Braiding braids on short hair French pigtails, pigtails, spicules, AfricanPigtails attract the eye and surprise with numerous variations. Yes, they are easily braided if the hair is long and straight. And if the hair is short, but you really want to show off with a braid haircut? What to do in this case, how to intrigue people around an unusual and stylish hairdo? Because the hair braided in braids, will never go out of fashion. And if before it was believed that pigtails - a privilege for long and thick hair, then today a similar hairdo can decorate and very short locks. Moreover, at present braiding braids for short hair has become a popular and topical solution for creating a stylish hairstyle.

Weaving with false hair

One of the variants of weaving braids on shorthair involves the use of false hair in the form of braids, strands and tails. They can be made from natural hair or from kanekalon, which is especially widely used for afrokosichek. You can buy several braids at once. Their color does not always have to perfectly match the natural shade. Sometimes, due to the game of color, you can achieve interesting effects in your hair. Overhead braids are often supplied with a special comb, which helps to fix them on their own hair, and if the length of the native hair is not less than 15 centimeters, then it is possible to directly attach artificial ones to them. Begins with such weaving by attaching an overhead braid to your hair, as close as possible to their roots. Then she will hold on better. When all the planned weaveings are made, and the hair is ready, it must be fixed with a strong hairspray. It should be remembered that the braiding of braids with the use of an overlaid tail should be carried out using a hair clip, which allows you to fix the tail. It has the shape of a clip and usually comes complete with an overlaid tail. In this hairstyle, you can beat the difference in length between the tail and your own hair, laying one or more tails in such a way that short strands are straightened out from under them. You can use separate strands of false hair, pigtails will be thinner, but the connection with the hair is stronger. In the case when natural hair is too short, it is better to use the services of hair salon specialists. They often use decorative hairpins, masking the junction of braids with hair, as well as a thin wire that is woven into braids to facilitate their laying. In addition, the master will advise you what kind of laying is right for you, which way of fastening will better keep your hair, take into account all wishes, as well as the structure and color of your native hair. "Rosette" of false hair In order to braid "rosette", you will need: a fixing gel, a comb, hairpins, hairpins and false hair. So, let's start:

  • Hair must be carefully combed on the back of the head and fastened unruly strands by invisible, pre-treated with gel;
  • Now we take an oblique braid and fasten it to our own hair, laid in a semicircle in the form of a rim;
  • Fix a little with hairspray;
  • For decoration, you can use whatever you want: rhinestones, flowers, decorative hairpins.

braiding on short hair

French pigtails

French pigtails, which are often called"Frenchies", too, can be used for weaving on short hair. They differ in that they fit tightly to the skin of the head, this method allows you to grab a strand behind a string, weaving them in a pigtail, even if they are short. Sometimes from the "French" funny ends stick out the ends of the strands, giving the hair a mischievous look in the style of "Pippi long stocking." You can try to braid one half-spike, picking only the bottom strands of hair, the rest of the curls just gently lay or curl with a plait. This hairstyle looks not only original, but also romantic. Intending to conduct experiments with short hair, be sure to stock up with a large number of hairpins, pins, invisible, various ornaments. Also in your arsenal should always be present fixing tools, and good quality. You do not want to ruin your hair, do you? "Fishtail" braid This kind of hairstyle is possible if your hair is of medium length - up to the shoulders will be quite enough.

  • Carefully comb the hair and determine which side will be the pigtail;
  • For example, you chose the right side. We comb the curls to the right, and on the left side we begin to gently pick up the hair and twist them up, along the nape;
  • We do the same with the right side. Thus, you will have two identical hair harnesses in your hands;
  • We braid the braid, separating the thin string from the left and throwing it to the right;
  • The same action is done on the other side;
  • Again we return to the left, then again to the right. Do this until the hair runs out;
  • Remember: all the strands should be the same, and the thinner the hair, the more beautiful the hair looks;
  • After finishing the weaving, fasten the braid with an elastic band.

braiding for short hair

African plaits

Do not think that weaving African braidspossible only on long hair. And in a very short hairstyle you can weave ready-made afrokosichki, made either from threads, or from artificial hair. And the shorter the hair, the more original it will look like a hairstyle. But the hand of the master is necessary here, since you are unlikely to cope with such a weaving yourself. Such wreaths can be worn for more than two months without referring to the master for correction. The main thing is to look after them properly. Of course, there are drawbacks to this hairstyle. The main one is irritation of the skin on the head. This is due to the very tight and close interlacing of braids to their native hair. It can help a normal baby cream or a special one, which removes inflammation and irritation. When the time comes to untwist all this beauty, you can be shocked by the amount of hair falling out. But here it is not necessary to worry much, because while the hair was tightly fixed, the daily norm of the hairs was not lost, and after liberation they all at once and fell asleep. By the way, we also need to unravel the African plaits from the master. As you can see, owners of short hair do not need to limit themselves in creating fashionable hairstyles. Experiment! Today you are a mischievous girl, with strands sticking out in all directions, and tomorrow - an elegant lady, with a strict oblique, wrapped around her head. Do not be afraid of being misunderstood by others because of too extravagant styling. Just always be yourself - and let everyone envy your courage and willingness to change your style at any time! After all, very few women can boast of such determination ... We advise you to read: