tufli April march of officers in red shoestook place in the city, where they came to improve their skills in protection from chemical and nuclear weapons. What shoes do men wear in the spring of 2015? Everyone will remember the march of military officers in women's shoes in heels along the streets of the American city of Fort Leonard Woods. So that no one remains indifferent to this spectacle, the shoes are painted red. The April march of officers in red shoes took place in the city, where they arrived to improve their skills in protection from chemical and nuclear weapons. The parade of American soldiers in non-standard footwear was carried out not for the sake of shocking behavior, but within the framework of military discipline, an informational sponsor . The chemical school is run by a brave feministPeggy Combs, who has a general rank. The lady-general issued an order in which the cadets are charged with supporting city events during the dismissal. Since such an action was the action "Go a mile in her shoes," the officers had to wear women's shoes and hobble in this uncomfortable shoes, expressing in such a complex manner a protest against the oppression of women. This incident attracted attention, since the cadets were dressed in an army uniform, and only bright red shoes brought some variety to the severe male look. By the way, for making women's shoes so radical, balloons with paint were used. It can not be said that the officers were delighted, but the order is an order. Walking American men in women's shoes on one of the April holidays is an American tradition. Feminists insist that the boys go to the shoes of their girlfriends; obviously, this should demonstrate to men the heaviness of the female share. However, ideologists of feminism insist that this march is organized as a protest against sexism and violence against women. Europeans have other questions: what size shoes are American feminists? Obviously, one of the victories in the struggle for gender equality is the equality of the size of the male and female legs. And yet, the general-maid Peggy Combs got excited, forcing the officers to publicly try on women's shoes. Reports of the parade against sexism in Fort Leonard Woods shocked even the accustomed to gender equality of American generals and officials from the Pentagon. The violation of the form of clothing, admitted by the officers in large numbers, made a negative impression on the command staff, although amused by the inhabitants of the town. General Peggy Combs was cautiously reproached for some abuse of authority, but no one took any disciplinary action against the initiator and parade participants: it could be regarded as a woman's oppression. The case was limited to delicate remarks and requests not to do so any more. To this Pegi Combs sharply stated that she did not even punish any of those who refused to take part in the action. This can please the military, although who knows how the future career of obstinate and unshackled officers will develop, cheekily strolling in their comfortable army boots.