women's jeans Any person in the world knows what isthe most comfortable for both men's and women's clothing - jeans, of course. They are suitable for young people, and for solid businessmen. The most fashionable jeans of 2016 - the right thing in the wardrobe of a modern fashionista. But their practicality is far from the most important criterion when choosing the most fashionable jeans, the photos of which we see on the pages of many glossy magazines. Choosing for yourself fashionable women's jeans, you need to pay attention to how much your figure is suitable for the proposed model of women's jeans. Choose the right and at the same time the most fashionable jeans in 2016 - this is not an easy task. Therefore, you should carefully consider your wardrobe and mentally combine with your trousers available blouses, T-shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, bags and belts, that is all that will be dressed for your most fashionable jeans, photos of which you saw in the catalog of spring 2016, and go for shopping.

Jeans Winter Fashion 2016

The latest fashion collections convinced us thatclothing from denim, and specifically, women's beautiful jeans - this is the most fashionable trend of the upcoming spring season 2016. Almost in every collection there are original models of fashionable jeans 2016 women, photos from the shows are clearly demonstrated. At the top of the popularity among the fashionable winter jeans in 2016 were not the classic styles of jeans, not business and strict models of this clothing, but creative women's brand jeans that could decorate any girl and turn her into a modern fashionista. The shows of high fashion collections confirmed that the classic in the denim fashion has remained in the past, and to pay attention to the very fashionable winter winter jeans 2016, made in a wide variety of styles:

  • jeans are narrow female;
  • metal jeans;
  • jeans women's varenki, photos of which will not leave you indifferent;
  • torn;
  • women's jeans in slinky;
  • with prints and with embroidery;
  • grunge;
  • women's jeans with high waist;
  • tucked in jeans;
  • women's jeans with a low landing;
  • jeans - corset and other models.

Famous designers have proved on the latestshows that fashionable jeans in 2016, the photo is confirmed, does not spoil the girl, but on the contrary, decorate her, emphasize the attractiveness and sexuality. What are the fashion models of jeans in 2016? Consider the main spring trends among trousers made of denim.

Narrow jeans - all the same popular

fashionable jeans 2016 In the new season, 2016 leaves at the peakpopularity different models of jeans narrow female. Many designers offer to wear also jeans-leggings, sewn from elastic soft fabrics. They come with a low and high waist. Virtually all models of women's jeans with a low fit and leggings look great with tunics, turtlenecks and shirts. And women's jeans with an overstated waist are perfectly combined with short jackets, especially leather jackets, and with shirts tucked into the waistband. In the event that you prefer a strict style or you need a model for the office, choose straight women's jeans, preferably black or gray. An elegant blouse, heels - and the image of a modern business woman is already ready. At the party, you can wear jeans, narrowed down with a dress, a short lush top or tunic and a shiny belt. In this outfit you will always look festive and effective. For the second year, women's skinny jeans are at the height of fashion. Only fashionable jeans 2016 female, photo from the shows tell us about it, become incredibly tight and tight. Some designer collections of women's stretch jeans were so sexy that the girls-models were very much like leggings. Today, the usual black models are relevant, but with a low waistline. New collections contain a huge number of models of women's tight jeans. Fashion tunics, t-shirts with prints, short knit dresses, and white tops will be an excellent addition to the skinny jeans for women.

Varenki - again in fashion

Models of so-called jeans-cooked women's,photos of which increasingly come to our eyes, do not pass their positions today. In fashion, black, gray and blue. Such women's brand jeans look great both with sneakers and with heels, it's only necessary to put on them an original belt. If you still have wiped old women's clothes, jeans, for example, do not rush to throw them away. Grunge style is again in vogue today and the more on youth dresses of holes, patches and scuffs - the better. Very courageous female representatives can make their own. Wear such options for fashionable jeans 2016, photos of which look very original, you can with a leather jacket, jacket or knitted sweater. These youth pants can be worn as with cowboy boots or shoes on a flat sole, and with sneakers.

Fashionable bold models

jeans with mote female The original and unique look of any jeans,The embroidery is attached to the women's pants. You can buy a ready-made model with beautiful embroidery, but for a more impressive effect you should try to use your imagination and make it yourself. Then you will get a really original, original and beautiful version of beautiful women's jeans. But remember that such pants go only to very slender girls. Also in the coming season, designers offer many other very daring models:

  • jeans bananas are women, whose photos are increasingly flickering today in the pages of fashionable catalogs;
  • jeans female flared from the hip, very fashionable this season;
  • jeans breeches for women, photos of which are also very often seen in the most fashionable magazines;
  • jeans with low females, decorated with geometric patterns or metal rivets;
  • jeans are women's puffs, decorated with abstract patterns, Scandinavian ornament or decorative flowers;
  • jeans are wide women's, in which denim designers combine with leather and velor, as well as different colors in unexpected models of shreds of different textures;
  • trousers-riding breeches, photos of which you can often see, and models on elastic bands;
  • straight women's jeans are metallic colors, very bright, seductively sparkling, - this is an ideal option for extravagant girls who like to be in the spotlight.

Jeans Corset

If the men's jeans should be lowthis year, women, on the contrary, it is better to buy one of the women's jeans with a high fit. They are still called "jeans-corset". If the corset is cut out impeccably, then such fashionable spring-summer jeans 2016 will accentuate the beautiful figure and make you visually slimmer. In addition, they are suitable even for the office in combination with high heels and a white shirt. Passed fashion for jeans with a low waist for women, fashion included jeans-corset.

Narrowed jeans

The real boom in today's fashion producedJeans, narrowed down in the female, in a sporty style. This is today the main trend of both male and female denim fashion. Jeans-female pipes, tight ankles and lower legs fit, unfortunately, only owners of high growth and ideal long legs. Therefore, although many models of women's jeans are very convenient for everyday life, women of small stature and ladies with excess weight should choose another model for themselves. In fact, besides the jeans-pipes of women's different variants of trousers from denim there is a huge variety. In addition, designers are planning to release in the future a line of denim clothing for women of small stature.

Twisted jeans and applications - new trends

women's jeans with motney If you ask about which jeans are now infashion, photos from fashion magazines will tell you that this year paired trousers become the main trend of the new spring-summer season. This model, if you wear it with suspenders, for example, has two positive moments: pants can be adjusted for a certain height, and also focus on beautiful stylish shoes. Fashionable jeans of spring-summer 2016 will also be models with original appliqués. The main thing is that they are small and relevant. Also, fashion legislators offer to decorate jeans with women's motows, photos of which you have already seen many times, fringed leather or various metal rivets. The highlight of the season are the stripes on the jeans in the women's slinky. They bring the silhouette closer to the fashionable military style. Variants of jeans with women's rhinestones, as well as with applications are suitable only for girls with a slim figure, on plump women such jewelry will look ridiculous and provocative.

Jeans with hanging mote and riding breeches

All today's youth adore wearing differentvariants of jeans with low feminine motifs, because it is both convenient, and original, and practical. But eminent designers, talking about what fashionable jeans in 2016, advise both women and men to hide their pants with motley, photos of which are not so relevant today. Today, asymmetric models completely go out of fashion, more popular are the different styles of jeans of women's bananas, photos from fashion catalogs will confirm this. Also, jeans with motley, as well as jeans with breeches, are replaced by women, photo is also confirmed about this, jeans stretch for women and various styles of jeans of female flares from the hip come to the top of the fashion. As we see, despite the general love and great popularity, women's jeans still give their positions this season and give way to classics, for example, straight blue women's jeans. But if you still remain an ardent fan of jeans from women's mote, the photos of which you really like, especially on yourself, you should not deny yourself the opportunity to have fun, even though sometimes showing off in your favorite trousers with hanging motifs.

Choosing the color of jeans

Choose the color of fashionable women's jeans 2016, photo fromThe demonstrations are clearly demonstrated, it will be very simple. After all, the same colors remain actual: these are blue pants, and blue jeans for women, and black, and gray, and jeans with prints. The main trend of the spring-summer season of 2016 is a white color, which, of course, has spread to this wardrobe as well. Therefore, white fashionable women's jeans 2016, photos of which already today are very often found on the pages of the most popular women's magazines, will be as relevant as ever. Lovers of glamor also choose black models of women's jeans and metallic trousers. Do not forget that scrapes on fashionable women's jeans can visually build a girl, but can also add extra pounds to her.

How to wear jeans - some tips:

  • Wear jeans trousers for women's shoes onheels, because this wonderful weapon of modern women has a double effect. First, it increases growth, and secondly, without any diets visually removes a couple of kilograms.
  • Jeans with rhinestones female can be created independently, to your taste, then such a thing will be unique in its kind.
  • Cover your stomach if you can not all daykeep him drawn. Moreover, the latest fashion trends offer quite a few variants of blouses and shirts, spacious in the abdominal area and tight-fitting breasts. Also, jeans for women with a high fit will come to your rescue.
  • Never wear women's tight jeans,if you have wide hips. If this model was in your wardrobe, then wear short dresses or long sweaters on top of trousers. The main thing is to correctly combine fabrics: on jeans models of wide women's from dense materials you can not wear a summer light dress.
  • There is one more little secret: visually the hips seem smaller in jeans with a low waistline for women. Although the peak of fashion for them and passed, it is very likely that this style is suitable for someone or just really like it. Very stylish, they look with beautiful suspenders.
  • Fashionable jeans 2016 flare help a woman who has not the perfect shape of the legs, to hide this flaw.

Do not forget about such fashionable styles asbaggy hanging jeans, a lot of fashionable white versions of different models, jeans on an elastic band, various corduroy trousers, as well as fashionable jeans 2016 klesh. The people around you can always keep saying that you just need to throw out old, worn jeans, for example, with ugly hanging jeans, and buy glamorous and feminine clothes. In no case do not give up your favorite things, even though what jeans are now in fashion and what photos you see in the most famous publications. The main thing is that your jeans or trousers with a mote female, and maybe a velvet version, or riding breeches, or one of the models of hanging pants, photos of which are often found in fashion magazines, were competently combined with the rest of your wardrobe, . Do not forget about the necessary accessories for every woman and girl, such as a bag, belt and good jewelry. We advise you to read: