why are you looking for a new job Shakespeare said: "Labor, which is pleasant to us, heals sorrow." "If you successfully choose work and put your whole soul into it, then happiness will find you," Ushinsky shared his opinion. It's hard not to agree that there is truth in their words. How many people feel unhappy only because they have to deal with unloved things. But at work we spend most of our lives! But few people think about finding a new job. Why test fate, if on this (albeit unloved) work every month there is a stable salary? Even if you are in search, why are you looking for a new job first? As a rule, because of low wages. That is, the main impetus to search is money, and not a favorite thing. Do what you like - not for the economic realities of today, many are convinced. And aphorisms about a favorite business are only suitable to write them on magnets, which are attached to the refrigerator. Meanwhile, recent sociological studies have revealed that only twenty-five percent of Russians are satisfied (note, do not like, but are only satisfied!) With their work. And, most notably, more than sixty-four percent of workers under the age of twenty-five are dissatisfied with their work. That's just terrible! And how are you? That's specifically you, reading these lines. Are you unhappy with your work? Or satisfied, but do not like? Do you feel yourself in a trap, you can not get out of which until the economic situation changes? If this is so, then we want to invite you to meditate to change your point of view a little.

If the work does not like

Just think: you spend eight to ten hours a day at work. This is more than half the time of wakefulness. And if you do not like your work, then you spend most of the day on a state of misfortune. What do you do with the rest of the day? Perhaps, you are doing something exciting, favorite? It is doubtful! More than likely, you spend the remaining time on the road, shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning, raising children, caring for your husband. At best, sit an hour in front of the TV or near the computer. Agree - if you think about it, it becomes simply scary. We spin like squirrels in a wheel, not getting satisfaction from what we do. But life does not stand still, time is running out! Is it worth it to waste your life on something that is disgusting? We want to help you change your thinking. Of course, it is easier to say than to actually do, but we will try. why did you start looking for a new job

Very important questions!

If you ask yourself the right questions, you candiscover for yourself what is really important to you. The thing for which it is not a pity to spend the bulk of your time. Why you started to look for a new job or start looking tomorrow. We are talking about a choice based on your main interests and aspirations. You can not change everything in your life, but you can make enough changes to create a full life with the performance of your favorite work. You need to create complete clarity in the criteria for your choice, and then you will have a feeling of complete control over your own destiny. Take a pencil and paper, and answer the following questions. These questions will help you decide the choice:

  • On a ten-point scale, assess your attitude to the case, which you are currently engaged in. (1 point - complete dissatisfaction with work, 10 points - favorite work).
  • What elements in your current job do you like and would you like to keep them in your future career? Make a complete list.
  • What elements of your current job do not you like and you would never want to face them again?
  • Do you have an idea of ​​such work, the fulfillment of which could bring you pleasure?
  • If so, why did not you try to find such a job?
  • If not, are you willing to spend several hours a week on self-discovery to determine the type of work that will be able to captivate you?
  • Do you currently have enough money for a full life?
  • If not, are you ready to adjust your way of life and your expenses in order to live within your means, and even to save money for unforeseen situations?
  • If so, what elements of your currentlife are more important to you than satisfaction from your favorite work? Make a list of all the circumstances that make you put up with unloved work (for example, having time to raise children, the need to take care of elderly parents who live in a private house and the like).
  • Are you ready to reduce the amount of time devoted to home care in favor of your favorite work?
  • Are you ready to go to a distant area of ​​the city or even to another city for your favorite work? Are you ready to move for her?
  • Are you ready to upset your loved ones by changing the work (if they are upset by it)?
  • Is it possible to change something in your work today so that you will like it?
  • What consequences can occur if youask the management to make these changes? And what consequences can occur in your daily life after these changes? Do not you worry about these consequences, will you be able to adapt to them?
  • If you lost your current job, what would you do?
  • How long could you survive at the present level of life if you were unemployed?
  • If you could start all over again right from the graduation from school, which career would you start building?
  • Are you ready and do you have the opportunity to get additional education or training in order to get a job that you like?
  • Will your spouse support you along the way?
  • Is your spouse ready to sacrifice some of his own comforts so that you can change jobs?
  • What have you already done to find a job that you like (sent resume, studied vacancies, etc.)?
  • Can you find or free up time to find a new job?
  • If you tried to describe your ideal life and work, what would they look like?
  • How do you think, is it possible to achieve that your real life was as close as possible to the ideal?
  • Are you ready to try several jobs before you find a job for your liking? Do you have such an opportunity?
  • Do you feel that you know yourself well enough to determine what you need?
  • Do you have any prejudices or fears, insecurities that could prevent you from acting? If so, are you ready to fight it?
  • What minimum wage would you agree with?
  • What salary would you ideally like to receive?
  • What is more important for you - satisfaction from work or prestige?
  • How does your dissatisfaction with the current work affect your life (stress, feelings of dissatisfaction, disappointment, etc.)?
  • What can you do today to start moving towards finding a favorite job?
  • What to do next?

    Here are a few ways how you can use the information that is contained in your answers to tune in to find your favorite work:

    • Analyze all your requirements and desires,which are contained in the answers. Are they absolutely not subject to discussion, or can you still find room for maneuver? Think about how they will affect the possible change in your career.
    • In your answers, the circle of your interests appears. How could you apply them to change your career? What should be done for this?
    • Think about how real your requests are,how realistic it is to translate your dreams into reality and how you can use them to find a job that can make you happy. For example, are you ready to live more sparingly, or to sell something valuable to get an education? Are you ready to make some sacrifices, then to have the opportunity to spend most of the day with pleasure at work for many years?
    • Talk to the person whose opinion matters to you, and discuss with him your ideas and their possible consequences, as well as the actions necessary to find a new job.

    In any case, you should understand whypeople are looking for a new job, if the previous activity did not bring them satisfaction. Discover yourself for a new life, believing that your favorite work can and should be sought even in our unstable economy! We advise you to read: