weddings what they happen Wedding - one of the most exciting events of ourlife, the event is magical and unforgettable, beautiful and extraordinarily romantic ... It can not be otherwise, because two loving hearts unite these days into a single whole, and all the upcoming joys, hopes, cares and moments of happiness young husband and wife will already be divided in half. Weddings are magnificently celebrated almost always, and the celebration is traditionally for almost all the peoples of the world. Champagne, bride kidnapping and her ransom, cheerful cries: "Bitter!" - All this is familiar to each of us and has long been the attributes of every new wedding. However, not everyone of us knows that weddings are not only new. The day of the creation of the family union can be celebrated annually, and the husband and wife, who already have a very solid marital experience behind them, again become wings of their newly wedded with their love. Each such wedding has its name and its traditions of celebration, the essence of which is focused on the number of married couples lived together. Of course, these jubilees are celebrated if the husband and wife managed to build a harmonious relationship and created a fairly strong family. With a bad life together in 5 years, what kind of wedding can be celebrated cheerfully and with great pleasure? Such a holiday will come out taut and dull and will not bring anything, except the bitterness of regrets about the once mistaken mistake.

How are wedding anniversaries celebrated?

But ... Let's not talk about sad things. It is better to talk about what are the wedding anniversaries in happy families. There are such anniversaries from 1 to 100 years of marital life. Wedding jubilees are celebrated especially brightly and solemnly after thirty years of living together, because for those who have lived side by side for so many years, the first wedding becomes one of the most significant moments of life. Wedding anniversary titles have all kinds. Printed and paper, leather and wood, copper and glass, gold, silver and pearl weddings, - what's there to do? Each name of the wedding anniversary is symbolic, and each of these names means very much ... For example, a glass wedding, which is celebrated fifteen years after the marriage, received its name in warning of the fact that the glass can be unusually beautiful, but it beats easily. Therefore, the spouses need to become especially reserved and attentive in order to save the family. But the silver wedding, celebrated twenty-five years after the first wedding, is already time-tested love and devotion. After all, silver is a precious, strong metal, possessing life-giving forces. A very prosaic name at the jubilee, celebrated in thirty-five years of family life, is a "linen wedding". However, it is also quite justified. Family for this period is already a single organism, woven, as in a canvas, from a multitude of threads, spouses, children, grandchildren, and sometimes great-grandchildren. Wedding anniversaries, which are celebrated after this period, are called no less significant. Ruby and diamond, stone and iron, noble and red ... Each of these anniversaries means a certain stage of married life, and each of them is a kind of anthem tested by the time of love. Weddings by Year

What is given for wedding anniversaries

On the anniversary of the wedding, congratulations are different, andthey are oriented, first of all, in the form of an anniversary. For example, on the cotton wedding, which is celebrated one year after the wedding, the jubilee is presented as gifts with products made of chintz and flax. On a paper wedding, two years after the marriage, gifts to the spouses must be made of glass and paper. At a bridal wedding, celebrated seven years after the marriage, give things made of copper, the family is considered solid, like copper. Silver wedding as gifts means products from silver, and on pearl, in thirty years after wedding, - pearl jewelry. They give gold for a golden wedding. And on a diamond ... It is desirable to give, of course, diamonds, but not all of the guests are such gifts on the pocket. Therefore, diamond, gold weddings and weddings, which are celebrated after them, do not require any special symbolism of gifts. And present already pretty old, but still happy newlyweds, you can do anything that will bring joy to the jubilee. You can give cards for all wedding anniversaries. Fortunately, today a lot of them are on sale, and, if you wish, you can always choose a very original postcard, most appropriate to the solemn moment. Of course, the inscriptions in these postcards should be suitable: cheerful, very friendly and certainly focused on a special anniversary. And then the postcard will become a bright, memorable surprise for the jubilees, who keep their whole life. For example, you can write here such a beautiful greeting: Where the elixir for happiness, know! How can you live, loving more? Today is the anniversary of the wedding, Big happiness anniversary! Through boredom, timeless years, Through the bad weather and adversity Spouses carried it ... For that - not the edge, not the part, And full of happy happiness We wish, truly - everything! How young you are both fresh - Council and love to you - from the heart !!! In other words, in order to adequately congratulate the jubilee, it is not enough to know which anniversary of the wedding will be celebrated. In order not to get trapped and not to give, for example, linen towels to a glass wedding, it is desirable, when choosing a gift, to get an idea of ​​what exactly is being presented for this anniversary. The source of this information will serve as our tip, which you can read, and then fully armed with the courage to go to such a romantic, such an unforgettable celebration. what are weddings by years

What are the weddings for years?

  • Wedding 0 years - Green wedding
  • Wedding 1 year - Calico wedding
  • Wedding 2 years - Paper wedding
  • Wedding 3 years - Leather wedding
  • Wedding 4 years - Linen (wax) wedding
  • Wedding 5 years - Wooden wedding
  • Wedding 6 years - Cast-iron (rowan, cypress) wedding
  • Wedding 7 years - Copper wedding
  • Wedding 8 years - Tin (poppy) wedding
  • Wedding 9 years - Faience Wedding
  • Wedding 10 years - Pink (amber, tin) wedding
  • Wedding 11 years - Steel wedding
  • Wedding 12 years - Nickel (silk) wedding
  • Wedding 13 years - Lace (woolen) wedding
  • Wedding of 14 years - Agate wedding
  • Wedding 15 years - Glass (crystal) wedding
  • Wedding 16 years - Not mentioned
  • Wedding of 17 years - Tin wedding
  • Wedding of 18 years - Turquoise wedding
  • Wedding of 19 years - Krypton wedding
  • Wedding of 20 years - Porcelain wedding
  • Wedding 21 year - Opal wedding
  • Wedding 22 years - Bronze wedding
  • Wedding 23 Years - Beryl Wedding
  • Wedding 24 years - Satin wedding
  • Wedding 25 years - Silver wedding
  • Wedding of 26 years - Jade wedding
  • Wedding of 27 years - wedding of the Red tree
  • Wedding 28 years - Not mentioned
  • Wedding of 29 years - Velvet wedding
  • Wedding 30 years - Pearl wedding
  • Wedding 31 year - Sweet wedding
  • Wedding 32 and 33 years - Not celebrated
  • Wedding 34 years - Amber wedding
  • Wedding of 35 years - Linen (coral) wedding
  • Wedding 36 years - Not mentioned
  • Wedding of 37 years - Muslim wedding
  • Wedding of 38 years - Mercury wedding
  • Wedding of 39 years - Fortress wedding
  • Wedding of 40 years - Ruby wedding
  • Wedding 41 year - Not celebrated
  • Wedding 42 years - Mother-of-pearl wedding
  • Wedding 43 years - Flannel wedding
  • Wedding 44 years - Topaz wedding
  • Wedding of 45 years - Sapphire (scarlet) wedding
  • Wedding of 46 years - Lavender wedding
  • Wedding of 47 years - Cashmere wedding
  • Wedding of 48 years - Amethyst wedding
  • Wedding of 49 years - Cedar wedding
  • Wedding 50 years - Golden wedding
  • Wedding of 55 years - Emerald wedding
  • Wedding 60 years - Diamond (platinum) wedding
  • Wedding 65 years - Iron wedding
  • Wedding of 70 years - Holy Wedding
  • Wedding 75 years - Crown (last, alabaster) wedding
  • Wedding of 80 years - Oak wedding
  • Wedding 100 years - Red wedding

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