women's jackets 2012 The jacket has long ceased to be exclusivelymen's clothing. To date, this garment has reliably settled in the women's wardrobe. Today, the jackets are worn by all - and students, and housewives, and business ladies. Moreover, the ranks of their fans are growing and replenishing every year. Their popularity is easily explained - in such clothes the woman always looks fashionable, stylish and modern. Which women's jackets 2016 will be most popular this spring and summer? This question is relevant for many girls and women who always want to be in a trend. To find out which of the jackets will attract the attention of the fair sex, we propose to make a small trip behind the scenes of the fashion podiums.

Women's jackets: the most fashionable trends of the new season

Women's jackets spring-summer 2016 pleasesits diversity. In the new collections of fashion designers they are presented in a wide variety of styles, styles and colors. Thanks to this, every woman, regardless of her age and material possibilities, will be able to choose the best option based on her taste and personal preferences. The actual styles of the spring-summer season will help everyone to create their own image, supplement and enrich it. Classical jackets and truncated jackets with sleeves three-quarters, single-breasted, double-breasted and with a smell - there is their choice! Judge for yourself. women's jackets 2012 photos

  • Feminine jackets of spring and summer 2016 with accentat the waist. Most designers offer fashionable women frankly fitting models and styles with a lush bottom. The waist of products of this style can be emphasized with the help of a special cut, drapery or belt, most often thin and elegant. On the fashion podium, you can find many interesting models, decorated with frills, flounces or folds. As for the color range, in the spring collections, women's jackets are presented in both soft bed colors and in bright saturated tones.
  • The latest peep of fashion - short jackets, whichenjoy incredible popularity among modern women of fashion. Among these jackets, there are often models, which in their appearance are very similar to the bolero. Shortened versions can be made of leather, fur, or other materials that are relevant for the warm season. In most cases, jackets of this style have an elegant bright finish - ruches, flounces and more. The color scale of jackets in the collections of 2016 is also pleasing with its abundance. Along with neutral tones in the spring collections, there are many bright colors, among which white, beige, brown, gray, dark blue and black are the most appropriate, as well as yellow, red, olive, mustard and orange-red.
  • Knitted jacket women's 2016 - bright andthe undisputed favorite of the spring-summer season, which, like a fitted jacket, is most often intercepted by a belt - a wider one. You can wear knitted jackets this spring and summer as you like: as a small knitted dress or dressed in a skirt, trousers or shorts.
  • Long jackets - another fashion trend of the season,which is equally well combined with both sports and business style of clothing. This jacket looks great in the ensemble with black trousers straight style and white blouse, as well as with things of sports style - leggings, top or shirt.
  • Strict, refined and elegant jackets in the style of unisex, acting as a leader in the hit parade of fashionable spring women's jackets, will certainly find their admirers.
  • Do not forget the designers and double-breasted jackets. In this season, they can be of a variety of lengths and colors.

If you do not know what to wear with women's jackets2016, photos from fashion podiums - a perfect example for imitation. At the fashion shows, a lot of interesting and unusual combinations were noticed, the most effective of which is the combination of a classic fitted jacket with loose shorts just above the knee. Do not be afraid to experiment and show imagination. Fashion accessories - chiffon scarves, bags, belts and gloves made of leather, various textiles and even fur, perfectly complement the image you created, which will conquer many men's hearts. We advise you to read: