wedding hairstyles with a diadem Every girl dreams on the day of her wedding to bea real princess. Of course, this is the only opportunity to at least briefly plunge into the dreams of his childhood. And the main attribute of the image of the princess was always the crown, in our case a diadem. Wedding hairstyles with a diadem are always fashionable and relevant, with any fashion trend this accessory will be appropriate. Such an ornament can be applied to short hair, and to long hair - the main thing is to choose the right hair. It is necessary to know the basic requirements for hairdresses and diadems themselves - the information will be useful.

Types of tiara

So, diadems are golden and silver. Of course, there is no question of the use of precious metals (although everything happens in life - suddenly the bridegroom turns out to be an underground sheikh!), But here the colors exactly match. The choice of color should be approached responsibly and without hurry - go shopping and try on different types of tiara. If you have brown hair, it is better to look gold accessory, although the silver is not "lost" in your color. The wedding hairstyle, decorated with a diadem, is distinguished by originality and even uniqueness. One important point: determine the size of the decoration. If you have long hair, you can buy a tall, three-dimensional diadem - look royal! But if the hair is short, and you do not intend to build or use hairpieces, then you should choose a miniature accessory. Tiaras can be decorated with stones - the divergent rays will shine in the hair and attract even more attention to the person of the bride. The wedding is a bright and extraordinary holiday, let not only the atmosphere, but also the main participants of the event shine with their beauty. That's why the wedding hairstyle, created with a diadem, is always a favorite. With such an accessory, every bride will feel like a real princess! But we also need to choose a haircut, but here there are some nuances. wedding hairstyle with a tiara

How to choose a hairstyle for a diadem

Remember some rules on which wedding hairstyles with a diadem should be made:

  • The whole style of the hairstyle should be based on the decoration, but not the other way around;
  • Hair can be both dissolved and collected in bundles;
  • Do not create complex, multilevel hairstyles - with a diadem, such options do not look;
  • If you have long hair, then except for a diadem you can not use any bright ornaments. If necessary, try to do with invisibles and simple studs;
  • All wedding hairstyles with a diadem should not be too artsy, remember - the main element is not hair;
  • If you intend to make hair extensionsor apply a chignon, then first prepare and then already measure the tiara. This is the only case when the decoration is selected for the hair, and not vice versa;
  • If the hair is long, wedding hair with a diadem is better to decorate in the form of large curls.

In addition, an important moment in the creationhairstyle is a veil. This is also the main attribute of the wedding, and it should not be treated lightly. Stylists advise for tall diadems to choose a veil that has a lush, long and multi-layered shape. On the other hand, if the hair is supposed to dissolve, then such a smart veil will hide the entire hairstyle - you can pick up a modest little cloak. A wedding hairstyle with a diadem needs to be carefully fixed. Therefore, choose an accessory with teeth, like a grandmother's comb - a reliable fix is ​​provided. It is best to try on a diadem in a store and spend some time in it - literally 15-20 minutes is enough to determine the reliability. And then, many girls from hoops head starts to hurt - look, so that on your wedding day you do not have this trouble. wedding hairstyles for long hair with a diadem

A hairstyle with a diadem

If you have long hair, then try the following:

  • Carefully comb the hair and chop the tail high on the top of the head;
  • Tailen the tail with a large shingle - look at the photographs of the 60s and do something similar;
  • You can drop a few thin (literally airy) locks on the temples and around the neck;
  • Ahead, in front of the shingle, fix the diadem and carefully follow the reliability of the fixation;
  • The veil can be attached directly to the diadem.

If you have short hair, then everything is simple:

  • Do the usual styling on your hair. Fix it well with lacquer;
  • Attach a small, thin diadem - by the way, it can be in the form of a wreath of flowers;
  • Fatu take single-layered and lower it on the cheeks, attaching it to the accessory.
  • Each wedding hairstyle, adorned with a diadem,is unique. If you do everything correctly, you need to consider the color and style of the dress, make-up, hair color and even the direction of the wedding. Of course, ideally - this is a trip to the stylist. But if this is for some reason impossible, then we advise you to practice thoroughly before the main event in your life. Buy a tiara and improvise! If you can not do something on your own, involve a friend, mother or sister. Try several options, carefully choose makeup and then on your most important day you will be just gorgeous! We advise you to read: