causes of warts on the face Warts on the face are benignneoplasm and they appear on the skin when a human papillomavirus or HPV enters the human body. Practically every person the appearance of warts, and even more so on the face, is accompanied by aesthetic discomfort and various complexes. Types of neoplasm on face:

  • Flat or youthful.
  • Threadlike or acrochords.
  • The seniors.
  • Description of new growths

    • Juvenile neoplasms most often appear inadolescents during the transition years. Flat warts on the face arise due to constant changes in the hormonal level at this age or the general weakness of the immune system of the young organism. They appear to be a nodule or an elevation of the body-yellowish color of irregular shape.

    Such neoplasms are not painful and are not itchy,in the case of their appearance, only cosmetic discomfort in man appears. Flat warts do not require removal or special treatment, they usually disappear by themselves, without any consequences for the skin. But nevertheless, to them it is necessary to concern with special care, not to subject to mechanical influences.

    • Filiform neoplasm or acrochord on the facearise in the mucous membranes of the eyelids, nose and lips, and also on the neck. These warts can occur in a person of any age, but more often, in people older than 50 years. The filiform neoplasm appears on the face in the form of a yellowish-colored bump, which grows and extends, becoming oblong in shape, and as if hanging down on the stalk.

    Acrochords have an elastic dense consistency,usually their length is 4-6 mm, but sometimes reach up to 1 cm. Probably next to one neoplasm there are several more threadlike acrochords, which subsequently coalesce with each other. It is possible to get rid of such growths and even removal is recommended. Filamentous growths have one color with the skin, in rare cases they are more dark in color. According to studies of specialists, acrochords appear against the background of hormonal disorders associated with obesity, menopause or diabetes mellitus.

    • In contrast to the above neoplasmssenile warts are not related to HPV. This type of neoplasm on the face appears only in connection with the age-related changes in the skin of a person after 40 years. They are exposed to the skin of the formation of a yellowish-brown color the size of beans, often covered with greasy greasy coating.

    If the patient wishes, then such a neoplasmis sent for removal, but before that you should make sure that this is not keratoma - a precancerous skin formation. For anyone with a suspicion of keratoma, it is highly discouraged to attempt to eradicate the build-up, because it is life-threatening. removal of warts by laser

    The causes of the appearance of neoplasms on the face

  • Failure to comply with the usual sanitary and hygienic requirements, that is, daily face washing in the morning and in the evening, as well as the use of additional cleansers.
  • The presence of a scratch on the face, through which can quickly penetrate HPV.
  • Use a towel, shaving machine with a person who is a carrier of HPV.
  • Increased risk of the appearance of neoplasms in a person such a disease as diabetes.
  • The causes of the appearance of different formations in a woman during pregnancy or menopause on the face skin can serve as a weakened immune system.
  • Treatment with modern methods of neoplasm

    First of all, before starting treatment oragree to removal in order to get rid of growths, you should seek help from a doctor, undergo necessary examinations and take tests. If removal of formations is necessary, then the method most appropriate should be chosen.

    • Laser is the safest way to removeall neoplasms on the face. The main advantage of this therapy is that the removal is almost painless and safe for a few minutes. On the site of warts, small indentations remain, which occur after one to two months.
    • Freezing with liquid nitrogen or cryodestructionhelps to successfully get rid of excess formations on the face. Treatment in this way occurs on the basis of freezing the tissues of the formations from the first time. If necessary, the procedure is repeated.
    • Another effective tool in the treatment ofvarious neoplasms are radiosurgery. The surgeon, with a special radio set tuned to a certain purity, acts on the tissue of education and destroys it. This method helps to get rid of a person from warts and excludes the entry of various infections.

    Other treatments In this caseit is recommended that you consult with your doctor before you start to take out extra education. Self-treatment is not desirable and sometimes even dangerous for health. To remove and get rid of warts help ointment "Collomac", liquid solutions "Ferezol", "Purity" and "Solkoderm". But to remove neoplasms with solutions, a point method should be used. Since any of these remedies can cause a burn of healthy skin areas. ointment for face from tumors

    Folk methods of treatment of neoplasms

    In folk medicine, severaleffective ways to deduce all the warts. When applying these prescriptions, it is necessary to remember that if not accurately or incorrectly used, almost any remedy, you can leave burns, scars and scars on the face skin. In addition, the desire to remove neoplasms without consulting a doctor can lead to malignant tumors, melanoma or skin cancer.

  • People's physicians recommend a simple and completeA harmless remedy, such as rubbing the formations with a clove of garlic. Remove the warts help the phytoncids of garlic, which have an antiviral effect.
  • Similar properties have more tools, such as a wormwood broth bitter and onion juice, helping to permanently remove all kinds of education on the face.
  • Especially effective in the treatment of skinfaces from warts, including plaques, became clean. In order to remove various formations from the face, it is required to chop freshly celandine in a meat grinder, squeeze the juice out of the mixture obtained, pour it into glassware and close it tightly with a lid. Dishes with juice put in the refrigerator for two weeks for fermentation, but every day you need to open the lid to release the formed air. The fermented juice should be moistened with each growth. Such treatment is the most effective and helps to get rid of warts forever.
  • It should be remembered that damage or self-removal of neoplasms on the face can lead to their larger growth.