Most people think the number of the car is justbanal accounting data, and no more. And, of course, does not connect events that occur with the car and its existing number. But every figure carries certain information, and somehow affects the fate of the machine and its owner. Depending on the combination of these numbers, the impact can be very different. In one case, the owner does not know absolutely any problems associated with the car: the wheel never punctures at the most inopportune moment, on the way to a meeting or a business meeting, not a single traffic police officer will fall. And even on a slippery road covered with ice crust, the car behaves as if on a good summer track. In another case, the owner is constantly harassed by minor troubles: the battery will sit down, then the gasoline will end, or even at all - small accidents and fall on the head unhappy auto owner. Of course, this can be attributed to the driver's experience, but such an explanation is often completely implausible. For sure, everyone heard from drivers the expression "not my car" or, on the contrary, "my car". And if the specialist looks at their numbers, then much will become clear. We offer you a unique opportunity to check absolutely for free how successful the combination of numbers on your car's number is. To do this, please enter the required data in the application form. And you will probably know whether to leave the old numbers or if you need to re-register the car. And maybe this will be a great incentive for buying a new car? [exec] include ('wp-content / themes / j2-2 / forms / car_num.php'); [/ exec]