pearl wedding The 30-year anniversary of living together isbeautiful name - a pearl wedding. Pearls are a symbol of purity and perfection. It is formed slowly, but surely year after year and turns into an impeccable creation of nature. So is marriage: over the years it is growing stronger, improving and reaching the ideal. 30 years, of course, the date is special, and the gifts for the day of the pearl wedding have their traditions. On the anniversary, relatives, children, grandchildren, friends can be present as invited guests. What do they give for the anniversary? As is clear from the name of the wedding, the gifts should be relevant to or reminiscent of pearls. It can also be products with mother of pearl, when choosing a color scheme it is better to give preference to white, pink and black with overflows. In the choice of gifts there is room for imagination: you can present jewelry, brooches, boxes. Well, if the product looks expensive and exquisite. For example, a wonderful gift can be an antique clock, a wall picture or an outdoor vase. You can give a family portrait - it will be original and touching. If suddenly a married couple is not going to magnificently celebrate 30 years of the wedding and invite friends and relatives, children can present them as a gift to an invitation to a festive dinner in a restaurant where a table is pre-booked, or a long-awaited journey to distant countries. gifts of the spouses to each other

Gifts of the spouses to each other

It is believed that on the 30th wedding anniversary day the husbandHe must give his wife a necklace consisting of 30 pearls. They symbolize the number of years spent together. And the wife, in turn, can give his wife cufflinks or a tie clip that are decorated with pearls or mother of pearl. Such is the tradition, but there will be nothing wrong if, instead of the necklace, the husband presents to his beloved half a gift of exquisite earrings or a ring with natural pearls. An excellent gift will be a pearl bracelet or pendant in the form of a large pearl. It is becoming popular tradition to give this day fur items embroidered with pearls. If the husband does not accept man's ornaments, then he should choose his gift from his hobbies and preferences. For example, he might like a mother-of-pearl cigarette case or a pocket watch with an unusual design. Perhaps the spouse will be happy if he is given an expensive car accessory, a new gadget, spinning or a professional camera. It happens that the couple prefers to buy joint gifts. For example, it could be modern appliances or new furniture. The main thing is for this purchase to bring joy to both spouses. But on the day of the thirtieth birthday, you should still present your surprise with a charming bouquet of flowers in the original design or some nice trinkets. A pearl candlestick or an elegant statuette will always fit in the interior of the apartment. And do not forget in this solemn day to speak to each other kind, gentle words with confessions of love. No woman will be indifferent to the poems written by the beloved about how he appreciates it, thanks for the years together happily and the wonderful children. gifts from family and friends

Gifts from friends and family

Gifts can be individual fromeach friend, relative or couple. In this case, there will be many of them and they will differ in variety. You can present a general gift from relatives and friends or friends. Such a gift will be more expensive, respectable and memorable. But in any case it is necessary to take care of its design in the tradition of a pearl wedding. In packages and cases there should be a lot of mother-of-pearl and artificial pearls. A pleasant surprise will be the decoration of the hall for the celebration of flowers, balls, photos and posters with comic wishes for the newlyweds. Here is a list of some possible gifts:

  • A photograph is considered quite an appropriate gift forwedding anniversary. It can be a great family photo in an expensive beautiful frame or photo collages with photos of different years. Very convenient electronic frame, which allows you to hold almost the entire family archive, collected over thirty years. You can print a photo of a couple on a canvas or even make a wallpaper with their image. A beautifully designed photo album with pictures of the most memorable events will also please the jubilee. Impress and video, mounted from fragments of the family video archive and photos and with music from your favorite tracks.
  • Gifts are always popular, useful in everyday life orhelping to create a cosiness in the house. Such modern devices as a bread maker, a multivark, a blender, a grill, a coffee maker, a yogurt maker will help not only to diversify the food of a couple, but also make life easier and more interesting. All sorts of interior items - paintings, vases, lamps, panels - will gladden the jubilees for many years and give pleasant memories.
  • You can not ignore the textile products,presented as a gift for the 30th anniversary. A luxurious set of bed linen from expensive fabrics, quilted bedspreads or a soft woolen blanket will always come in handy in the bedroom or in the living room, and a beautiful linen tablecloth and napkins with embroidery will decorate the cozy kitchen.
  • Beautiful dining rooms or tea sets and sets,pearl inlay - they are as if specially created for a gift for a 30-year-old wedding anniversary. Elegantly they will be presented with presented glasses for wine and wine glasses with pearl finish.
  • It will be very pleasant to get spouses gifts,made by the hands of children and grandchildren. It can be a greeting card with poems of his own composition, knitted things, a painted or fashioned family tree, culinary masterpieces.

Golden Rule

Gifts for the 30th anniversary of the wedding canbe very different: expensive, useful or original. It is important that they are chosen from the heart and symbolize the admiration of a married couple who managed to carry mutual love and respect during long years of living together.