what flowers to give to a man For some reason it is believed that flowers as a giftsuitable exclusively for women. But remember the sumptuous bouquets that are presented at concerts and performances to artists. Or awards ceremony for athletes, when they receive a bouquet of flowers along with the medal. Or celebrating veterans with the delivery of flowers and gifts. Flowers like everything. Therefore, they can be given (and necessary) to all: women, children, and men. The question is how to do it. Problems with the choice of colors for a woman never arises and no one else. But the question of what kind of flowers to give a man, many are stumped. Let's find out which rules and traditions to follow when choosing flowers for men.

What do the rules of etiquette say?

According to the rules of classical etiquette, a woman does notshould give flowers to those men who are younger than herself. And yet these rules say that a woman can give flowers only to the man who is the culprit of the celebration. Modern etiquette of such restrictions is no longer established. So give flowers to young and mature men, beloved and respected, about and without reason. But at the same time, follow the generally accepted rules.

  • Hand the bouquet to the man with the left hand (leave the right one free for a grateful man's kiss).
  • Handing flowers, say a kind phrase or make a compliment. It will not be superfluous to bow.
  • Presenting flowers to the man next to whom the spouse is, hand the bouquet to her.
  • With very close men (loved ones, relatives, friends) you can not comply with all these rules and behave fairly freely and at ease.

    On what occasion can you give flowers to a man?

    The holiday on February 23 is not the only occasion fordelivery of a bouquet. Male managers are given flowers for professional holidays and anniversary dates. In addition, a bouquet can be handed and in case of successful completion of any projects, landmark corporate events. Flowers will be a great gift for a man-triumphant. So it is possible to note his personal successes or any achievements in studies, in sports, in work, in creativity. Man-hero of the day, too, can not be left without flowers. However, a bouquet to a man can be presented for any birthday, without waiting for a round date. And if you talk about your favorite men, then here you can not look for an excuse. Give them flowers when you want it. And, of course, on Valentine's Day, on Spouse's Day, as well as on the anniversary of the wedding or the beginning of a romantic relationship. When it comes to loved ones and dear people, what kind of flower to give to a man, and why the heart tells you. And in other cases (or if the heart is silent), one should be guided by the established traditions. what flowers can you give to a man

    Which flowers to choose?

    Let's see what flowers you can giveman, and what better not to give? When choosing colors take into account the personality of the recipient of the bouquet. Do not ignore his age, temperament, profession and hobbies. Such a bouquet will emphasize the individuality of the man and, for certain, will be accepted by him with special gratitude. What do florists say about flowers for men? A male flower is a bright and catchy flower. Therefore, discard the colors of delicate colors (except for whites). For men fit blue, burgundy, purple, red, orange flowers. When choosing colors of a certain color, also focus on the individual characteristics of the man. Expressive and energetic representatives of the stronger sex will approach bouquets of red or burgundy flowers. For reserved and judicious - more calm colors: blue, dark pink, dark orange. A male flower should be a symbol of strength, confidence, steadfastness and power. Masculine flowers are considered to be callas, gladioluses, roses, tulips, carnations, dahlias, chrysanthemums, gerberas, orchids, anthuriums, lilies. However, there are some peculiarities here. Young men are not given such conservative flowers as roses and carnations. These flowers are more suitable for mature and mature men. They will also be able to appreciate the bouquets of gladioli, chrysanthemums and dahlias. For young it is necessary to choose tulips, irises, gerberas. For a gift to a boss, colleague or business partner, it is advisable to choose exotic flowers: anthuriums, strelitzia, leukodendrons, baksii. You can also emphasize the color of the bouquet. The symbol of activity is red and crimson. Gold color symbolizes prosperity, and yellow - cheerfulness. Do not give men small flowers on short stalks - lilies of the valley, violets, hyacinths. Such a gift will make a man feel like a muslin lady, which is unlikely to cause his special enthusiasm. If you are going to present a flower as a gift, choose a flower with a long stem. In a single composition, a large chrysanthemum or rose, gladiolus or feces will look good. If you want to give a bouquet, then remember that the form of a flower bouquet for a man is also chosen according to certain rules.

    If a bouquet, then what?

    To begin with, give up the belief that a bouquet formen should be discreet and modest. On the contrary, let it be distinguished by brightness and originality, pleases the eye and soul. In this case, the male bouquet should look restrained and stylish. Let it be contrasting and multilevel, with bright colors and dense greenery. But in it is inappropriate the presence of many small details: bows, ribbons, butterflies, curls. As a decorative supplement it is better to use dried flowers, cane, reed. The shape of the bouquet must have strict lines, be elongated, square or triangular. It is better, if the bouquet will consist of colors of one kind and color (a monobook). However, you can give a man and a flower arrangement of several types of flowers. A good gift will be a flower basket. It will be appropriate to add a nice bottle of good cognac (whiskey, wine) or fruit to this basket besides flowers. Do not leave indifferent man and thematic composition of flowers. Especially if it is related to his hobbies or habits. It can be, for example, a bouquet in the form of a soccer ball, car, sailboat or sports weight. Men are not spoiled with bouquets at all. Although, according to sociologists, most of them would very much like to receive flowers as gifts. So, try to correct this injustice, knowing what flowers to give to men. And you will be convinced that touching the man's heart is not difficult. Flowers can say a lot, they help express feelings and fill life with the fragrance of love and sincerity. We advise you to read: