three-dimensional haircuts Large haircuts for medium hair can be calleduniversal, because such hairstyles can be stacked in various ways. Volumetric hairstyles mean cutting strands of stairs, this will help to achieve a visual increase in volume. For example, a classic bean is the most common and simple version of a classic mid-length hairstyle. For several years the "bean" began to differ from the original classical style by long and short, asymmetrical, perfectly even and torn strands, with curly locks and simply curled or "shaggy" tips. Bob on curly and curly locks always gives the maximum volume without superfluous efforts. If the hair is up to the shoulders or below, then the variety of stylings will depend entirely on your imagination. Hairdressers very rarely recommend bulk haircuts on medium hair to owners of thin, brittle and split hair. To achieve volume on the average length, it is desirable to dry the head with a round brush, and then properly lay and slightly ruffle with your fingers. When finished, sprinkle with a spray for styling or a special lacquer with medium fixation. voluminous styling of medium hair

Secrets from professionals

Remember the main rule: if you want your hair to look magnificent, then do not blow it dry with a hot air flow. Watch the temperature and choose a temperature regime in which the air flows will be slightly warm. Also on the curls of medium length make different fringed hairstyles, and then pochtiruyut them. The shape of such a haircut will depend entirely on the face oval and on the structure of the curls. To stack it is very simple on straight and dense hair, for this purpose it is enough to put mousse on slightly damp ringlets and to start to ruffle their fingers. Also, you can pull these curls in the direction of the face while drying the "skeletal" comb.

Volumetric laying

There are several more volume haircuts, oneof them - a haircut "page". This is quite popular, but, nevertheless, a classic haircut, which allows to achieve a good visual volume. The "page" is best suited to the owners of straight hair. In this case, the length of the curls can be quite short, and elongated. Particularly stylishly, the "page" looks like a slanting bang with a thinning on the tips of the curls. Very often, young women choose a "page" with "torn" ends, because this effect visually rejuvenates and hides the flaws of the face. During drying, the hair should be combed forward, after full drying, it should be fixed with vanilla or honey wax and varnish with medium fixation.