer you a selection of tips from people who coped with this scourge. These methods are tried by many people and work reliably. Gasoline and ammonia Old age spots from sweat on clothing can be removed with gasoline and ammonia solution. To do this, you must first treat the stain with gasoline, and then carefully wipe it with a napkin or sponge soaked in a solution of ammonia. Particular care must be taken to process the contours of the spot, because if they are not wiped properly, after drying they can reappear. After processing, the thing should be spread in a detergent solution. Hydrogen peroxide Light yellowish stains from perspiration can be treated with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. For this, a tissue soaked in such a solution should be treated with the entire area of ​​the sweat stain. Then the thing should be rinsed in water and hung dry in the sun. Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) Sweat stains can be removed with a solution of acetylsalicylic acid. To do this, take two tablets of aspirin, rastolkite them in powder and stir in half a glass of warm water. Gently wipe the stain from sweat with a tissue napkin soaked in this solution, and leave the thing so to lie down for a couple of hours. Then rinse it in the detergent solution in the usual way. The spots will disappear. Ammonium alcohol and table salt Flax and cotton cloth stains can be removed from sweat with ammonia and table salt. In a glass of water, dissolve one teaspoon of table salt and ammonia and soak the stain in this solution. After a while rinse the thing in warm water and rinse in the usual way. Table salt Especially the sweat of silk and woolen things. Silk is a very delicate fabric. In order to remove stains from the silk fabric from sweat, take the hyposulfite, which is sold in photographic products, or ordinary table salt. One tablespoon of table salt or one teaspoon of hyposulfite, dissolve in a glass of water and wipe the tissue in the place of contamination with a tissue that is well moistened in this solution. Leave the thing a bit to lie down, and then rinse it in warm boiled water. I must say that in such a solution you can rinse a thing, even if it is not affected by sweat. Thus, you can refresh the paint on silk fabric and restore its shine. Soap solution and oxalic acid For light and colored woolen things, different ways of cleaning from sweat stains are used. For a light thing, prepare a soapy solution and a soft brush carefully, but gently rub the stain. After this, thoroughly rinse the object with warm water several times, so that the entire soap solution leaves. Then dilute in a glass of water one teaspoon of oxalic acid and moisten this stain with sweat. Let things lie down. Then rinse it with warm water several times and hang it dry. White spirit Colored woolen products are cleaned of sweat with the help of ammonia and white spirit. Mix four parts of white spirit with two parts of ammonia and treat the stains with this mixture. After this thing is treated a little, it needs to be thoroughly rinsed several times in warm water. In the same way, you can remove stains from sweat from light or white silk, only the dosage in this case is different: white spirit and ammonia are mixed in equal amounts in small portions. This way you can clean and silk pads. We advise you to read: