increase of immunity What needs to be changed in life in order to have good health? Everyone at least once asked such a question.

Strengthening the immune system

So, now we will talk about how to improveimmunity in adults with drugs and folk methods. Let's start with the simplest, with power. The diet should be right, because a healthy diet benefits your body. In order for the body to maintain its capabilities, it just needs the right amount of vitamins, minerals and calories that can be found in a special preparation for immunity. All of the above factors contribute to the synthesis of new immune bodies and antibodies. In your diet should include fresh vegetables and fruits, products of milk origin, as well as meat and cereals. In order to improve immunity in adults, the emphasis should be placed on products with a high content of vitamin C. The most famous of them are lemon, garlic and onions. The use of these products sharply reduces the possibility of contracting viral and colds. Strengthening the immune system of people helps and taking a drug multivitamins. These drugs are divided into two types: containing individual elements and complexes. However, do not forget that an overdose of these drugs is unacceptable, since in this case, poisoning of the body can occur. Therefore, increasing the immunity of an adult by regular intake of these vitamins is prescribed strictly by a doctor after testing several tests. Also do not forget about regular physical activity. We need to move more. You need to keep yourself in the right physical shape. You can practice in sports clubs, go swimming in the pool, if there is such an opportunity. If there is none, then try to just do exercises in the morning. People are not afraid of vigorous and active people. Walking in the fresh air will be very handy. The daily walking promenade for 30 minutes will enrich your blood with oxygen, relieve tension and strengthen the nervous system, it will also help you resist illnesses. to improve immunity should get rid of bad habits

Protect yourself from stress

How to increase immunity in adults? Add to your spiritual diet the maximum number of positive emotions that are so necessary for a person, because the nervous state has a bad effect on the work of the organs. From the stressful loads, the immune system weakens. After a grueling day, you need to devote 20 to 40 minutes to the case, which will be your pleasure to cheer up. It is necessary to ventilate the room at least once a day, opening the windows for 5-10 minutes at home and at work. Oxygen is needed for optimal operation of the brain and all body systems. In addition, you do not give the possibility to collect viruses indoors. Sleep plays an important role in strengthening the body. It is necessary to sleep well. Nedosyp, especially if it is chronic, can greatly shake your immunity. Sleep should be 7-8 hours a day. Will benefit and phytotherapy. Echinacea is a wonderful tool that helps the immune system work. Recommended infusion, which is taken during the month in the amount of 1-2 tsp. before eating 3 times a day. Another option is going to the bath, but this method is suitable only for those who have no problems with the heart and pressure. This procedure causes the vessels to expand, the circulation of blood is accelerated, which facilitates the rapid elimination of toxins and increased immunity. A foot massage is recommended as a daily walk barefoot on a special rug, which you can easily find in pharmacies. The fact is that on the feet there are many special points, the impact on which induces the body to function properly. It is not superfluous to receive a contrast shower. Water procedures strengthen immunity, promote better blood circulation and help keep your blood vessels toned, but do not forget that increased blood pressure, cardiac and blood disorders are contraindicated. Every day you need to stand in the shower for 10 to 15 seconds under warm water, then as much time under the cold. Repeat the sequence from 3 to 5 times. After the procedure, rub the skin with a towel. You can take drugs against the viruses, which you can easily buy at the pharmacy, but remember that you can do this strictly after the doctor's recommendation. During the epidemic, when these drugs are used, the risk of cold and viral infections decreases 6-9 times. to promote health, take vitamin complexes

Now you can walk through the vitamins

  • Vitamin A is responsible for the action of the immune reaction,which should immediately occur when ingested foreign agent. To some extent, he is involved in protecting the body from cancer. It is widely distributed in products of red and orange color, namely in carrots, pepper, tomatoes and pumpkin.
  • Vitamin B is found in sunflower seeds,walnuts, buckwheat and cheese. In addition, nuts and seeds contain a lot of vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties, thereby protecting cells from damage. Still this vitamin is present in vegetable oil.
  • Vitamin C, which is the mainimmunity of an adult, is found in black currant, dog-rose, parsley, sea-buckthorn, and, of course, in lemon. Insufficiency of this vitamin in the body entails a decrease in the rate of antibody formation. Therefore, regular use of the above products - a guarantee of your health.
  • Minerals such as zinc, calcium, iron, iodinealso necessary for the immune system. Seafood contains many fatty acids that increase immunity and resistance to foreign viruses. Do not forget that the thermal treatment lost useful substances. Therefore, the use of squid and sea kale will be useful. There are also special drugs that are analogous to the products listed above. Potassium, necessary for the body's immunity, is found in large quantities in baked potatoes, buckwheat and oatmeal. Milk and sour-milk products with bacteria, namely yoghurts and biochephors, will put in order the composition of the intestinal microflora, contribute to the emergence of interferon. They can both be drunk, so use as a dressing for salads. Drink green tea is also recommended, which, due to its antioxidant properties, is higher than black tea. To the same category can be attributed and freshly squeezed juices. Still it is possible to make tea from medicinal plants, and it is possible and to use special preparations under the reference of the doctor.