hairstyles with weaving braids "Women are always like this: they passionately want what they do not have, and having achieved what they want, they feel a sense of disappointment, "said one day the expert in women's hearts, Alexander Dumas-son. Surely, they knew this with dad. And men have always worried about beautiful women's locks of any length, regardless of whether they are free to fly, packed in neat haircuts or braided in simple braids. The latter option allows you to braid such interesting hairstyles that victoriously conquers the leading positions in fashionable ratings, and this is exactly what women are consistently lacking in the endless struggle for beauty and male attention. If you have beautiful long hair, everything is more or less clear here. But what to do when the hair is medium in length? Is it possible to weave braids on medium hair? You can not simply weave braids on medium hair, but you also need it! Learning this art will not take long. There are primordially female skills that have passed to us from our ancestors. You just need to wake up your dozing skills. To braid braids for medium hair brought maximum pleasure, it is not necessary to be a professional or a winner of interplanetary hairdressing contests. Braiding braids of the desired length - a great session of relaxation, good mood and the ability to surprise new friends daily with a new image. Fashionable hairstyles with braiding

Meet all the braids are good

  • Russian braid is a classic of the genre. The instruction on weaving such a braid is extremely simple and is known to any girly girl since the appearance of her first Masha doll. The braid is trussed from three strands by simply shifting the extreme to the middle.
  • Weave the braid under the ridiculous name "fish tail"You can do it yourself if you have enough skills in your arsenal. But it's better if there is an inseparable friend or mother nearby. A scythe from two locks as a result really reminds a small fish.
  • Always in a trend, French and Greek braids onmedium hair. Weave them interesting, because the result is unpredictable every time, but in any case, such hairstyles look stunning. This is a win-win option for special occasions and business meetings. However, it should be remembered that the Greek braid is solely woven over the edge of the hair. A French can serve as the basis for a variety of different hairstyles, looks slightly careless and does not require special skills, so that any young lady will quickly learn the technique of weaving. The French braid suits a French woman - defiantly loosened, but extremely erotic.
  • The braid "boho" is exotic, elegant and glamorous. She trails on the right or left side of the head, gradually "taking in" the bangs and all subsequent strands of any length. Externally, hairstyles with such a braid are similar to the rim around the head. To braid the plait "Bohho" means to deliberately doom yourself to a wave of attention and admiration.
  • Spit "spikelets" is known and warmly loved by momsall times and peoples, as it allows you to collect and securely hold all the naughty locks of growing fashionistas, when the length of the hair is not quite enough. The hairstyles of "spikelets" will look especially original and exclusive, if braiding will go from the bottom up.

women's hairstyles with braids

Simple rules for easy braiding

There are only two of them:

  • Before you braid a braid of any type, you should thoroughly wash your hair. The braid will look more spacious and chic.
  • To pigtails on medium hair held tightand do not disintegrate at the most critical moments of life, use the usual styling means: mousses, gels, waxes for styling, as well as varnishes for fixing hair.
  • Boldly vary and combine the techniques of weaving! Beautiful pigtails on medium hair are easily intertwined in different hairstyles, making them bright and unique. And the addition of bright contrasts in the form of hair accessories will help create your everyday, festive or business image. In addition, weaving braids can become not only your hobby, but also a source of permanent income. Learn how to create beautiful hairstyles based on woven hair of any length and earn for your own pleasure! There will be no shortage in clients.