the reasons for the appearance of a wen eye Wonder and frustration cause littletranslucent points around the eyes. Once they appear, they remain in their place, do not pass by themselves, sometimes grow slowly, sometimes their number increases. What is it, why do they appear and how to get these little white dots ?!

Wen, or lipomas

Wen, or lipoma (from the Greek "oma" and "lipos"- "swelling" and "fat") - a soft, moderately dense formation under the skin, an overgrown fat tissue. Weners are separated from normal tissues, enclosed in a thin capsule. Medicine defines wen as a benign tumor in the subcutaneous tissue. They appear on the skin of the body in any place where there is a fat subcutaneous layer: it can be a wen in the eyelid, on the head, on the face, on the neck, on the shoulders, on the chest and back. Some of the limes on the body are determined only by ultrasound or palpation, since they are formed either very deep under the skin or from adipose tissue on the internal organs, do not bother the person and are discovered by chance, when examined for the presence of very different diseases. Species of fatty acids on the face are milleum and xantelasmium (a rapidly growing tumor, most often, adolescents in the upper eyelid are found in older people). analyzes for the removal of a wen

Causes of the appearance of adipocytes

Why do eyelashes appear under the eyes or inanother area of ​​the body? The reasons can be different. This is the wrong diet, and a sedentary lifestyle, leading to metabolic disorders (metabolism), hormonal failure, diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease and renal-urinary system, a general decrease in immunity. Any of these pathological processes causes the growth of adipose tissue, excess fat is deposited in capsules, forming fatty glands under the eyes. Simply put, the reason is that fat in fat cells is more than the body needs. To know exactly which of the above reasons led to the appearance of adipose, what treatment is required and how to remove them, you need to conduct a full medical examination. Why are the adolescents dangerous? Pressing on white wives promotes their active growth, and the growth of the lipoma, in turn, leads to such a medical definition as a wrapped eyelid. Self-removal of lipoma - piercing or squeezing - the process is dangerous: it opens access to microorganisms and bacteria, contributes to infection of the body. Wen often appear simultaneously on the face and other areas of the skin, their congestion is diagnosed as lipomatosis. Therefore, the lipoma on the eye indicates the predisposition of the body to the formation of adipocytes. There is also a malignant tumor of fatty tissue - liposarcoma, which is important in time to diagnose and treat.

Prevention of adipocytes

The grease on the face is not dangerous, but not aesthetic andspoils the mood, so each of its carriers asks the question: how to remove the fats under the eyes? To wait, when will pass itself, to treat in medical institution or to delete independently, to deduce these white points around of eyes at the cosmetician? First of all, prevention is necessary:

  • Regular and thorough care of problem skin,so that the fat in the fat cells does not accumulate in the capsule. Problem skin in this case - its increased salootdelenie and sweating. The face skin should be cleaned from the accumulation of fat.
  • Correctly balanced nutrition: not to overeat, less to buy ready-made products and more to cook on their own, preferring boiling and steaming, restricting sweet, floury, fatty, smoked and spicy foods, monitor the amount of preservatives in the food.
  • A healthy lifestyle, without alcohol and cigarettes. As you know, bad habits destroy the body as a whole, reducing immunity and leading to various diseases of organs and systems. And to wen- ers including.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases(gastrointestinal tract, renal-urinary system, liver). If the organs are chronically unhealthy, the general imbalance of the body leads to a violation of metabolic processes, and the disturbed metabolism - including the formation of fat cells.
  • wart removal

    Treatment: a cosmetologist or a doctor

    Wen in the eye is similar to a pimple, but, unlikeit is more dense, does not have an opening for exit and is under a layer of skin. Therefore, as a pimple, it is impossible to squeeze out a fatty adage and it is not recommended, only a specialist - a doctor or a cosmetologist - should treat or remove the adipes on the face. Treating zhirokoviki with herbs and other folk methods is also inexpedient, because it is fraught with complications. There is no special therapy, which is aimed at treating fatty acids. Treatment by a lump on an eye can be spent also by the cosmetician, but also he will give you a direction to the surgeon as to know the reasons of their occurrence is very important. Cosmetic procedures in the presence of small greens in the eye - this is a deep facial cleansing, laser therapy, mechanical skin resurfacing and proper removal. Removal is carried out with a sterile needle: the skin is lubricated with an antiseptic, stretched, pierced with a wen and removed through the hole. The wound is treated with a cotton swab with alcohol. If the cosmetology procedures are ineffective or the wenyork is large, the subsequent treatment or removal by the lump is done by the doctors (oncologist or surgeon), first of all, finding out the reasons for their appearance.

    Wands under the eyes: indications and methods of removal

    There are medical indications suggestingundoubted removal of fatty globules around the eyes. This is a wrapped eyelid due to the growth of the adipose cells, directly threatening to impair vision, and uncomfortable and painful sensations in the field of linden. Cosmetic defect is also an indication for the removal of fatty glands under the eyes. Removal of the lime begins with a medical examination. A standard examination is a blood test and a study of the contents of the lipoma after its puncture. Ultrasound examination and additional consultation of an ophthalmologist is required if the enlarged lipoma leads to a deterioration in vision. Further, the specialist will choose the optimal of three methods of removal: surgical, laser or medicamentous. The traditional surgical method involves excision of adipose tissue and lipoma in a capsule under anesthesia, after - rehabilitation for a period of 2-3 days to a month. The laser method is the removal of a wen by a laser beam. Bloodless and painless, this method leads to rapid healing of the skin without scars and scars. The drug method is the longest in obtaining the result: it is the introduction of the drug into the lipoma, followed by its resorption. Remove the adipose can be in the procedural room of the medical institution, the treatment of injuries is carried out on an outpatient basis. Lipoma of large sizes involves a hospital, anesthesia and antibiotics, which prevent inflammation. The beauty and youthfulness of the skin is in many ways in our own hands - a healthy lifestyle reduces the appearance of fat wigs around the eyes to a minimum. Be healthy!