wedding accessories with your own hands What is a wedding, everyone knows, but understand everythingThe difficulties and difficulties in preparing for it will only be available to those who have already traveled this way once. Each couple wants that the guests were delighted with the celebration and remembered about it for a very long time. To your wedding was stylish and memorable, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money. It's enough just to think about the style of the wedding and stick to it in all the small things. After all, even the most elegant wedding dress will look bad if the cushion for the rings or the groom's buttonhole do not harmonize with it. We bring to your attention the help-list, which will help to understand what important trifles can not be ignored and how you can make wedding accessories yourself.

Album for wishes

And right after the wedding, and a few years later,you, of course, will be pleased to read the wishes and congratulations of the guests. You can save them in the album for wishes. Provide a sufficient number of sheets so that everyone can unsubscribe. In the pocket, which may be in the album, it is wonderful to store dried petals of a wedding bouquet, postcards and telegrams. At the wedding banquet an album for wishes can be placed on a separate table, placing a pen in the same place. If you are familiar with the basics of scrapbooking and card-making, then the production of a congratulatory album will give you a lot of pleasure from the process and satisfaction from the result. After all, the wedding album is not just a masterpiece of scrapbooking, but also an excuse for implementing the most creative ideas or retro-trends.

Chest for money

In the delicate matter of donating gifts to helpwill come a wonderful accessory - a chest for money. He will make the process of gifting young stylish and elegant, young ones do not have to stand with envelopes in their hands or with a tray filled with these envelopes. Such a useful, original thing will become a wonderful wedding decoration and will be useful to the groom's witness. And to make a wedding chest for money is very simple. The first option is quite simple. To do this, you need a standard box from a set of glasses, where they are placed six pieces. Such a box is a practically ready box, which simply needs to be ennobled, giving it a solemn-wedding appearance and making a money slot in the lid. Glue inside and outside the box with beautiful textured wallpaper (vinyl, for example) the right color and decorate the chest with lace, ribbons, beads and artificial flowers. The second option is more complicated. To do this, you will need a shoe box with a cover plate. We take the lid and cut out the middle of its apex, stepping back from each rib by three to four centimeters. Then extend the lid, giving it a dome shape. It is most convenient to do this from corrugated cardboard, which is easy to bend, but does not crumble in this case. But even a usual Whatman. First cut out a rectangle in width equal to the box, and along the length - the height of the dome cover. In the middle of the rectangle we make a slot to lower the money and master the sides of the cover. Draw two details in the shape of a figure with straight bottom corners and a rounded top. The width of the rectangular base should be equal to the width of the side of the box. On the whole rounded side we make an allowance of two or three centimeters. The allowance is notched, bend at right angles and glue the side panels to the first part, bending it with the dome. Now put the dome on the lid of the box and tightly glued together. The lid of the trunk is almost ready. It remains to decorate the entire chest. We tighten it with a satin cloth, planting it on the glue. We seal the joints with a beautiful braid or cord, and in the end we decorate the entire chest, using for this lace and guipure, satin ribbons and tulle, artificial pearls and flowers. wedding accessories

Wedding glasses

It is absolutely impossible to get by without a weddingwedding glasses. This accessory will be kept in love throughout the life together. Wedding glasses attract attention of guests at the banquet and in the wedding palace, they will stay with you on wedding photos. Therefore, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the issue of their choice and design. Give your celebration a highlight and beautifully decorated glasses of witnesses.

  • Creative glasses

For them you will need white and black braid,Satin or guipure ribbons of the same color. From the black braid we will make a glass for the groom, and from white for the bride. And to do this is also quite simple. We are winding (a turn behind the turn) a glass of braid. We leave only the round base of the stem and the top (three to four centimeters) of the glass free from the braid. The glass of the bride is decorated with artificial pearls and lace. Somewhere in the middle of the legs put on a skirt of guipure or tulle. A black glass of the groom is decorated with rhinestones or beads, imitating buttons on a jacket, and a bow tie from a satin ribbon.

  • Classic glasses

In the classical version, the glasses at the base of the bowl(at the very top of the leg) is decorated with artificial or live flowers or even mini-bouquets. You can simply wrap the legs of the glasses with a beautiful braid and place on them buns of tulle or white flowers from organza. Artificial butterflies, feathers, floral net and flowers from satin ribbons, rhinestones and pearls - all this will be an excellent material for decorating wedding glasses. And if you draw well, then paint the glasses with a contour or stained-glass paint, turning them from simple to wedding.

Guest accessories

Most of the time young people spend inbanquet hall. Therefore, it is necessary to provide all the points for the banquet to be "excellent". Accessories for seating guests will help them avoid confusion and fuss, taking pre-allocated seats. At the entrance, hang a plan, which will be schematically shown the arrangement of tables, their numbers, as well as the names of guests. On the tables in advance, arrange indexes with numbers, as well as cards, with the names of the guests. The latter will help guests in acquaintance and communication. If you know the basics of computer graphics, know how to draw well, or are familiar with this kind of handicraft creativity like card-making, then exclusive seating cards will be a pleasant surprise for guests. With such small but pleasant "trifles" you will show the guests that you care and think about them. And the main fashionable feature in wedding accessories today are bonbonniere - boxes with symbolic gifts for guests. To give bonbonniere handmade is generally considered a good form. They can be made of cloth or cardboard. On the pieces of beautiful cloth about 25 by 25 centimeters in size put candy, designed as a gift, raise the corners of the flaps and band them with a satin ribbon. You will get a bonbonniere bag. With the boxes and the easier. It is enough to find several different patterns of similar boxes, choose the most pleasant option and stock up on colored cardboard. Glue, scissors and decor elements will help you make fashionable bonbonniere with your own hands. And how happy the guests will be! how to make wedding accessories by yourself

Wedding Candles

To observe the ceremony of lighting a homeyou will need wedding candles, which symbolize the comfort and well-being of a new family. This is one of the most touching moments at a wedding celebration. Naturally, the attention of the guests will be drawn not only to the young, but also to the candles. Therefore, the decoration of this wedding accessory is of great importance. How can you decorate wedding candles with your own hands? Here you will not need much skill - only fantasy and creativity. As in the case of wedding glasses, candles can be "dressed up" by the bride and groom. Just take for this thick cylindrical candles, which also decorate with braids, beads, ribbons and tulle. By the way, making candles and glasses in the same style is a very good idea. Well, all kinds of hearts, lace, artificial pearls, golden cord, artificial flowers, bows, guipure and other wedding decorations will turn ordinary ordinary stearin candles into an indispensable wedding accessory. This list of important wedding details is far from complete. And you can add it yourself. It is important to remember that when planning all the necessary wedding accessories, you need to stick to one chosen style, then your wedding will be exquisite and elegant, and be sure to be remembered by your guests. Especially, if you attach to the manufacture of wedding accessories your hands, imagination and good mood.