the reasons for the appearance of the wen on the back Often, when people notice aback, or on another part of the body, they immediately get scared that they are sick with oncology. However, in most cases this is not a cancer, but a completely innocuous benign tumor, which is also called a lipoma. In appearance, the lipoma is a soft, mobile formation, a tubercle, which is located under the skin. Wen does not affect human organs. The tumor is under the skin as if in a special capsule, which separates it from the surrounding tissue. Sam wenewick soft, painless, physiological pale pink color. In size, it can be anything. There are zhiroviki the size of a pea, and there are very tiny, which can be detected only when palpation. As a rule, the wen on the back increases in size gradually. It grows slowly, accumulating fatty tissue. There are cases when the grease begins to grow rapidly, for example, greatly increases in size in one or two months. Then it is worth as soon as possible to go to the oncology dispensary, so that the doctors examine the lipoma and make a verdict: it becomes the beginning of a malignant tumor or not. It is worse if inflammation is formed. As if the lipoma under the skin did not look, it should be withdrawn in any case. examination of the lipoma by a doctor

Why does the body have a lipoma?

What are the causes of the appearance of the wen? Scientists suggest that this is facilitated by a metabolic disorder that leads to blockage of the sebaceous ducts, causing inflammation. Wen can form in any place on the human body. Most often, lipomas appear in women aged 30 to 50 years. A tumor can occur on the back of the head, chest, shoulder blades, trunk and forearms. In men, the lipoma may appear on the face or in the retroperitoneal tissue. However, most often the adipose is formed on the back (on the spine or near the waist). To detect it on this part of the body a person can accidentally, with a back massage or palpation. Occasionally, the appearance of such a tumor is noticed by surrounding people. It is important to know that in no case should the wen be ripped open and try to open it on its own, as it can damage the capsule and infect the infection. Lipoma should be treated even if it does not hurt.

Is a grease on the body dangerous?

Treat wen with medicamentous agentsit is impossible, so you can not run to the pharmacy in search of a miracle cure. It is best to remove the lipoma, because in itself it is not dangerous. Of course, zhirovik does not endanger human life, but, gradually adding up in size, will be able to bring some inconvenience. For example, it will be a tangible cosmetic defect. In addition, removal at the initial stages is much easier than treating a huge tumor. There may be a situation where the contents of the wen become infected and begin to rot. In this case, the lipoma greatly increases in size, begins to ache, the skin over it blushes, the temperature appears. If he is inflamed, then you need to run to the surgeon, and the sooner, the better. The doctor should prescribe a treatment so that the inflammation does not spread further. From the point of view of traditional medicine, it is necessary to remove the lipoma. Wen on the spine is removed outpatiently. The operation itself lasts 15-20 minutes and is administered under local anesthesia. wart removal by laser

How can I get rid of the lipoma?

How is the lipoma removed? The surgeon, using a scalpel, laser or radio wave knife, cuts the skin over the wen, then removes the curdled contents of the lipoma, takes out the capsule in which the tumor has lived, and sews the incision with a special suture material. A small scar will remain in place of the dummy, which eventually disappears. Anti-inflammatory treatment is also prescribed to avoid complications. If after the operation the lipoma hurts and you feel a neoplasm under the skin, you should contact the polyclinic again. The tumor can be removed by another way, with the help of liposuction. At the site of the lipoma, the surgeon makes several incisions, the size of which varies from 0.3 to 0.5 cm. The doctor then sucks out the fat with a vacuum. After such an intervention, no traces remain on the human body. There is an opinion that it is easier to remove a wen in this way. And repeated treatment is not needed. After the operation, the tumor is sent for examination in order to reveal the reasons for its appearance. After the operation, the patient can raise the temperature to 37-37.5 degrees. If the thermometer shows a high temperature, then the surgical wound is infected. In this case, immediately consult a doctor. Perhaps he will give you a course of antibiotics. It is possible to remove the wen in this way, that is, without unnecessary problems, only at the stage of remission, if the infection and suppuration of the tumor have not yet begun. However, most people turn to doctors only if they have severe ailments, and then the possibilities of the surgeons are substantially limited. Remember, there are compelling reasons for contacting doctors. It is not necessary to suffer, if the tumor does not hurt, but delivers a small discomfort. If there is inflammation of the wen, then not one, but two whole operations will be required. In the course of the first doctor must open the focus of the lesion, remove pus, drain the wound, prescribe antibiotics. When everything is fully healed, you can perform a second operation, namely the complete removal of the wen.

Folk methods of combating lipoma

Many people are mortally afraid of surgeons andprefer to get rid of zhirovikov with the help of traditional medicine. Recipes of miraculous masks and broths - more than enough. But remember that you can not conduct self-treatment without having been before the doctor. you do not know the cause of the appearance of the neoplasm, so you can do much harm yourself. The first means is a honey-smetana mask. Before it is carried out, a person with a lipoma on his body should be warmed up in a bath or hot bath, then smear the wen with a special mixture of sour cream, honey and salt in a 1: 1: 1 ratio. The mask should be kept on the body for about 15-20 minutes. Do it every day, until the wen will not disappear. Typically, lipoma can be cured by this method for 10 days. This is probably the most affordable treatment for neoplasm. The second true remedy is Vishnevsky's ointment. With her help, you need to compress and apply it to the wen. After eight hours, the old compress should be replaced with a new one. With the help of this ointment, the wen will quickly open and heal. You can also use ichthyol ointment, but the effect of its action will be slightly weaker, accordingly, you will have to do more compresses. There is another great way to treat lipoma at home. Before going to bed, you need to take a warm shower and grease the night under the skin, balm "Asterisk", which is well known to people who lived during the Soviet era. On top of the grease should be covered with a thin layer of laundry soap, covered with a small piece of polyethylene and fixed with adhesive tape. As a rule, by the morning the lipoma will burst and more in its place will not appear. Cured wen on the back can help a plant like a golden mustache. From his leaves, which recently broke, you need to make a gruel, and then attach it to the lipoma. All this needs to be covered with a film, you can use the usual food. Wool should be wrapped in a cotton towel folded twice, and then fixed with adhesive tape. Change the compress every 12 hours. Knowledgeable people believe that the duration of the course of treatment, as a rule, is 12 days. In addition, help alcohol-pepper packs. It is necessary to take one teaspoon of black ground pepper, put it on a linen napkin and soak it all with alcohol. After that, the napkin should be applied to the wen and fastened with adhesive tape. The compress should be removed after 15 minutes. If you repeat this procedure twice a day, you can get rid of the zhirovik in three weeks. Wen can be removed with a compress made from wheat grains. They need to be chewed in the mouth before getting a gruel, then put it in gauze and attach it to the lipoma. Cover it with a plastic wrap, fix it with a plaster. Such a compress should be worn for several days. After some time, a hole will appear in the zhirovik, from which the liquid will flow. However, do not stop putting compresses until the tumor is completely removed, otherwise the treatment will not benefit. As a prophylaxis for the appearance of adipose tissue, it is worth mentioning a balanced diet, where there is no place for fatty foods. You need to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. It is worth regularly cleaning the skin with various cosmetics, especially if the skin is oily or problematic. More often wash your face and body with hot water and soap, make steam baths and peelings.