what kind of figure do men like Perhaps there is no such girl who would notworried about her appearance and figure. Unwanted kilograms, "orange peel", a pair of folds in the abdomen or bulky thighs - all this brings a lot of emotions! That's why girls now and then reflect on what diet to sit, in which fitness center to go and what cosmetic procedures to choose to forever forget about the shortcomings that can prevent men like. However, in reality, the tastes of men are somewhat different from what we imagine. Let's see what kind of figure like men and whether we should be so tormented because of their own shortcomings? Initially, it is worth noting that the view of men and women on the same things is radically different. What can be exquisite and beautiful for you, for your chosen one, can be a nonsense. This also applies to figures. It's silly to think that men like only thin models of high growth - it's more like a stereotype, about the same as the one that blondes are more attractive to men. In general, men are attracted to women well-groomed. Not very thin, but also not full - they like a body that is nice to hug, and not sticking out of ribs. Of course, not all girls were pleased by nature with such a gift. Someone has a boyish type of figure, more angular and lean, and someone, by contrast, has a big chest and rounded hips. Men perfectly understand that not all girls are naturally endowed with ideal parameters, so they do not set themselves the goal of finding some ideal for themselves. So, everything depends on you. Want to get rid of excess wrinkles? If you will not be lazy, will begin to carry out special sets of exercises, eat properly and lead a healthy lifestyle, you will very soon notice that you have become slimmer and slimmer. Do you consider yourself too thin? Develop a charge designed to work out the muscles, to inflate them. Today there are physical exercises, due to which you can even add a little weight to become more feminine. It's not as difficult as it may seem - any type of figure can be made perfect.

Proportional figure - what is it?

Ideally, the figure should be proportional. It's not about thinness and not about fatness. The female body, as everyone knows, has its own distinctive features. First of all, these are three-dimensional buttocks - a female priest should not be flat, so conceived by nature. Exactly the same as the chest. Hips should have a smooth outline, and the waist - to be elegant and thin. But, unfortunately, this type of figure is rather rare - not all are close to such an ideal. By the way, about the waist. Its volume should not be more than 60% of the volume of the thighs. In general, the waist is about 30% smaller in volume than the thigh. In this case, the figure looks feminine and seductive - it really is like men. If you observe proper nutrition and are familiar with physical activity, then it is easy enough to achieve such results.

Sexual completeness

We have already mentioned above that men likerather appetizing, than excessively thin female bodies. Sometimes the beloved of these girls even forbid them to sit on any diets, so as not to turn a sexual body into a figure of a teenager. Of course, here, too, has its own nuances, and the first one is health. When you are suffering from excess weight, it is more difficult for you to move around, you need even more food, because of what you gain weight again, and you do not have to talk about heart problems at all. That's why even a plump figure needs a little correction. Nobody talks about fanatical weight loss. It is important only to use the "cocktail rule", namely - skillfully combine sports and exercise with proper nutrition, for example, dancing or aerobics. You can go in for volleyball or go to the pool - the choice is yours.

Imposed stereotypes

We will not dissemble and admit that, of course,almost all guys like beauty, defiling on fashion shows or shooting in clips, photomodels - no one else likes to admire the beautiful body once again. At the same time, men clearly understand that behind such a perfection of a figure there is often a good video editing and photo-processing - more than one team of professionals works on the ideal image, and the photoshop in this case is not the last place. However, men do not care much about the way in which the result was created-intense workouts, long diets, or all this was laid down on the gene level, -and give them an ideal figure, a caressing look. But the reality is that all people are different, and the constitution of the body, respectively, differs from all others. It is a pity that many men do not understand this, being adequate adults. If your chosen one wants to see a model close to you and does not reconcile with some shortcomings of your body, then it's time to think, but not so much about your figure, how much about whether that person is with you nearby. Agree that the one who loves, least of all will pay attention to minor flaws - whether it's a small wrinkle on the stomach or stretch marks. Of course, no one cancels the grooming and taking care of themselves, but there are things that depend not only on us. what shapes men like

Perfect breasts

A question that is no less interesting for girls isWhat kind of breasts do men prefer? Big size or small, maybe medium? Immediately it is worth saying that it is not the size of the matter. All without exception, guys prefer a natural breast - and therefore forget about silicone! For men, such breasts are simply disgusting! Yes, and agree that even in appearance, no matter how well it is made, it can immediately be distinguished from the present. By the way, this applies not only to the chest. Men also do not like silicone lips, which look even worse than the breast made in this way. Therefore, do not seek to lie under a surgical knife - a man of this, at least, will not understand and certainly will not appreciate, rather, even, on the contrary, he will condemn. Approximately ninety percent of those of the men whose girlfriends are holders of silicone breasts admit that during sex they think not so much about pleasure as about how not to accidentally damage the silicone implant. From this, by the way, they have a lot of problems with potency. Who needs such "happiness"? That's why men and run away from such girls where far away - the breast of an unnatural size is more frightening, rather than pleasing. Another point is disproportionality. Whichever natural breast size you have, no matter what type of figure you have - the artificial breasts will always look somewhat alien. This is especially true of lean girls, for whom huge shapes are not natural in principle. So is it worth spending on the execution of such ideas of power, time, money and even health? Everything natural looks much better! Your task is to take care of your chest. Remember that this is your main pride, which needs special care. Do not forget about the special gymnastics for the breast, which will help to keep it as long as possible in an excellent form, as well as about palpation, proper nutrition and special cosmetic care.

What do not the men like?

Of course, there are such details that nonea man does not accept the appearance and figure of a girl - they simply repel him. This is a flat teenage chest and boy's buttocks, devoid of any volume. Do not like men are also thick hands and voluminous waist, traces of acne or stretch marks. Unkempt hair and excessively bright makeup - this is something that can completely discourage a young man from building any relationship with you in the future. The above shortcomings are easily amenable to correction - only your desire is needed. This, again, will help elementary morning exercises, periodic trips to the beautician and hairdresser, as well as your desire to look great in any situation - because you are a woman! what type of figure do men like

A few words in conclusion

If you are mindlessly aiming to achieve modelideals, exhausting themselves sometimes with unnecessary diets or training, which bring more negative than joy, - think again: is it really necessary for you? Perhaps you do not adequately assess your appearance and see what is not? Whatever it was, your loved one should first of all value you as a person, regardless of whether your waistline is sixty centimeters or all ninety. We do not push you to forget about your appearance and neglect to care for your figure, no. You need only respect your self, taking the characteristics of your body or appearance not as flaws, but as features that no one else has.