Why is it sometimes necessary to postpone botox? Due to the high popularity of proceduresnon-surgical rejuvenation, there was a serious stir in the market. As a result, a large flow of patients simply can not soberly assess the consequences of such treatment, although it is very simple to do so.

What do you need to think about "before"?

Let's consider, in what cases the doctor can refuse the procedure:

  • the first days of menstruation;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • chronic diseases of the kidneys, liver and lungs (the consent of the attending physician is necessary);
  • individual intolerance of the drug (allergy to protein or photosensitivity);
  • minority;
  • diagnosed alcoholism in severe form.

The above Do not prohibit directly doing the procedure, but arecause to postpone it for a period for which the cause will be eliminated. In the case of chronic diseases, it all depends on the degree of possible complications, as a rule, it is simply about consulting two specialists - your doctor and cosmetologist.

What will happen "after"?

Of course, in the first place, you will receiverenewed skin, for which it all began. Depending on the type of the selected procedure, you will see the effect immediately or after a few weeks. Unlike the methods of restoring the skin with the help of surgical intervention, there is no rehabilitation period, so the very next day you can go to work and do your own business. Accents of rejuvenation effects also directly depend on the chosen method. For example, , basically, they are connected with the skin color smoothing. Your skin will get rid of pigmented spots, the color will acquire a healthy hue, irregularities will visually disappear. If you choose Botox, first of all the shape of the skin will change - because of wrinkles smoothed out, gradually it will acquire an even color, it will be easier to take care of.

What should I fear?

Unfortunately, the increased interest in procedurescauses a vast market of counterfeit products. Because of this, attempts at self-treatment, as a rule, result in unpleasant consequences. This is an incorrect dosage, which can cause discomfort in the facial part, as well as lack of effect, if the drug, on the contrary, was diluted too much. That's why you should contact clinics with a good history, even though small newly opened salons offer discounts. Your health is in your hands - the procedure itself is practically painless, and its negative consequences are reduced to the lack of proper attention. You need to study the list of contraindications, follow your personal calendar, exclude allergic reaction (the test will be held at the clinic), and in this case you will get only a positive effect. It is very important to be honest with a specialist, because ignorance of possible contraindications may distort the course of treatment. With most problems you can cope, and for each technique there is a worthy alternative. Choosing the optimal option with your doctor, you will achieve the best effect after the procedure.

Comprehensive techniques

The development of a combination of drugs must take placeunder the supervision of a doctor. There may be cross reactions, so if you decide to do Botox in one institution, subsequent treatment should be done under the supervision of doctors from there, even if you choose another clinic, because they have your data on hand.