wedding hairstyles with fresh flowers Recently, brides are increasingly choosingelegant wedding hairstyles with fresh flowers. And this is not surprising, because such an ornament can turn every girl into a princess and give an image of romance and freshness. It is best to create such a work of art, and in another way such a masterpiece you can not call a professional hairdresser. Together with the florist, the master will select the best variant of styling and decorations, which will complement your image. But you can try and do it on your own. To do this, it is important to know which flowers to use and how to combine them. Our advice will help you to understand this. wedding hairstyles with flowers

The rules for choosing flowers for a wedding hairstyle

First of all, it is necessary to decide whichflowers you would like to see in your hair and how many. This is a very difficult matter, so it is worthwhile to think in advance of the concept of the whole image of the bride for a wedding from and to. After all, it is very important that the hair style is in harmony with the outfit, mood and temperament of a happy girl, otherwise it will break out of the picture.

  • Do not choose too large flowers if you plan to use them more than three. Otherwise, you risk making your hair look more like a flower bed.
  • When choosing colors do not forget to consider the color of yourhair and your wedding dress. They should be in harmony with the decoration of the hairstyle, and not cut the eyes around them. Those flowers that will easily suit a brunette, for a bright blonde will be, to put it mildly, inappropriate. Although you should not be afraid of bright colors.
  • Choose such flowers for your weddingHairstyles that will last longest to preserve their natural and pristine appearance. After all, no one wants to observe the waxing petals in a beautiful hairdo.
  • Ordering flowers for your hairstyle is necessary in advance, as it takes a lot of time for the choice of colors, their delivery, and then the production of floral compositions.
  • Please note that the groom's boutonniere and the bridal bouquet should be in the same style as the flowers in the hairstyle.
  • If you decide to make a wedding hairstyle with a flower, then do not use other large ornaments. This will only spoil all the beauty and elegance of an unusual hairstyle.

wedding hairstyles with flowers

Variants of wedding hairstyles with a flower

If you still decide to do a wedding hairstylewith a flower without the help of a master florist, it is necessary to choose a version that is easy enough to execute, which you can implement yourself. In addition, too complex buildings decorated with flowers, will look ridiculous on your head. Take a closer look at the options that are offered below.

  • Curly locks

This is the simplest version of the wedding hairstyle witha flower that looks very impressive and is suitable for a girl with any hair length. Strands are best to curl large curls at night on curlers or in the morning with a curling iron. To curls last longer, it is necessary to apply a small amount of foam before wet hair to wet hair. After all the hair is wrapped, lay them as you like and with the help of hairpins and invisible well fix the flowers. You can use to decorate the hoop, in this case the flowers are made by himself, and for the curls only studs with small beads are used to lay the strands.

  • High tail

It would seem that it can be beautiful inan ordinary tail? But this simple variant is often taken as a basis for creating elegant wedding hairstyles with a flower. To begin with, it is necessary to assemble the hair into a tall, tight tail, the most convenient way to do this is with a regular comb with sparse teeth on wet hair. Do not forget to apply foam for styling, this will prolong the life of your hair. Then, using a hot fuse and special attachments, twist the strands of the tail into locks of different sizes and secure them with invisors to completely mask the tail base. Live flowers in this hairstyle is better to use small ones in a small amount. Distribute them on the hair and neatly fasten the studs so that the jewelry is not lost. Do not forget to apply a good fixation to the hairdo.

  • Bohemian scythe on the side

Scythe - this is also a great option for a weddinghairstyles with a flower to create a gentle and innocent image of the bride. There may be a lot of options here: the usual spit, the French spike, the spike, the asymmetrical spit, etc. To braid a scythe can, probably, any girl is only a little trained. Here is one example of such a hairstyle for a wedding - an asymmetric scythe with flowers or a bohemian braid on the side. To braid such a scythe, you need only a little skill and perseverance. The weasels start back over the ear. It is woven like a French braid, when in the process several "podhvaty" strands are added, which are added to the common braid. Start with a thin braid, gradually collect hair into it from both sides, leading the pigtail in the opposite side down. It is important that the hairstyle is not too tight. For her, the optimal choice will be small flowers with long stems, which are easy to weave.

  • Wire harnesses

There are many different hairstyles with harnesses,which can be used for the wedding. One of the favorite options for many - thin bundles. To do this, it is necessary to separate a small strand of hair so that an even part is obtained and carefully twist it along the entire length of the hair. At the end, the flagella is secured with a hair clip or invisible. After the whole head is braided with such strands, their ends can be left freely to hang, and can be assembled into a neat tail. The most important complexity of this hairstyle is the interweaving of flowers. Competently fix them in a tourniquet is not always obtained without due skill. But do not despair, you can decorate a pair of large buds with the tail itself or the ends of the flagella. And finally I would like to give one small tip: do not make a wedding hairstyle on clean hair. They will crumble and stick out in all directions. Best of all, 2-3 days before the triumph, the hair can not be washed at all, even if they get dirty quickly. It will be to you only on hand and will allow to create a smooth hairstyle. And in the rest - only your imagination and skill! We advise you to read: