wedding dress for pregnant women Each woman in her childhood more than once dreamed ofhandsome man and a chic wedding celebration, where she played the role of "first violin" with the help of a delightful white ceremonial dress. However, progressive modern girls often find themselves in a somewhat difficult situation, getting married when they are pregnant, often not knowing the rules of choosing a dress according to their situation. But experts took care of this and offered wedding dresses for pregnant women in the most diverse assortment and the widest range, so every girl can feel her irresistibility and magnificence. At the same time, all designers try not only not to hide, but to emphasize the smoothness of the lines and shapes created by the female tummy. This article is devoted to the main trends of wedding fashion for ladies in the position, tells about the trend details that will allocate the bride, as well as the rules that help to choose beautiful wedding dresses for pregnant women. Just a few dozen years ago, the pregnant bride either put up with her position and refused the idea of ​​"shining", dressing in a dress on the principle of comfort, or resorted to the services of an individual tailoring dress in the studio, which often took several months. Modern girls in this regard were in a more advantageous position, because models of wedding dresses for pregnant women are now popularized and widely available. Now every woman will be able to find an outfit according to her own position, taste priorities, and also her financial capabilities. Fashion magazines will only help ladies, placing on their pages wedding dresses for pregnant women 2016 - photos with colorful products will make it easier to navigate in fashionable novelties.

Wedding dresses for pregnant brides. Main trends

It is worth immediately mentioning that pregnancy will beimpose some restrictions in the choice of style, and indeed the whole image of the wedding dress. The principle of "showing everything at once" is categorically out of place here, since the delicacy of the position in which the bride is located does not allow excessive exposure, the idea of ​​lush decor and pomposity will also have to be deleted. A pregnant girl radiates a unique, unique energy, wedding dresses for pregnant brides should emphasize this as much as possible, and not suppress.

  • The style of the wedding dress

Absolute popularity among pregnant womenUse models with a cut-off line of the chest, otherwise - the style of Empire. A model of a wedding dress for pregnant women of this kind is distinguished by refinement and tenderness. The breast line, as a rule, is edged and decorated with either a bow or some other element, for example, a thin lace. Due to what is the greatest popularity of this outfit? This is due to great convenience and comfort, which provide smooth lines and a free cut. No movement of the bride will be constrained, often they are called wedding dresses for pregnant women in the Greek style for extreme similarity with the image of the ancient diva. Contradictory feelings are caused by products with lacing, which is present on the models of wedding dresses for pregnant women with a corset. Similar outfits are an ideal option if they are bought that is called for future use, since it is necessary to take into account the increase in the volume of the abdomen, however, it is not safe to pull the belly with a corset. Therefore, many pregnant women prefer primarily comfort and convenience for the child, and afterwards - a delightful appearance. Very popular models of wedding dresses for pregnant women in the style of "fish", which is characterized by an extension down, starting from the level of the knees. These models are considered the best option for those brides who are proud of their special positions and as much as they want to emphasize it, that is, to highlight the tummy. No other style will cope with this better, by the way, a wedding dress for a pregnant woman in the Greek style allows you to maximally hide belly volumes. The traditional image of the bride means the splendor of skirts, bright layers, fashionable female reviews with enviable constancy include on their pages lush wedding dresses for pregnant women, photos with such models are admired. However, you should not burden the already slightly overloaded image, if the girl preferred splendor, then it is recommended to abandon other bright accents in the attire. Another hit of wedding fashion for pregnant women is a short style. It is ideal if the lady wants to expose attractive legs. Women's magazines often place photo reviews with short wedding dresses for pregnant women, photos with such outfits look very extravagant, and models are guaranteed to provide attention from others. wedding dress for pregnant women photo

  • Sleeve tail

It is worth mentioning about some details of the outfit,which play a very large role in the production of the festive image, if we shift the accent to them. It's about the sleeve. Experts recommend that the sleeve is not overly zadekorirovann. The trend of the season is officially called lowered straps, which add intriguing nudity to the clavicles, and sleeves-lanterns, which are often found among wedding dresses for pregnant women. In later terms, it is worth abandoning these sleeves, since the outstanding tummy and spherical outlines of the cut-out "lanterns" will create congestion. Fashionable editions for expectant mothers often did reviews of wedding dresses for pregnant women in 2016, photos reflected the latest trends in cut and style, special attention was given to sleeves. wedding dresses for pregnant women 2016 photos

  • Colors and texture of fabric

The future mother will feel more comfortable inmodels made of light, flowing tissues. That is why wedding dresses for pregnant women with a corset are not the best option, because they often use heavy taffeta or multi-layered skirts. An excellent idea will be the purchase of a product from a delicate chiffon, matte, flowing silk or flying organza. A pregnant woman, by virtue of her position, radiates a special energy, and these tissues will betray her something unearthly and easy. A wedding dress for a pregnant bride on the catwalks and world shows is most often done in sand or pastel colors, you can often see pistachio shades, soft, smoky pink tints, ivory. Such shades harmonize and reassure the woman, because if you take into account the significant date and delicacy of the situation, then the girls tend to fall into a strong tension and become nervous, which is highly discouraged.

Beautiful wedding dress for pregnant women, new items from haute couture

wedding dresses for pregnant women in Greek style On high fashion shows occasionally appearwhole lines of wedding dresses for women in position. Before the eminent couturier was the task of creating a beautiful wedding dress for pregnant women without compromising the high functionality of the outfit, as well as its comfort. Therefore, viewers of the catwalks could observe various stylistic performances from many world famous designers. To the style of Empire in their shows resorted to such brands as Monique Lulier and Rome Acre, their outfits are distinguished by their elegance and expressive femininity. Many photographers have expressed a desire to cooperate with this brand and include in their magazines such styles of wedding dresses for pregnant women, photos of these delightful models are able to raise ratings to magazine editions. Almost all the models in Monique Lourrier's shows had a V-neck and open collarbones, and the breast was edged with a silk bow or lace. However, for women who want to emphasize the rounded tummy, such models do not fit, because they are focused on a visual reduction in its volume. Often the pages of women's magazines featured a magnificent wedding dress for pregnant women, photos with such models looked very attractive. Such an agiotage around lush skirts was formed in connection with the latest shows from Tiffany Ros, her dresses were distinguished by the simplicity of cut, but at the same time, due to the abundance of textiles, they looked very new. She refused to use any straps or sleeves, the outfits were fixed at the expense of a tight bodice on the female breast. This allowed to visually emphasize the increased forms during pregnancy. Women in the position often make extraordinary decisions, to which one may well include the desire to dress up in a short wedding product. Fashion magazines managed to baptize a mini hit of this season and placed on their pages short wedding dresses for pregnant women, photo models of this cut pleased the eyes with slightly naked female legs. A wide assortment of this style was presented by Jessica Iverson in her new collection, which was completely dedicated specifically for ladies in an interesting position. In contrast to the eccentric image and short skirts, the display from Neve was more conservative and included models made of taffeta with corsets, lush skirts and multilayered. These are ideal options for those expectant mothers who from the very childhood dreamed of getting into a fairy tale and playing the role of a princess dressed in a magnificent, impressive outfit. Of course, critics of fashion magazines preferred to not so actively use on their pages such a style of wedding dress for pregnant women, photos of models with this cut, however, were able to attract their audience of potential customers. Proceeding from all the above, it can be concluded that the future mother will necessarily find an attractive wedding dress for herself. In order not to be lost in the abundance of proposals, it is worthwhile to be guided by the information received, and you will undoubtedly stun yourselves with your own brilliance, get the most admired views addressed to yourself, and also the abundance of the most pleasant compliments to your address. We advise you to read: