causes of the appearance of warts Many believe that a wart is a smalltrouble, and nothing more. And in fact most warts can be carriers of papilloma. This viral disease is transmitted by the household way by contact with an infected person or animal. Where do warts come from? No one is immune from papilloma infection. This virus multiplies very quickly in the skin. As a result, you can acquire build-ups on the feet 'feet in a few days, subungual warts, flat lesions on the face, papillomas on the genitals of men and the most common are viral warts on the fingers. Less common are papillomas on the internal organs, on the bladder or in the mouth. The appearance of warts is more susceptible to children and adolescents, since the degree of danger of infection depends on the state of immunity.

By appearance and localization, the following types of warts can be distinguished:

  • The most common papilloma is verrucavulgaris. It occurs in 70% of cases of infection. Such a wart can appear both on the mucous membranes, and on any part of the body, although most often they are formed on the hands.

Why do warts appear and why are the handsmost often are the "favorite place" for these tumors? And all because the hands are in constant contact with the external environment, whether it is working in adults or playing with children. In addition, children, not understanding the full danger, try to pick or scratch such a neoplasm on their hands, thereby helping the infection to penetrate healthy areas of the skin.

  • Another type of wart is verruca plantaris. They occur in 5% of cases. Most often they are formed on the legs, in parts subject to pressure: heels and metatarsal area.

Warts on the legs cause great inconvenienceinfected person. Moving around the house barefoot, he thereby spreads the infection. Also, warts on the feet are constantly subjected to pressure in the process of walking, which promotes their ingrowth inside. As a result, a lot of planetary warts are collected side by side and form one large on the surface of the skin. Such a virus is difficult to treat, because there are a lot of foci of infection.

  • Variety of flat papillomas - verruca plana. They appear on the face, neck, extremities. Because of their shape, they do not have keratotic effects. Often patients take them for pigment spots, especially those people who are prone to the constant appearance of new freckles. The dimensions of such neoplasms usually reach 2-5 mm. They are brown, red and flesh colored in color. External exposure to warts (mechanical damage) can lead to infection of healthy skin areas.
  • Genital warts are a condyloma acuminata, theyappear in 1% of people who have an active sex life. Only they are transmitted exclusively sexually. Most susceptible to infection are those people who at an early age started to have sex, do not have a regular partner, smoke or use oral contraceptives. treatment of warts folk remedies

Where do warts come from?

The papilloma virus enters the body of a healthya person through abrasions, scratches and other damage to the skin. In these places, the blood flow increases, and as a result, warts abnormally rapidly grow over the surface of the skin. It also happens that the virus has a short period of inoculation. In other words, the wart does not grow immediately after infection with the virus. In some patients, the wart grows in a week, and in others it takes several months. Regression of papillomas is also known. That is, neoplasms that do not undergo treatment can disappear themselves. 30% of warts disappear within 4-6 months, 65% - within two years, and 75% - for 3 or more years. It is important to remember that warts can be confused with another disease. Here it is possible to carry here as safe illnesses: натоптыши, calluses, and very serious diseases: molluscum contagiosum, epidermial nevus, cellular carcinoma, seborrheic Ketaroosis. In this case, it will be most reliable to pass an analysis for the presence of a wart infection. How to recognize warts? When warts appear on the feet, they can be recognized by destroying or partially destroying the footprint. A dermatologist or virologist can detect the presence of a wart infection by peroxidase staining, polymerase chain reaction or hybrid absorption. removal of warts by laser

How can you cure warts?

Warts are, perhaps, the only disease,which is so easily cured by folk remedies. The main rule of treatment for warts is not to touch it. In most infected people, the immune system itself is able to fight the disease. If the immune system of your body is not so strong, it can be supported by homeopathic medicines. If the warts are too large and cause serious inconvenience, then they can be removed surgically, but this is the most extreme measure in the fight against them. Warts of "medium size" can be removed with both traditional and non-traditional methods. Folk remedies for the treatment of warts

  • Lubricate 2-3 times a day with fresh onion juice.
  • Lubricate the juice of fresh or sour apples for 10 days.
  • Rinse the bulb in the vinegar, the resulting solution wipe the papilloma.
  • Mix the fat of nutria with the gruel from garlic in a 1: 1 ratio, add a little butter, rub the new growths on the skin.
  • Grind raw potatoes (uncleaned) spread on a compress paper and tie to the affected areas. Change the bandage 2-3 times a day, after a week the papillomas will disappear.
  • A mixture of vinegar and wood ash (1: 3) will also help get rid of the warts.
  • It can be 3-4 times a day to wipe the papilloma with freshly chopped garlic cloves.
  • It is necessary to moisten with alcoholic rubbing and rub the neoplasms on the skin until it disappears completely.
  • Juice freshly cut stems celandine wipe warts every other day.
  • A mixture of dandelion root juice and butter, cooked in a 1: 4 ratio, treat the papillomas 3-4 times a day.
  • Flax seed oil will help in the fight against papillomas on the soles of the feet.
  • Shred fruits of mountain ash are applied to neoplasms, daily we change bandage.
  • We take a large bulb, remove the core from it, pour salt in it, after a while, juice will begin to be allocated, which should be wiped several times a day before disappearing completely.
  • Every day for the night, drip on a new growth of 1 drop of acetic acid. Use the pipette, otherwise get a serious skin burn.
  • Grind zest of 2 lemons, pour half a glass of vinegar 30%, insist in a tightly closed dark container for 7-8 days, then strain and lubricate papillomas 3-4 times a day.
  • The crushed cornflower seeds are applied daily to warts, additionally fixed with an adhesive plaster.

And now a little about traditional methods of treatment KSuch methods include diathermocoagulation, freezing with liquid nitrogen and various lubrication with drugs. Solkoderm, Condylil, Podophylline - the most famous means in the fight against warts. With warts help to cure funds based on salicylic acid, they are made in the form of liquid or special lotions. These funds will cost you less than laser, surgical, electrical removal. Salicylic preparations are safe enough, and you will be able to undergo treatment at home on your own. Just remember that this kind of drugs should not be used on irritated skin or on mucous membranes (mouth, lips, nose, genitals). Such a drug also should not affect warts with ingrown hair, moles, freckles. It is worth recalling that the treatment of warts should begin with a doctor's examination. Then you will be able to understand what exactly this disease is caused to you and in the future to protect yourself from such neoplasms on the skin.