with what they wear sneakers Recently, the sneakers have become incredibly popular. After all, it is not only simple and affordable, but also very comfortable shoes. They are suitable for use on a daily basis and are not expensive, which is their big plus. The shops are literally overflowing with various kinds of sneakers; for example, in their design there are a platform and fasteners, a flat sole and laces, a high cut and low, a heel and Velcro. Today we will try to answer the main questions: how and with what wear sneakers. Recently, this kind of footwear is constantly changing and appears before us in a variety of colors, with new-fangled additions, for example, prints. But it is equally important to understand what specifically suits you for such shoes. To do this, you have to dig in the closet or update the wardrobe, as there are certain styles to which the sneakers do not fit.

Footwear for youth

Before, sneakers were worn by people with a small income, andalready today they are a fashionable and integral part of the wardrobe of the "golden" youth. In recent years, this footwear is increasingly filled with counters of various brand stores. All because now the sneakers have completely moved into the category of must have. But still many girls still have a stereotype that such footwear is exclusively sportive, and it should be worn for physical education lessons or for practicing any other sport. Today, capricious fashion is ready to completely erase the prejudices of the past. After all, many appreciated the sneakers for their dignity, especially for the incredible convenience and practicality. And if before they were considered men's shoes, then today they have become very popular among women.

What distinguishes women's sneakers from men's?

Immediately I would like to note that the female foothas several differences from the male in structure and form. Regarding the sneakers - women, of course, always differ special grace. At the initial stage of the fashionable way, the designers made quite a lot of efforts to turn the sneakers from the average men's shoes into comfortable, original, and, most importantly, feminine and elegant shoes. Keds for girls are performed in more vivid colors. On the catwalks are increasingly appear only female models that represent both in the usual sporting version, and in a more solemn: decorated with rhinestones, embroidery or appliques. In the coming seasons of 2016 the most relevant will be models of bright colors and with a variety of prints. New-fashioned designer novelties can also be considered stylish buckles as fasteners. And some fashion designers even presented female sneakers with fur trim. For women's shoes of this style is most often used leather, as well as a variety of synthetic materials. But for the manufacture of men's shoes, they usually use plain textiles. Another important difference is the possible presence of a high sole, platform or heels. It's fashionable to wear with sneakers

Fashion sneakers in heels

In recent years, the number of models of this shoeexceeds the maximum mark. And especially disturbing model - sneakers on heels. They will definitely stop their interested views! Many girls consider this style rather vulgar, but teenagers are delighted with them. But here it's up to you whether to give in to stereotypes or create your own unique image. Best of all, these sneakers look with ragged jeans. But there is nothing inferior to the combination of such shoes with short shorts, which can be considered a summer beach style. But here you need to take into account the features of your figure. If you are the owner of slender long legs - this is definitely your style. In the opposite case - do not stress all your shortcomings, it is better to wear trimmed breeches.

With what to wear and combine sneakers in 2016?

This year, when asked what it is fashionable to wear with sneakers,designers offer the answer in the form of an ensemble of clumsy multi-layered shirts or long-sleeved T-shirts with pants. After all, this option is especially suitable for those who do not like to bother about the selection of clothing. Excellent looking sneakers with a long shirt and short trousers. Bright, for example, orange sneakers have to the fact that the same color should be repeated in the image again. This addition can be an ordinary orange T-shirt, or a bracelet, a hoop, a bag. This combination can be considered universal and suitable for walking around the city or shops. Successfully and no less beautifully look sneakers with skirts, especially lush. In this case, you can emphasize the harmony of your legs. And the most squeak of fashion can be considered sneakers with lapels, which can be supplemented with beautiful golf or socks. The most universal version of the shoe is black and white. Everything that suits your heart will suit them. It can be jeans, shorts and capri pants. But the combination of this shoe with a skirt of white or black color looks especially elegant. For fans of various shoes with zippers, patterns, rhinestones, colored laces and inserts, there are also wonderful combinations. It can be a one-color t-shirt, jeans or shorts. A nice addition is a stylish cap, as well as shoelaces of different colors.

Fashionable high sneakers

This model of the cradle has long been transformed from a sportsshoes in the subject of a comfortable and expressive style for creating or completing an image. This model is very popular among young girls. Especially stylish, these sneakers look with skinny jeans or any other narrow pants. They visually extend the legs and emphasize the line of your hips. This option is very simple and serves as a laconic answer to the question of what to wear high sneakers. This model of shoes with elegant socks and classic lacing is perfect for any clothing. And it can be absolutely any jeans or dresses. As we wrote above, at the top of fashion in 2016 there will be sneakers with different prints that will please their wearers with the brightness and freshness of colors. A very popular stroke of high shoes will be the combination of different leather and textile inserts. Combinations of suede and varnished leather, various treatments of natural materials. Not less hit novelty will be metal spraying on the outside of the sneaker. For everyday wear fit checkers in stripes, polka dots, classic denim, and also those that are sewn from dense fabric. Fashionable colors of such shoes in 2016: black, brown, purple, white, orange, turquoise, coral, gray and dark blue. From prints - floral, animal, geometric, thematic, "goose paw", a strip of seas and various images of cartoon characters. Hit will be sneakers of denim dark blue. We advise you to read: