why the leaves are falling off the money tree Among houseplants there are many suchalmost do not require care. They are as if specially created for negligent and inattentive flower growers and easily carry many and many flaws in their care. Here, for example, a fat woman or a well-known money tree. It would seem that it is impossible to find a more unpretentious green pet - and the fat woman is sick rarely, and the lack of light tolerates well, and even without irrigation it lasts a long time. In general, the money tree does not cause any trouble to its owners. However, it happens that a healthy and green tree suddenly fades, discards leaves and, for unexplained reasons, dies. By the way, it is the fall of leaves - the most common ailment of this, in general, unpretentious plant. Why is this happening? How to help the plant in this case? Let's try to figure it out. money tree fall leaves

Possible reasons

The very first and most common reasonFalling of leaves at a money tree - wrong watering. Why? And the fact is that the fatty belongs to succulents - plants that are able to accumulate moisture in the leaves and it is easy enough to tolerate its deficiency. Over-watering the money tree suffers much harder than the forced drought. However, for a long time to leave the dry ground in a pot with a plump can also not. With frequent and abundant watering the plant starts to discard healthy green leaves, and when the earthen coma dries out, the leaves on the tree wilt, lose their elasticity and also fall off. Therefore it is important to observe the correct watering regime. In summer it is necessary to water the plant every day, but gradually, and in winter and autumn, watering is reduced to once a week. It is very important that when watering the water in the pot and in the pan does not stagnate - this can lead not only to the fall of the leaves, but also to decay of the roots. Another reason for the loss of leaves is direct sunlight. Although the money tree also refers to photophilous plants, it does not tolerate a long stay in direct sunlight. If the plant is left for a whole day under the sun, its fleshy leaves begin to heat up and lose elasticity, and subsequently fall off. Therefore, the money tree must be protected from the aggressive summer sun. By the way, a similar effect is obtained by heating the leaves of a plant located near heaters or radiating heat radiators. Another reason for the dropping of leaves in a fat woman is the oversaturation of the soil in the pot with mineral fertilizers. It is the excess of salts in the soil that causes the plant to shed its leaves. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the recommendations from fertilizer manufacturers and to observe the dosage of the preparations and the frequency of fertilizing. All of the above reasons for the fall of leaves are the result of improper maintenance or maintenance of the money tree. However, it happens that the plant, which was looked after correctly, suddenly fell leaves. Most likely, your tree is no longer young, and the fall of leaves is a sign of his solid age. Well, the aging of the money tree is the only natural reason it can start to discard the leaves. In this case, the plant you will not help. The only thing you can do is rejuvenate the bush by cutting it "on the stump." In other cases of dropping leaves, it is necessary to identify and eliminate the cause, and also to provide the tree with first aid. fall leaves on the money tree

Giving help

With excess watering, the money tree falls offhealthy green leaves, but sometimes the foliage withers before falling. What to do in this case? First of all, it is necessary to stop watering before drying up the earth coma, and then start to water the plant moderately, gradually bringing the amount of water and the irrigation frequency to the norm. Normally, it is necessary to water it a lot more than once a day in the summer and about once a week in winter and autumn. The most important thing is to make sure that the bottom of the pot and the pan after the watering remain dry. With a lack of moisture, the money tree can also discard the leaves. The truth before this foliage begins to turn yellow, curl and wither. Naturally, this happens only in the case of a very long forced drought. But even in the most severe cases, the plant can be resuscitated - it is only necessary to resume watering. It will also be useful to periodically spray the fatty woman with soft, settled water. If the cause of the loss of leaves becomes excessive sunlight, then the pot with the plant must be moved to a well-lit but sheltered from the direct sun. If there is no such possibility, then it is necessary to prickle the fattened by closing the window with a newspaper or paper. It is important that the plant receives enough light, but not suffer from direct sunlight. But in winter, the pot with the plant should be placed away from the heating batteries and heating appliances. It is advisable at this time to spray the money tree, since the overdried air can also adversely affect the condition of this plant. To save the money tree from the flow of hot air, a pot with a plant can be put on a piece of foam plastic - thick and wide. This simple adaptation will protect the plant from the heat of the heating battery. And what if you suddenly found out that the possible reason for the thinning of the money tree crowns were incorrect feeding? Then the soil in the pot is best replaced. Why it is necessary to do so? Because the excess of salts in the ground is very difficult to neutralize, and this process is quite long. Therefore, updating the soil will be the best help to the plant. Falling leaves and feng shui Believe it or not, but the cause of the fall of the money tree leaves can easily become your financial crisis. In any case, the followers of the Feng Shui teachings sincerely believe in a direct link between the state of this talisman of wealth and the state of the purse of its owner. The fact is that, according to this Oriental doctrine, the money tree is a kind of indicator of the fall or growth of incomes of its owner. So do not be surprised if, during a financial crisis or if you make a major purchase, your money mascot resets the leaves. But when your income grows, then the leaves on the money tree become bigger, greener and greener. Of course, this statement is very controversial. However, such coincidences happen too often, in order not to believe in the mystical connection between the money tree and the wallet of its owner. It's not just that this plant has been called a money tree. As they say, warned - it means armed. Knowing why the money tree has fallen leaves, you can prevent this phenomenon, and help the plant, if it does happen. Good luck and health to your money tree!