Dazzling white in the interior of your home Commercials of products aimed atfamily consumption, show their heroes in an environment where white predominates. This allows you to idealize the advertising character: he has a perfectly clean white house, white clothes and a dazzling white tooth smile. Such videos seem to be saturated with purity and innocence, family values ​​and happiness. Involuntarily you start to envy the heroes of advertisements! Designers have taken a great interest in white color from the beginning of the twenties of the last century, however the urgency this direction has not lost to this time. Let's talk about how to properly decorate the interior of the house with white color. Despite the fact that with white color we all very often encounter in ordinary life, it is not as simple as it seems. Its useful qualities can not be overestimated:

  • neutrality
  • ability to highlight bright details
  • the possibility of visually "pushing" the walls of the room

Advantages and disadvantages of white color

White is inherent in symbolism. Suffice it to recall the white dress of the bride (as a symbol of innocence), the white robes of the servants of the church (as a symbol of holiness and triumph). Some associate white with richness and luxury: snow-white yachts and chic white limousines, glossy white covers on furniture and tablecloths at solemn receptions. In politics, white color is used as a symbol of peace and goodwill, in the Middle Ages the knights emphasized generosity and higher will by white symbols. In the East, white color denotes both mourning and sorrow, and the beginning of a new path. The special significance of white color is not only in its symbolism, but also in its interesting properties:

  • White is used as the best base for a variety of colors, because by adding it you can change the brightness of all tones.
  • White color is perfectly combined with absolutely all colors and serves as a beautiful background.
  • The shades of white are different in properties: they can be both cold and warm.

The main drawback of white color, which confuseswishing to use it, is its ability to show the slightest contamination. At the same time, white color in the interior wins in black for other advantages: it hides dust marks and handprints. Do not limit your desire to have white furniture in the house: furniture covers that can be removed and cleaned can help you. Positive aspects of the white interior:

  • It is an excellent base for all styles.
  • Ideal for small spaces (corridor, bathroom), as visually "pushing" the walls.
  • Perfectly reflects light, and therefore suitable for dark rooms.
  • It is not fashionable and is always popular.
  • It looks good in different materials and on different surfaces.
  • Perfectly matches with any textures and materials.

Variations in the shades of white

White has a huge variety of shades. Therefore, before you start to change the design of your apartment, carefully select the tone of furniture, walls, lighting. Otherwise, you risk getting the effect of a "hospital ward" or simply an expressionless situation. Do not try to paint all the details in white, because contrasts also add style to the interior. Dazzling white in the interiorbedroom color cream brulee Gentle shades of whitewell complemented with soft fabrics and pastel colors. For example, natural fabrics and materials are suitable for the color of ivory: linen, light wood, leather, natural stone. Choosing this design, you achieve a feeling of complete peace. Dazzling white in the interiorliving room of ivory color Cream - this isa variation of white with a yellow tinge. Creates the effect of antiquity. It looks good with a dark tree, rich in brown and the color of the stone. This shade is loved by owners of pastry shops and cafes: it creates a feeling of comfort, warmth and is not at all marchy. Dazzling white in the interiora bedroom of cream color Bright shades of white(snow-white) belong to the cold scale and look a bit aggressive. Use cold shades with caution, as they can destroy the cozy atmosphere of the room. Dazzling white in the interiorsnow-white living room with bright accents.To create a harmonious and elegant own style, experiment with a combination of white and silver. Male style of the interior will help create variations of the composition of white with steel and glass details. Dazzling white in the interiormen's bedroom: a combination of white with gray The game on the contrast of white and black is like a chess board or a zebra. This combination looks quite strict and is more used in offices and other public spaces. However, there are fans of such a combination that associate it with the story of little Alice in Wonderland. In this case, it is worth softening the severity of the abundance of living plants, fluffy and soft tissues that will pour life into an asceticly designed house. Dazzling white in the interiorblack and white interior Add energy and drive toThe interior will help bright accents, which you can safely use to create an upbeat mood. This cunning is used to create an environment in the ethnic and youth style and is very popular in Europe. Dazzling white in the interiordining room with bright accents White interiorfills the house with beauty and refinement. It seems that in such a room it becomes easier to breathe, and the mood involuntarily rises. Dare and create your own ideas that will help make the room beautiful and memorable!