correct melioration at home Melting is the clarification of individual strandshair. This method of staining has long been fashionable, but remains relevant today. Melirovanie visually gives hair volume and makes them more dense. They acquire a beautiful iridescent shade. Melting refers to sparing methods of coloring. In addition, with his help you can successfully fight with the first gray hair. The technique of performing highlights, of course, requires certain skills, and it is better to turn to professionals. But the cost of hairdressing services is quite high and not always a woman can afford it. For all the apparent complexity, it is quite possible to paint yourself or with the help of a friend. It will take a little patience and attention. Thanks to the appearance of new colors, which are convenient for carrying out the hair melting procedure at home, it is not difficult to make it. It should be remembered that there are contraindications for carrying out this procedure. It is not worth melicing after a chemical wave, and also if the hair was previously stained with henna or basma (it is worth waiting for them to grow and cut off). If the hair is weakened and have the ends marked, it is recommended to treat them beforehand with special means. There are two main ways of melirovaniya: on the foil and through the cap. The first method is more effective, but somewhat more complicated. Melting with a cap is the most popular and simple way of coloring. It is also called "feathers" or by darning. It is better suited for short strands. Long hair and medium-length hair is more convenient to grind using foil (tape highlights). melirovanie with foil

Technique of staining on foil

Melting on foil allows you to get morenatural result. In addition, the use of this technique makes it possible to stain directly the roots of the hair. For highlighting on foil, the following accessories will be needed:

  • Brush for applying paint.
  • Nonmetallic dish for oxidant dilution.
  • Comb with a long leg.
  • Foil.
  • Blondant (clarifying powder).
  • Oxidizer.
  • Gloves.

The oxidant concentration should be selectedaccording to the type of hair. For dark hair, it is better to take a 12% oxidizer. For light and thin, a weaker one, 3-6%, will do. The composition for clarification is prepared in a proportion of 1: 2 (1 part blondant and 2 parts oxidizer). The amount depends on the length and thickness of the hair. The foil should be pre-cut into strips twice as long as the length of the hair. First you need to comb your hair. They must be dry and unwashed. It is more convenient to carry out the procedure of staining sitting in front of the mirror.

  • All hair is divided into several large strands and each is fastened with clamps.
  • From each strand, starting from the parting, it is necessary to separate strands of less. To do this, it is convenient to use a comb with a long tip.
  • Under each small strand, a foil strip is placed directly under the roots of the hair.
  • Using a flat brush on the hair, a lightening compound is applied evenly. Then the strand is wrapped in foil (first folded in half, then side cuts are pivoted).
  • It is desirable to avoid wrinkling of the folds when folding, as this can lead to uneven staining.
  • Thus, all hair is separated and colored. When the central part is minced, the right side, the left side and, lastly, the rear strands are machined.
  • The number of strings depends on the desiredintensity of highlights. For easy dyeing, 5-6 strands are enough on the top layer of hair. To get a full scale throughout, you need to paint about 20-25 strands.
  • The aging time depends on the initial colorhair and the desired result. On average, this is 15-20 minutes, for dark hair - up to 40 minutes. It is not recommended to keep the paint longer than 45 minutes. Hair can become dry and lifeless.
  • After painting, the foil must be removed and the entire head thoroughly rinsed.

different lighting techniques

Coloring by the cap method

In this way, only short hair (up to 15 cm) can be milled, since longer ones will get confused. For coloring, you will need:

  • A special cap with holes.
  • Hook for pulling strands.
  • Gloves.
  • The clarifying composition prepared by the previously described method.
  • Brush for paint.
  • A non-metallic bowl.
  • Comb with a long tip.

In specialized stores you can purchasea ready-made set for highlighting, which includes a cap, gloves and a hook. On pre-combed hair (dry and unwashed) a hat is worn. With the help of a hook, strands are stretched into holes. They can be passed into each hole (intensive melirovanie) or one, two, three, depending on the desired result. On each stretched strand, the brush is applied with a brush and the necessary time is maintained, which is determined by the initial color of the hair and the intensity of the shade, which should be obtained. Then, without removing the cap, you must carefully wash the clarified strands of warm water. After the paint is washed away, you need to remove the cap and wash your hair with shampoo, rinse with conditioner and apply a balm on them. As the roots grow, they need to be discolored without staining the entire strand. The roots are applied to the clarifying compound, and 5 minutes before the end of the paint, it is distributed over the entire length of the strand. This avoids unevenness in color and color jumps.