pear salad In the crazy rhythm of our life,be a place of small pleasures. Such as a candlelight evening with a loved one. For example, in Paris on the Seine embankment: under a galaxy of bright fires of tenderness, unforgettable melodies of a barrel organ and a wonderful palette of tastes of French cuisine. But, unfortunately, we do not always have such an opportunity. And here our love for cooking will help us. Treat your loved one with a delicious French salad of chicken with a pear, serve to a red dry wine, giving yourself a piece of happiness. There are plenty of chicken and pear salad recipes, but we'll let you recommend the best. Here are a few recipes that will not only decorate the table, but also give you the opportunity to feel the aroma of exquisite France.

Salad with chicken, pear

To prepare 4 portions of this recipe, we will need:

  • ripe aromatic pears - 3 pcs.
  • red capsicum - 1 pc.
  • green capsicum - 1 pc.
  • ripe grapefruit - 1 pc.
  • kernels of hazelnut - 50 g

For sauce:

  • apple cider vinegar - 1 tbsp.
  • vegetable oil - 1 tbsp.
  • coriander seeds - 1 pinch
  • leaves of green salad -4 pcs. (for decoration);
  • dry white wine - 800 g
  • pepper black ground and salt to taste

Pears brushed, cut into 8 pieces, cutplaces of attachment of flowers, peduncles and the core. Wine bring to a boil, put the pear slices in there and cover with a lid, cook for 8 minutes, then cool. Punch the pepper over a gas burner or on an electric stove until the skin begins to bubble. Then wrap it in a damp kitchen towel for 5 minutes, after which it will be possible to remove peel without difficulty. Chopped pepper pods cut in half, remove the core, cut the flesh into thin strips. Grapefruit clean, remove the white interlayer, divide the fruit into slices and remove the transparent films. Forest nuts fry until golden brown in a pan without adding fat. Lettuce leaves rinse and shake off the water. Leaves lay a salad bowl, put slices of pear, sweet pepper, grapefruit and nuts. Wine from under the pears mix with apple cider vinegar and vegetable oil, taste season with salt, pepper and coriander, pour sauce over the salad. Salad served to the table with a spicy baking of puff pastry.

Salad "Leon"

Wonderful taste qualities have a salad "Leon". For its preparation we will need:

  • Chicken fillet (boiled) - 250 g
  • Corn (canned) - 100 g
  • Pear (solid, large) - 1 pc.
  • Pineapple (canned) - 150 g
  • Rice (long, boiled) - 150 g
  • Vegetable oil - 30 g


  • Mayonnaise - 200 g
  • Green parsley - 50 g
  • Basil leaves - 50 g
  • Pepper black ground and salt to taste

Let's start cooking chicken. Remove the remaining fat, cut into large pieces, dividing the chicken fillet into halves into 3 parts and boil in salted soda for 15-20 minutes. Cool and cut into small cubes. The rice should be washed 5-7 times under cold water before washing (the rice washed in this way will not stick together.) After this, put the rice in a saucepan and pour a little steep boiling water, with the addition of vegetable oil, Put on a slow fire. When the rice becomes soft, drain the water and refrigerate it. Pineapple cut into small cubes, put in a salad bowl and add to it sweet young canned corn. To avoid changes in taste, we recommend that you maintain a strictly proportion of corn and pineapple, so that the salad is not very sweet. Pear must be cut into small cubes. To prepare the sauce, mix the black pepper, salt, finely chopped parsley and basil leaves. Stir all ingredients and season with sauce. Let the salad steep for 10 minutes and serve to a table with white or red dry wine. salad with pears

Salad «Old Castle»

One of the fine examples of a combination of the incongruous is the salad "The Old Castle". Salad is very hearty, so it can serve as a separate dish. To prepare this masterpiece, we will need:

  • smoked chicken meat (ham or fillet) - 300 g
  • hard cheese - 150 g
  • eggs boiled chicken - 3 pcs.
  • large juicy pear - 1 pc.
  • onion (medium) - 2 pcs.
  • mushrooms champignons fresh - 150 g


  • Salt and ground black pepper to taste
  • mayonnaise - 200 g
  • parsley greens -100 g

Mushrooms thoroughly rinse, cut into smallcubes and propaceruyte with onions (on request, onions can be replaced with green young onions). Eggs boil, peel and cut into small cubes. Breast or chicken of a smoked chicken and cheese must also be cut into small cubes. Cut the pear into small cubes. To prepare the sauce, mix the black pepper, salt and finely chopped parsley. Stir all the ingredients and season with a salad. Serve with red dry wine.

Mersey salad

This salad will surprise everyone with its pleasant taste. As the basis of French cuisine is made with sauces, then the sauce for this salad must be prepared a special one. For salad preparation we need:

  • chicken breast without skin and bones - 4 pcs.
  • leaf salad - 4 leaves
  • Brie cheese - 100 g
  • pear average - 2 pcs.
  • pecans - 50 g


  • apple juice with pulp - 50 g
  • olive oil - 50 g
  • apple cider vinegar - 4 tbsp.
  • mustard - 2 tsp.
  • salt and black ground pepper for 5 grams

Let's start with chicken meat. Chicken fillet should be baked on the grill or in the oven in the grill mode. We advise you to pre-cut the fillets into steaks, discourage and soak in milk or a weak solution of vinegar (20 g apple cider vinegar per 400 g water) for 10-15 minutes. This simple trick will give the meat a softness. After cooking chicken fillet cut into large slices. Pear must be cut into small cubes. We cut the cheese, also, into cubes. To prepare the sauce, mix apple juice, vinegar, olive oil, mustard, salt and black ground pepper, beat in a mixer or with a blender - the sauce is ready. The main thing is to serve the salad "Mercy" beautifully! To do this, put on a plate of plates on a sheet of lettuce, on it lay sliced ​​cheese brie and pecans, top lay, sliced ​​chicken fillets and season with sauce. To the table to serve salad warm, to white dry wine, to garlic toasts.

W-za-vie salad

And finally, a visiting card of salads comes from Burgundy salad "W-za-vi". To prepare it you will need:

  • chicken fillet - 400 g
  • pears (sweet and sour) - 2 pcs.
  • cabbage peking - 200 g
  • red pepper powder - 200 g


  • chicken liver - 150 g
  • Butter - 20 g
  • sour cream 150 g
  • mustard - 2h. l.
  • red pepper to taste
  • black pepper to taste
  • salt to taste
  • vegetable oil - 20 ml
  • lemon juice - 30 ml

Breast of chickens cut into slices 3-4 thickcentimeter and soak in milk for 15 minutes. Then drain the milk and fry it in vegetable or olive oil. The pear should be rinsed, the places of attachment of flowers, stems, cores, and cut into slices, the same as the chicken breast is chopped. Pepper should be washed, removed stems, core and cut into slices or large strips of 5 centimeters. Peppers and pears should be baked in the oven in grill mode or on the grill. Fry the liver of chicken in butter 4-5 minutes, and together with the juice that has been allocated, mix in the blender, adding sour cream, lemon juice, mustard, salt, black pepper and pepper red. All the ingredients of the sauce must be mixed to make a gentle cream sauce. Leaves of Peking cabbage rinse, tear with hands and put on portions plates. On the leaves, put roasted chicken breast slices, baked slices of peppers and pears and pour over the cooked sauce. Salad can be served to the table both chilled and warm. Bon Appetit! We advise you to read: