what women like men Oh, how much effort do we make to that,to please men! How much time, energy and money is spent to always look great without knowing how a man like us will react to our today's image! We sit down on rigid diets, we do plastic operations, we buy fashionable dresses and short skirts for fabulous prices, so that that cute neighbor will pay attention. We are trying to bring our dimensions closer to Hollywood standards, since our colleague likes hudyshek a la Angelina Jolie. And carefully follow the makeup, so, God forbid, the carcass on the date is not smeared. It seems to us that we know exactly what women like men, and we try to correspond to the ideal as much as possible. Slim, glamorous, smart, fashionable, restrained. And then, having achieved this, we start to wonder, asking ourselves how effective, well-groomed, sexy, educated: "Why do not I like men?" And really, why does this happen? Yes, everything is quite simple. Girls are sure that worn sneakers and a face without make-up anything but neglect, the guys will not cause. Older women are convinced that men simply lose their heads from tall, thin young ladies. And it is desirable that these ladies were funerals, but younger. But where did the ladies take all this from? How did they decide that they like men in girls only compliance with generally accepted standards of beauty? Step to the right, step to the left - shooting! In fact, everything is not quite so sad. Every man has his own idea of ​​an ideal woman. Someone most like pyshechki, someone is crazy about little beauties. If you try to somehow classify all these views, you can come to a stunning conclusion: most men like it in women is not what TV screens and glossy magazines tell about. They understand women's sexuality a little differently. What is most interesting, glamorous and bitchy ladies in a red dress with a cut to the buttocks and deep neckline like only units.

Than to attract the guy's attention: physical data

Today, many young people on the question: "What kind of women attract men?" Without hesitation, will answer - well-groomed. A fair-sex woman should have beautiful hands, a fashionable hairstyle, expensive clothes, shapes that look like models. In a word, what is written in black and white in every glamorous magazine. However, the guys are a kind of people, independent, preferring to have their own opinion about everything. In addition, each of them has more personal taste preferences, their concept of female sexuality. And all of this is often very different from what the sexes think are sexual. So what kind of women do men really like? And what needs to be done to attract the attention of a young man you like? Let's start in order.

  • Makeup

We are all sure what we like bestmen in girls first-class professional make-up. And we spend a lot of money on cosmetics and a lot of time for applying mascara, lipstick, shadows, etc. It turns out that there is no need for this! Many guys are attracted not by make-up on the girl's face, but by natural beauty. In addition, they, as it turned out, terribly do not like to kiss painted women's lips, because then it is necessary to rub off the lipstick. We can say one thing: men like what the woman gave nature itself. Perhaps he will fall in love with the mole on his cheek or freckles, which you are trying to cover with a ton of powder. And many guys consider sexually delicate, not quite fresh "morning" makeup very sexual. He excites a good part of the stronger sex, because it suggests that the girl had just been exhausted with someone having sex. These involuntary associations of smeared cosmetics with intimate affinity so lead men that they can even lose their heads.

  • Hair

We pay a lot of attention to our hair,my their expensive shampoos, we make the most fashionable haircuts, we paint in bright colors, trying not to see the overgrown roots. Luxurious well-groomed hair, of course, very much like guys. However, a careless haircut, as it turns out, also attracts. Young people, like the fair sex, are impressed by the appearance of brutality in women's appearance, such a reminder of the liberated "bad girls". We can say that attracts men in women's natural animal sexuality, and not excessive glamor. But always worth knowing. Disheveled hair is one thing, unwashed week's head is completely different.

  • Figure

What kind of female figures do men like? Each of us dreams of harmony and elastic tucked up stomach. For this, we want to go to gyms, torture ourselves with diets, spend all our free time in fitness clubs, sometimes exhausting ourselves with great physical exertion. And, of course, we do not part with the centimeter and scales. All this is in vain! Since the factory men are not a tightened press, but a soft female tummy. He looks natural, plus, does not make guys test complexes because of their not very perfect appearance. Also it is not necessary to think, that the convex tummy will not allow to put on tight jeans. Many men find sexy wrinkles over the jeans of the female body very sexy, because they subconsciously associate them with a good ability to procreate. Again, we should distinguish between sexual pomp and hanging sides.

  • Wrinkles

Skladochki, appearing on the forehead, near the mouth and in thethe corners of the eyes, when we are not yet thirty, cause panic! How they grieve women, how much they cause anxiety. But men, it turns out, our wrinkles are not too worried. On the contrary, they often excite, because they remind us of the life experience, which, from the point of view of a strong half of humanity, indicates a well-developed sexuality.

  • Stretching

Stria - the cause of serious experiences of manywomen. However, their husbands, strangely enough, these stretch marks are often madly in love. Because, firstly, these pink and white scars remind of the child that the woman gave birth to them. Secondly, they are in the most intimate places of the female body, which are visible only to the husband. What can make a man more than the consciousness of the full possession of his wife?

  • Chest

Many girls are upset because of the fact thatthem a small, almost invisible bust. They are eager to do their best to make it as much as possible. A tall and magnificent chest, if it is given to a woman by nature, looks excellent and tempting, there is no dispute. But also small, elastic is not less seductive. It causes in men a sense of purity of the inner essence of the girl. Plus, such representatives of the fair sex can walk without linen. And protruding nipples give birth to men more than a fifth-size bust. what girls like men

How to dress to attract the attention of your MCH

So, we found out that I like a man in a womanfrom the point of view of its physical data. Now let's see how a beautiful woman should dress to get a rich, intelligent and beautiful boyfriend. Agree, mini-skirt and boots look sexy. But do not walk in it every day before her husband. Underwear is the main weapon Many of us are sure that men are extremely excited by delicate or delicate satin underwear, which we reserve for special occasions. Putting it on, the girls believe that men like relaxedness, promiscuity and a readiness to start with a half-turn. And they often make mistakes. Surprisingly, everyday comfortable underwear often gets young people much stronger than transparent lace, barely covering the intimate places. White tight panties with funny inscriptions indicate that the girl did not plan to have sex. This circumstance is extremely exciting. After all, to induce such a young lady to a sexual act is much more tempting than to make love with the one that is already waiting for it. Home clothes: sexy dress or jeans Some women, trying to always look seductive in the eyes of a loved one, always dress up at home in long translucent dressing gowns. And in vain. Because shorts with a faded T-shirt or man's shirt look much sexier. Such things indicate a woman's relaxation, her self-confidence and full trust in her man. And this is very disposed to intimacy. Stylish clothes for the society Intentively emphasizing the lines of our dress forms is attractive. Open evening dresses are very beautiful. But much more seductive we look in light calico sarafans, skirts to the knee or in comfortable pants. Because such attire gives a woman a halo of mystery and speaks of her independence. What could be more captivating for young people than the presence in the girl of some mystery and inaccessibility? This evokes the excitement of the hunter and the desire to chase the prey. In other words, women's clothing that men like should demonstrate the girl's inner freedom, her incomprehensibility and lack of focus on sex. Such qualities appeal to young people much more than aggressive sexuality, obsessive spectacularity and undisguised desire for seduction. Animal sex, of course, suits a certain part of the guys. But a true man still wants a woman to be attractive, soft, beautiful, and does not look as if she is trying to attract everyone's attention. what kind of girls like men

How should a decent girl behave?

So, the first thing you need to review is yourattitude to alcoholic beverages and food. For a long time we were taught that the most attractive for men are practically non-drinkers, who prefer to limit themselves to eating women. It turns out that everything is not quite right. No, of course, constantly using alcohol ladies rich men are not at all interesting. But girls who know how to relax in a company of friends attract more young people than full teetotalers. Because under the influence of alcohol beauty ceases to carefully monitor their behavior. Such a woman becomes more relaxed in words and in actions. She can easily tell the man about her feelings and allow herself in bed what she did not dare to do before. As for the girl's attitude to food, her healthy appetite is more popular with young people than obsession with diets. First, it shows the confidence of the young lady in herself. Secondly, this gives reason to think that in sex, too, she will not particularly adhere to any boundaries. However, this rule does not apply to cigarettes. The time passed when the long thin muskets and cigarettes in the hands of the ladies were considered sexual. Now successful men prefer non-smoking partners. Smoke, the smell of tobacco (even expensive), a bitter taste - all this will only scare off MCH. An excessive demonstration of intelligence scares off men. Our mothers and grandmothers talked about this. But for some reason we decided that very intelligent women are very interesting to the stronger sex, and we are trying our best to show our intellectual superiority over others. And in vain. Because a too smart beauty (as well as too stupid) frightens off. A man does not see in such a girl the object of lust. He perceives it, rather, as a friend, colleague, rival, but not as a seductive puzzle, which you want to unravel. You can say that like a man in a woman easy stupidity, but not hopeless stupidity. She makes the girl more intimate and defenseless, allows the guy to relax and feel smart and strong. Remember, compliance with the rules of decency is not always appropriate. We are able to properly use the knife and fork at banquets, on time and to the place we laugh, watch each of our gestures and words, do not tolerate insults in disputes, and avoid the disputes, too? Perfectly. We try to always look like the whole hundred and even, walking the dog, put on shoes with heels? Excellent. Just do not be surprised at this, that men behave nobly with us, but they want, for some reason, others. They love those who can laugh from the heart in a decent society, those who easily quarrel with the offenders, those who allow themselves to walk barefoot on the lawn in the center of the city, dropping bored on the day shoes with stilettos. The secret of the special attractiveness of such "ill-bred" young ladies is simple: they are immediate and organic. And they are not ashamed of it at all. This position - an excellent incentive for the emergence of male sexual fantasies, which are especially played out from the appearance of bare feet. Guys understand that this partner will not faint when she heard about a new pose and sex shop. Of course, it's hard to answer the question of what men want after all. But we can say with confidence that our guys are already tired of sleek, glamorous dolls, capable of thinking only of expensive things and fashionable salons. Tired of modern men and from aesthetics, intellectuals, expressed exclusively by quotations taken from the famous folios (even worse - from contact or facebook). They were tired of their young ladies, obsessively demonstrating their body, and ladies who even walk around the house wearing high-heeled shoes. No, of course, all this does not mean that we need to forget about elegant things, skilful and fresh make-up, restrictions on eating and playing sports, and to behave in society as soon as the monkey that descended from the palm. In everything you need to know the measure. And try to ensure that the shade of negligence is always present in our appearance and behavior. Otherwise, we will turn into such well-groomed and educated dolls, with which men are difficult, boring, uninteresting. Is it worth making so much effort in the pursuit of a woman's ideal imposed on society, if we come to a lamentable result! At least from time to time, allow yourself to be spontaneous. After all, it is our natural ease that is the one that attracts men most of all. We advise you to read: