Why educational toys are necessary for children So, on the way of choosing toys you sawthe phrase "educational toys". But what is there to develop, because a child is only a few years old? Maybe you should not rack your brains and do not need to "deprive a child of childhood", let yourself play with a teddy bear? Nobody canceled traditional toys. Funny soft bunnies and bear cubs were and remain the most favorite childhood friends. Today it is already possible to meet not just a plush beast, but an interactive toy - besides an ordinary nice face and tender legs, it has a pleasant voice, can walk, eat and recognize the hostess. However, let's for a moment distract from the child's pink childhood and try to look at his life even more widely. Your baby was born in the age of active development of information technology. Our life is increasingly embraced by modern innovations, and already affects not only the specialized fields, but also everyday life. And our preschool children can already immerse themselves in this vast world of information. Therefore, it is important to be able to perceive, analyze, structure and reproduce information from a small age. For this purpose, special .

Teaching from the nappies

Development begins with the nappies. Even primitive, it would seem, rattle can be "smart", it not only affects the visual and auditory perception of the child (noise, bright color). Modern rattles can be reliably attributed to developing toys, since they have:

  • moving parts that develop motor skills;
  • surfaces of different texture for stimulation of tactile sensations;
  • different fillers to stimulate sound sensations.

Developing mat

Such a familiar thing, like a children's rug, fromordinary litter has turned into a huge igrodrom - a child can learn the details and elements of the game mat for hours. In addition to the development of auditory, tactile and visual sensations, the game mat introduces the first concepts of the correspondence between shapes and sizes, provides an opportunity to study soft and hard, large and small, long and narrow in practice.


Next followed by a variety of predecessors of designers - lacing, pyramids and all sorts . These toys affect stimulationspatial imagination of the child. Before learning how to build complex designs, it is necessary to understand whether it is possible to shove a large object into a small one, and to learn how to distinguish between forms-a square, a circle. Playing with such toys and studying them, the kid learns the very first principles of the sopromata.

Games in the bathroom

When spending time in the bathroom, the baby of the timeDo not lose. Sometimes even an ordinary glass can take him for tens of minutes. For example, simply pouring and pouring back water, the child receives an inexpressible pleasure, because he studies the behavior of an unknown substance - a liquid. Technologies here have stepped far - today you can buy an interactive toy for the bathroom, which will help develop new skills of behavior in the water.


All kinds of sets for drawing, modeling and othertypes of creativity, you can also be surely included in the category of developing toys. Working with the test for modeling, the child not only becomes attached to art, he develops the motor skills of the hands and trains his motor skills. The same applies to musical instruments, and to paints. Parents usually do not set the task to grow a famous artist from the child, but it is necessary to give him a try and this kind of activity and develop talent. This prepares for training in school, and, as a result, will help him decide on the future life choice. Therefore, all hobbies begin in childhood, like all good things. We advise you to read: