1 Councils of fashionable stylists will help you choose the actual things not only for the coming autumn, but also for the approaching winter.

  • Maxi skirt

Choosing things for the cold, pay attentionon the skirt-maxi, which is now at the peak of popularity. For autumn and especially winter it is very practical. For a colder time of the year, designers offer more rigorous silhouettes and calmer models of color. Maxi skirts are well combined with especially fashionable boots this season with high heels and lacing.

  • Fur vest

In the cold season, without this warm, fashionable,stylish and, finally, a super-topical thing you can not do. Especially since in this season the designers represent for you a full scope of fantasies: completely different in texture, length and cut models. Choose your taste and purse.

  • Loose sweater

Renewing your wardrobe by the autumn, pay attentionone more especially fashionable trend of this season is a free sweater. Now models with the Norwegian pattern are very popular. In addition, in the autumn-winter of 2010/2011, long, mid-thigh sweater, large knitted sweaters are relevant.

  • Jacket Park

This light and comfortable thing, which originated from non-existence (down from the mountains) on the fashion podiums took its rightful place. To make "urban chic," designers advise wearing it with jeans and ankle boots.

  • Dress with drapes

This original and beautiful summer dressthere is no worthy alternative. In a dress with draperies, a woman always looks sexy, and men from the waving of draperies are simply delighted. Therefore, it is perfect for a date, especially if you are indoors. We advise you to read: