winter garden in the apartment The human craving for living nature is indestructible,as well as the basic instincts. Even having locked themselves in the stone walls of cities, people still diluted the gray urban landscapes with green colors. Gardens, parks, squares - all this was and remains an attribute of any city in any state. Moreover, people and in their homes admitted a piece of wild flora, of course, domesticated and cultivated it. And we, continuing traditions, not only acquire indoor plants, but even risk to equip a real winter garden in an apartment. Unfortunately, very few of our compatriots can boast of apartments, in which there is an opportunity to break a full winter garden. Most of us live in fairly modest apartments, where it is difficult to find an extra spare corner. However, if desired, you can arrange a winter garden in an apartment even a small size. After all, as you know, there would be a desire, and opportunities will be found. So we suggest you to speculate on the topic of such opportunities, and at the same time find out what should be and can be the design of the winter garden.

Possibilities of arrangement of a winter garden

Let's look at the most accessible waysarrangement of a winter garden in an apartment. If your apartment is spacious enough, and the rooms have a large area, then for a winter garden you can allocate a special territory. As a rule, in this case, build niches, use translucent partitions and provide the allocated room with additional lighting, heating and ventilation. As a result, you get a mini-greenhouse right in the room. And this room can be any, everything depends only on its size. In two-level apartments with stairs, a suitable place for a winter garden will be a free space under the stairs. It would seem that this dark corner does not correspond in any way to the organization of a green green oasis. However, do not forget that among domestic plants there are many shade-loving and shade-tolerant species. These unpretentious flowers are the best and suitable for such a winter garden under the stairs. And if you consider that you still equip your pets with extra lighting, you can get not just a nice, but even very stylish winter garden, without cutting down the area of ​​your apartment. But this is all suitable for apartments of a large area. What can you think of in a small apartment, where there is no extra place? In these cases, amateur gardeners are converted into balconies and loggias under the winter garden. After all, you will agree that most often these additional meters in our apartment we use as an improvised closet or storage room. So why not turn a balcony or loggia into an almost complete winter garden? However, for this you first have to make a lot of effort to warm this cold room. As a rule, the balcony or balcony is insulated according to the standard scheme. It installs double-glazed windows, mounts heat and waterproof layers on walls and floors, conducts heating and light. And then everything will depend on the chosen style of your winter garden. Another version of a green oasis in a small apartment - a winter garden on the podium. First, everything you put on the podium will necessarily dominate the overall interior. For a winter garden it is advisable to use multi-tier podiums, which occupy not so much horizontal, as vertical free space in the apartment. This podium is best equipped in the corner or near the wall. Several feet of different widths will allow you to place a sufficient number of plants and decorative elements, which will make it possible to decorate a winter garden in any style. And a few daylight lamps or neon lights and wallpapers will make your winter garden just magical. design of a winter garden in an apartment

Winter garden styles

The next task after preparing a place forwinter garden in the apartment - its design. And the design of the winter garden depends, first of all, on the chosen style. The style of the winter garden determines not only the principles of its organization and decoration, but also the choice of certain indoor plants. Note that for a green flat oasis the same styles are used as for a full-size winter garden. In many ways the design of the winter garden is based on well-known garden styles. However, what is easy to carry out in the open air is not always achievable in a confined space. Let's take a look at some of the most popular winter garden styles that can be adopted for decorating a green corner in an apartment. Tropical style of a winter garden For a winter garden in a tropical style, select hygienic indoor plants that feel comfortable and grow well at temperatures not lower than eighteen and not above twenty-eight degrees. At a lower temperature they will simply freeze, and at a higher temperature they will begin to ache. In such a garden, the tropical lianas, epiphytes, and ground cover and beautiful flowering plants will also look great. In short, all those indoor flowers, whose wild gatherings grow in the rainforest, are perfect for a winter garden in a tropical style. These are dienenbachia, and all kinds of begonias and ficuses, and dracenes. The subtropical style of the winter garden In the subtropical climate, the average annual temperature is about fourteen degrees. However, plants of this natural zone are able to withstand both light frosts (-5 ° C) and hot weather (up to 23 ° C). Nevertheless, the most comfortable temperature for a subtropical winter garden will be a range of 10 to 15 degrees. If the lower temperatures of such plants will withstand, then from the heat they will simply begin to dry, turn yellow and slowly die. Therefore, it is for the balcony winter gardens of the middle band and northern regions that subtropical indoor plants are selected - citrus, wisteria, flowering vines, jacarands and passionflowers. Winter garden in Japanese style Very suitable style for decorating the winter garden inside the apartment. Japanese style in the garden art is known in the two most popular types. The first type of Japanese style is geometric or minimalist. It is for such a garden used bonsai, mini-fountains and mini-waterfalls, pebble decorative fragments. The landscape type of the Japanese winter garden is closer to its natural variant - a street garden. Such a winter garden will require sufficient illumination, because here are lodged room variants of light-loving trees and shrubs. Such a Japanese garden can also be supplemented with real bamboo and a miniature pond or an aquarium with live fish. Winter garden in the style of minimalism This is the most optimal style for a winter garden in a small apartment. Here you can place absolutely any, but necessarily small-sized plants, selected in one color scheme. For a winter garden in a minimalist style, it is better not to take flowering plants, although one or several bright accents here will be quite appropriate. Flower pots are arranged asymmetrically, in small groups. The most successful choice for such a garden will be evergreen slowly growing room flowers. And the main condition of this style is a minimum of decor, conciseness and completeness. Village style of a winter garden Yes, this style is also quite suitable for a roomy green oasis. Moreover, in addition to beautifully flowering specimens and ornamental plants, mini-ogorodik can also be marked here. Spicy herbs (basil, dill, lemon balm, curly parsley) and even seasonal vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers) will organically fit into the design of the winter garden in a rustic style. Lemon sapling, ornamental cabbage, physalis, flowering senpolia and cyclamen - symbiosis of kitchen garden and flower garden. Here is the main principle by which the design of a rural winter garden is being decided. Winter garden in the style of high-tech Style hi-tech is a very good design for a winter garden on a multi-tier podium. For such a garden choose only the most simple plants with a single color and strict forms of leaves. The different level of arrangement of flower pots, observance of clear shapes and proportions, as well as the corresponding accessories - these are the indispensable conditions that must be met by the design of the winter garden in the style of high-tech. Naturally, such a winter garden will be appropriate in an apartment, the interior of which also corresponds to the canons of modern or minimalist styles. beautiful winter garden in the apartment

Requirements for the garden in the apartment

So, let's sum up. Winter garden in your apartment must be beautiful, regardless of the chosen style. It can be and fragrant blooming tropics with exotic palms and creepers, laconic minimalist garden, miniature version of the Japanese landscape or a rustic garden-garden. The main thing is that your winter garden does not cause a sense of randomly set and concentrated in one place pots with flowers, but it was similar to the garden, albeit in a miniature version. And do not forget that the winter garden in the apartment is designed not only to decorate the room, but also to revitalize its atmosphere, and also to evoke positive emotions. So, starting to create your mini-greenhouse, read the rules of phytodesign, as well as find out the features and requirements for the conditions of keeping those plants that you want to settle in your winter garden. And you will succeed! We advise you to read: