what to choose wallpaper for a bedroom Do not you think that the choice and gluing of wallpaper -this is one of the most enjoyable moments of any repair. After all, all the dirty work has already been completed, and the time comes not so much for repair, as for decorating and decorating the room. However, this pleasant moment can be overshadowed. We will not enumerate all possible force majeure circumstances, but we will dwell only on one of such moments - confusion and inability to choose wallpaper suitable for a particular room. We often long and painfully decide which wallpaper to choose for the bedroom, and which for the living room, which is more suitable for the kitchen, and what for the hallway. Indeed, with the current assortment of wallpaper, the choice is difficult to make. However, knowing how to sort out the types of these finishing materials and in the rules of interior design, choosing wallpaper for any room is easy enough. You must correctly assess the size and location of the room with respect to the sides of the world, take into account its functionality and geometry. Perhaps, this is all that will help you choose wallpaper for the room. For example, let's try to figure out how to choose a wallpaper for a bedroom.

Choose wallpaper by style

Undoubtedly, if you adhere to a certainstylistic decision, then an important role in its implementation will play wallpaper. By and large, the walls and wallpaper, with which they are pasted, can be considered the basis for the direction of interior design. In any case, the tone is set by them. So, take into account the style, choosing wallpaper.

  • Country style (Provence, country) - solid wallpaper of natural shades of white and beige, a pattern in the form of brickwork or like faded flowers.
  • Empire style - wallpaper of soft dark shades (bordeaux, natural wood), non-contrast pattern in the form of monograms.
  • Classic style - wallpaper of green shades with gold or bronze pattern in the form of floral ornament, stripes, monograms.
  • High-tech style - metallic, white, black, gray wallpaper, lack of pattern, texture.
  • Ethnic or antique style - wallpaper of light shades (white or beige), the picture is admissible either very rare and contrasting, or textural, or ornament.
  • Japanese style - monochrome or beige wallpaper, a picture with imitation of bamboo or wood, images of branches and flowers of cherry blossom, hieroglyphics.
  • Avant-garde styles - any bright colors in an arbitrary combination, a rainbow spectrum; drawing - stripes, abstract image.
  • Shebbie chic - wallpaper pastel shades with floral pattern and imitation of scuff.
  • In short, choose wallpaper matching the color anddrawing a certain interior style - an important condition for competent and harmonious design of the bedroom interior. So first decide on the style, and then choose and buy wallpaper. what kind of wallpaper to choose for a bedroom

    Choose wallpaper by type

    Today, the assortment of wallpapers givesinexhaustible opportunities for interior decoration. You can choose any wallpaper, from the cheapest paper to the most expensive natural. Note that the bedroom remains one of the few rooms in the house, where any wallpaper will be appropriate, regardless of their kind. Nevertheless, you have to be able to understand the proposed assortment of wallpapers. After all, each type of wallpaper has its pros and cons. Paper wallpapers remain popular due to their cheapness. It is not a shame to change them if you suddenly decide to make a bedroom in a different style or purchase furniture with which they will not be in harmony. Their second undoubted advantage is environmental friendliness. Still, paper refers to natural materials. However, their shortage can safely be called fragility. In addition, paper wallpaper will look perfect on perfectly flat walls, and will last long enough only in a bedroom, used primarily for its intended purpose. Vinyl wallpaper - finishing material of higher quality, but also a relatively low price. Firstly, they will last much longer than paper wallpapers. Secondly, they will be able to hide minor unevennesses on the walls, and thirdly, they will fit into any style of decoration. And if you are not very limited in money, prefer vinyl paper to paper. But keep in mind that this material "breathes" badly, therefore it is considered not very suitable for a bedroom. Textile wallpaper today is almost the ideal choice for a bedroom. Of course, they are much more expensive than paper and vinyl, but they serve for a very long time. Textile wallpaper is light-resistant, and therefore, suitable for a very bright room. They are also environmentally friendly, which makes them appropriate for a room in which we rest and gain strength. One single minus of textile wallpaper is selectivity. Not every interior style will tolerate the presence of such a finishing material. In any case, in the avant-garde and modern styles of interior textile wallpaper does not fit. Flizeline wallpaper today is at the peak of popularity. Their main advantage is the ability to change the color of the walls, not re-gluing the wallpaper. They will also be able to hide small unevennesses on the walls and are suitable for decorating the bedroom in classical and modern styles. Natural wallpaper has no shortcomings except high (sometimes prohibitively high!) Prices. In all other respects, they will be the most optimal choice. In addition to undeniable environmental friendliness, presentability and durability, they also have high sound insulation. In general, as we have already said, almost any wallpaper available today is suitable for a bedroom. Naturally, to consider the options for washing wallpaper for the bedroom is not worth it. This material for the design of the kitchen, bathroom, utility rooms. With the choice of vinyl wallpaper also does not need to rush - think about their poor ability to pass air. But also categorically to refuse from vinyl wall-paper it is not necessary. Perhaps in a spacious and well-ventilated room they will be completely in place. But all other types of wallpaper you can choose depending on the price, color and pattern. how to choose a wallpaper for a bedroom

    Choose wallpaper by color

    Generally it is considered that for a bedroomcorrectly choose only light wallpaper. However, as the saying goes, the owner of the master, and you need to focus, first of all, on your own feelings. However, even fans of bright colors should abandon the wallpaper screaming colors and too dark shades. The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, while the dark color acts depressingly, and bright colors excite. Psychologists do not recommend screaming and very dark wallpaper for sleeping as a place of love comforts. Let us dwell on the generally accepted opinion that the best choice for a bedroom is a wallpaper of pastel shades. Classic colors of such wallpapers are considered to be all shades of beige, cold blue tones, milky-peach, lilac and olive. These colors will not bother the eye, do not overexcite the nervous system and will harmonize with any furniture. However, when choosing the color of wallpaper, you should take into account the size of the bedroom and its illumination. So, for example, for a bedroom oriented to southern directions, it is recommended to choose cold wallpaper (blue, olive, lilac). For northern rooms, on the contrary, it is necessary to purchase wallpaper of warm color scale (beige, peach, milk terracotta). Remember also that cold tones are more appropriate in a small bedroom, and walls in a spacious room are better covered with wallpaper of warm colors. By the way, visually change the geometry and size of the room will help, and a combination of wallpaper in different colors, and wallpaper. And still hung on monophonic walls, photographs, paintings and panels are always revived seemingly boring monophonic wallpaper of any color. But the wallpaper with the picture should be chosen carefully. what color of wallpaper to choose for a bedroom

    Choose wallpaper on the picture

    If you ask what color to choose wallpaper forbedrooms, you already answered, now you need to decide on a drawing. I just "like it so much" - not a reason for choice. First, do not forget about the stylistic design of the bedroom interior. Secondly, consider its geometry - the size of the room, the height of the ceilings, as well as the ratio of the width and length of the room. The wallpaper with a small pattern will visually reduce any room, so for a small bedroom it is better not to choose such wallpapers. But a large picture in a small room will not be appropriate. Because for a small bedroom it is better to choose a plain wallpaper. If the room is too spacious, then you can use wallpaper of a panel type or even cover different walls with wallpaper with different patterns. By the way, this method will allow zoning the room. Vertical bands visually lift low ceilings, and the panels will help them visually lower. "Parting" the walls in a narrow bedroom will help drawing from the horizontal stripes. Moreover, this should not be precisely the contrasting bands. The effect of the horizontal strip can give an orderly repetition of the print and a picture that mimics the texture - jute, bamboo, pebbles. Ornamental drawing can also expand a narrow room if it is stretched horizontally. However, the classic version of the wallpaper design for the bedroom was and still is a floral ornament or floral pattern. So, if you adhere to the classical canons of interior design, choose wallpaper with this pattern - do not go wrong. So, choosing wallpaper for the bedroom, take into account, in the first place, their appearance. Then select the color by discarding too bright and very dark shades. Then decide on the light and dark colors - for northern and western rooms, choose a warm wallpaper color, and for the eastern and southern cold shades. Next, decide on the wallpaper pattern, depending on the size and shape of the bedroom. And now there will not be a big problem of choice before you. You can definitely make your choice correctly, because you know how to choose wallpaper for a bedroom. Good luck! We advise you to read: