what to choose wallpaper for the kitchen How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen? This question today is no less relevant than ten or twenty years ago. After all, the kitchen - a very actively maintained premises in any house, the walls in it are getting dirty faster, and the interior needs updating more often than in other rooms. And because of the abundance of modern building materials, this task has become difficult: just the eyes are scattered and the mind comes to mind when you become a choice and do not know how to choose the right wallpaper. However, any hard-to-solve problem solution (even if not easy) still has. And since it's up to you to decide which wallpaper to choose for the kitchen, you just need to competently approach the search for an answer to this question. You need to choose wallpapers not only with an eye on the style of interior and furniture, but taking into account the features of the kitchen and the quality of the wallpaper. And how to do it right? Let's figure it out.

What should be a kitchen wallpaper

The answer to this question lies on the surface. Correctly selected wallpaper for the kitchen should meet the specifics of this room and certain requirements. Firstly, they should not be particularly susceptible to the effects of steam and moisture. This quality is called moisture resistance. That is, your kitchen wallpaper should not be hygroscopic, but should have a water repellent coating. Such wallpaper in people is called washable. So, the first condition - wallpaper for the kitchen is chosen washable, able to withstand the effects of steam, fat and water. At the same time, an important quality of wallpaper for the kitchen is vapor permeability. That is, the walls under the wallpaper should dry well, so that they do not appear fungus. Another requirement is light fastness. That is, a non-transparent to the light colorful coating, because the kitchen, perhaps, is one of the brightest rooms in the house. And the last important requirement for kitchen wallpaper is density and strength. Agree that the wallpaper in the kitchen can easily be damaged with a knife or fork, even if you do not specifically set yourself such a goal: everything can happen by accident. So the high density of wallpaper from such an accident will insure you. what kind of wallpaper to choose for the kitchen

Types of kitchen wallpaper

So, with the requirements for the quality of the material, we have figured out: washable, light- and moisture-proof, vapor-permeable and dense. And what about the texture? What to choose? There are also a lot of options:

  • Wallpaper of natural materials (textiles andtree). Eco-friendly, comfortable, durable and durable. There are no drawbacks with such wallpapers except for the high price. And the price, let's say straight, really bites. Therefore, unfortunately, not everyone can afford such wallpaper, although it would be very correct to choose them.
  • Washable wallpaper for the kitchen. This is a two-layer (duplex) wallpaper with a latex coating. They are moisture resistant and suitable for the kitchen, where it is not supposed to wash the walls often. The most inexpensive of the wallpaper options for the kitchen.
  • Wallpaper for painting, which is verypopular. Such wallpaper have a paper or fleece base and a top layer of foamed vinyl. They are easy to clean, they are dense enough and can withstand repeated repainting.
  • Silk screen printing. Wallpaper, the upper layer of which is made using silk threads. They are durable, do not burn out and long retain a decent appearance. Look not just beautiful, but also very rich.
  • Vinyl wallpaper consisting of two layers(similar to wallpaper for painting). What distinguishes them is the availability of a ready-made drawing. Such wallpaper will be an excellent option for the kitchen, because they are not very expensive, but serve long enough.
  • Photo wallpapers today are not very popular, but stillhave their fans. And if you decide to decorate the kitchen with a large wall photo, then approach the choice correctly. Please note that such wallpapers are appropriate only in a fairly spacious kitchen with laconic furniture and without excessive decor and bright colors.
  • Wallpaper-pictures. Know how in interior design, proposed by French artists. The wallpaper is sold with a set of ready-made pictures, which you can close appearing on the wallpaper spots.
  • How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen

    What designers say

    By the way, designers advice when choosing wallpaper forthe kitchen should not be ignored. What do professionals say about the right choice? What should be the color of the wallpaper and drawing on them? Solid wallpaper for a long time remains the most common option. This simple and concise solution is fully justified. Similar wallpaper will focus on the original furniture, bright accessories, decor elements. Therefore, monophonic wallpaper will be an excellent background for a bright facade of kitchen furniture, beautiful curtains, spectacular panels and other kitchen decorations. Combined wallpaper: monochrome and bright. As such decorative inserts, you can use wallpaper with a bright pattern, graphic prints. This option is suitable for the kitchen with discreet and simple furniture, as well as for visual zoning of the room. It is important that, patterned or too bright wallpaper still remained only an addition, rather than the main background. And it is also desirable to select wallpapers of the same quality (or even one manufacturer). Textured wallpaper, imitating stone, bamboo, ceramic tile, wood and other interesting surfaces. These wallpapers continue to be popular and find their application in modern interior design. With the skillful use of such wallpapers, you can achieve an amazing effect and save a lot on purchasing natural materials. Wallpaper with a kitchen theme - a classic of the genre. And they are suitable, first of all, for the kitchen, sustained in the classical style, if decorated with still-life pictures. Pastoral motifs are appropriate for the kitchen in any rustic style, and images of coffee (coffee cups and grains) are perfect for a kitchen in the style of a French bistro. By the way, if you want to use thematic drawings in the design of the kitchen, but do not (or can not) buy such wallpaper, then stop on the curb with a picture. But the big picture on the wallpaper for the kitchen designers are not advised to choose. Such wallpaper will eat all (and without that small) kitchen space. Color Properly chosen color of wallpaper is able to transform the room: make it bigger and lighter, warmer and more spacious. It is from these considerations and you need to choose the color of the wallpaper:

    • Beige, yellow and orange color will make the room warmer and lighter.
    • Any cool color (gray, blue, blue) can visually expand the space.
    • Red color is irritating and exciting, and blue color reduces appetite.
    • Green color promotes good digestion.
    • Not suitable for kitchen wallpaper black and brown, which is associated with sloppiness. But in furniture, surprisingly, such a color is welcomed.

    choose wallpaper for the kitchen


    So, ideal and at the same time budgetaryA variant of wallpaper for the kitchen will be a vinyl wallpaper of light shades with the original texture. But this does not mean that it is necessary to buy such wallpaper. Everything depends on your taste, the chosen interior style and financial possibilities. In any case, when you buy a wallpaper, you will be able to save and still not lose quality, if you choose the wallpaper correctly. So consider all the requirements for this democratic finishing material, weigh all the pros and cons, and go to the building store. Good luck with your choice! We advise you to read: