Wedding accessories. Feathers for romantic young ladies During your wedding, you can safelyexperiment with your image. We suggest you to plunge into the distant past. In Hollywood, 30-ies fashionista actively used feathers in their outfits. Remember the snow-white mantle of feathers that Marlene Dietrich was throwing over the translucent dress? Today, feathers again return to the wedding fashion: they decorate not only the bride's dresses, but also wedding accessories, for example, gloves, hats and bouquets of brides. Some brides adorn feathers with an elegant fan. And it is not necessary to use traditional white feathers in decorating, you can decorate accessories with colored feathers of exotic birds. The popularity of feathers in the wedding fashion is explained quite simply: they personify beauty, tenderness, weightlessness and grace. And if you properly care for jewelry with feathers, then in the future you can again use them in your image: a handbag or hairpin, decorated with airy feathers, will be a perfect addition to the evening gown.