the best epilator To date, the market of householdequipment is such a number of different models of epilators, that sometimes the fair sex of the eyes run up. With nozzles and without, powered by a battery or a network, monochrome and with an intricate pattern, with a rubberized handle or completely plastic - which one is better, it's rather difficult to determine a beginner who is not versed in technology. Often from the girls sellers hear the same question - what is the difference between the device for a thousand and four thousand rubles, if the purpose they have is to remove the vegetation on the body. In fact, there are differences, and quite significant, and they are not only in the bundle and coloring of the epilator, but also in its functional capabilities. the best epilator

Choose a depilator: what you should know about these devices

Types of epilators: from old to ultra-modern There are three main types of such devices, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have a question, which of the epilators is better to choose, then in this case everything depends not only on financial possibilities, but also on the purpose, frequency of use, etc. It makes no sense to buy an incredibly expensive and multifunctional device, if you are afraid to be horrified, since in that case you can hardly use it often. To overcome fear, unfortunately, not every impressionable girl succeeds.

  • Spring epilators

Long ago, when the manufacturers just startedTo develop similar devices for removing hairs on the body, the first spring epilators appeared on the light. As soon as they went on sale, the representatives of the fair sex had a double impression: on the one hand, after epilation, the vegetation did not disturb them for a long time, but on the other hand, this procedure could be equated with medieval tortures. The principle of the device is quite simple - the hairs of the hairs are pulled out using a spring or a spiral, which is slightly bent during rotation. At the moment, despite improvements and innovations, this kind of epilators is not very popular, so finding them will be quite difficult for you. In this case, the unconditional advantage is a relatively low cost, which just attracts thrifty girls. However, it should be noted that springs and spirals, if used regularly, wear out very quickly.

  • Disk epilators

They, thankfully, many women, appeared latersome time after the spring epilators and immediately gained popularity among the fair sex. And it's not just about high-quality advertising and low price policy, but also in greater efficiency. So, after the procedure, on legs there is much less missed hairs. Rotating disks manage to capture all vegetation, and not separate areas.

  • Tweezers Epilators

Principle of operation of tweezers and disk epilatorsis not much different, but many girls prefer this particular option, since it is believed that it is the least painful to remove vegetation on the body. Another plus is that due to the metal plates, which delicately "pull", and do not break the rods, the number of ingrown hairs decreases several times. Number of speeds: you can not spoil the porridge with oil. If you choose a good epilator that you really want to use constantly, and not just buy it in order to play and put on the shelf, an important role is played by the number of speeds (or, more precisely, tweaks performed by this device in one second ). Naturally, the more - the better, but the high performance in this case will affect not only the quality of work, but also the cost. Today you can buy both two and four-speed epilator.

  • First speed for sensitive areas

At the lowest speed, it is good to remove weak,Short, thin hair, the rod of which can break if you process the site faster and more intensively. In this case, the vegetation bursts out together with the bulb, due to which the positive effect lasts much longer than if you simply shaved your legs.

  • The second, third and fourth speeds

For a long time, devicesonly with two speeds, the second was designed to work with coarse, stiff, long hair. Why do we need faster devices then? The fact is that the higher the given index in the device, the faster and less painful the procedure itself passes, so the best epilator is a four-speed one. What and where to remove vegetation The usual epilator is designed to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body, while, as mentioned above, it removes the hair along with the bulb. On average, after the procedure, the skin remains smooth and clean for one to two weeks, after which the prickly black dots start to appear, which you can not immediately get rid of. It should be about five to eight more days before you can start epilation, and before that you have to endure and hide the legs with the help of trousers, long skirts and kapron tights. Another disadvantage of the epilator is the painfulness of the procedure. Despite the presence of additional nozzles, cooling compresses and tips for taking a small amount of alcohol before hair removal, doing it always hurts. However, over time, if you do not resort to the help of this device from time to time, the skin will get used to such an effect and you will be much easier to bear to remove hair. Many of the fair sex scare the unpleasant consequences: redness of the skin, irritation, ingrown hair. Avoid all this, if you properly prepare for the procedure. So, for example, before epilation it is recommended to do peeling with a conventional scrub, steam out the skin with hot compresses of herbs, and then apply special creams that do not contain alcohol and other similar aggressive ingredients. A good alternative option in this case can be an ordinary women's electric shaver. But those who prefer this option, you have to shave your legs two or three times a week, as cut by blades vegetation, unfortunately, grows much faster. In the zone of bikini, on the face and underarms is the most delicate, tender and sensitive skin, which is very easy to injure if you remove the vegetation with a simple epilator. In these parts of the body it is recommended to use small trim tabs - they carefully pull out the hairs, without causing pain or irritation. Such equipment has appeared relatively recently, but many women have already managed to like it, they are afraid even to brow pluck. the best epilators

What's in it for you?

According to the majority of womenthe most beautiful epilator is the one that perfectly removes vegetation, does not cause pain, works for a long time and has a huge number of different additional attachments, which they will actually use for the first six months. But some of the components are still very useful, so they should pay attention.

  • Nozzle-massager

It is believed that after you processlegs or hands with a massager, doing epilation will be much easier and less painful. Function, of course, necessary, but think, will you really use this attachment every time? However, girls who are insanely afraid of pain, yet it is worth considering the purchase of the epilator with a massage head.

  • Shaving head

Multifunctional modern device,which can be used for hair removal on the legs and for shaving the vegetation in the bikini area, you definitely will like it. Just imagine, you do not have to take disposable razors, depilation creams, suffer from waxes, etc., enough to grab a small and compact epilator that you can use at any time.

  • Nozzle "for beginners"

Remove hair in the bikini area and armpits withthe help of an ordinary epilator - mockery of yourself, even if you do it at minimum speed. For such areas of the body should use a special nozzle, in which a smaller number of tweezers is built. The only downside - you have to spend twenty minutes more than usual.

  • Nozzle for peeling

If you are constantly faced with a problemingrown hair and do not know how to deal with it, get a depilator with a nozzle for peeling. It is usually used the day before the procedure to remove the keratinized skin particles, which are precisely the reason that the stem can not sprout and folds inward.

  • Punctual hair removal

If after an epilation on a body there are islands withhairs, do not rush to grab the razor and re-injure the skin, better use this nozzle. However, for the sake of justice, it is worth noting that it can easily be replaced by an ordinary tweezers, which will not be worse than the task in hand. In addition, you do not have to waste time, get the epilator out of the package, change the head, and after the procedure - clean the device.

  • Limiter

If you are a bright and extraordinary person and besidesyou are a fan of intimate haircuts, this nozzle will definitely come in handy. It is enough to practice a little, and you do not have to waste time and finances on hiking in the salons, now you can make your hairdo in the bikini area yourself.

  • Eyebrows

There are also special devices, withusing which you can trim and model eyebrows. Now you do not have to sit for half an hour in front of a mirror with tweezers and pull out each individual hair, the epilator quickly and qualitatively does everything for you.

  • Cooling glove or nozzle

As the producers say, if beforeepilation to make a cold compress, the nerve endings will freeze and you will not be hurt. The mitten is a small bag of liquid (gel), which before the procedure is put in the freezer. As for the nozzle, then, one hour before the start, filtered water is poured into it, after which it goes to the refrigerator, and only two or three minutes before hair removal it is worn on the apparatus.

  • Storage and transportation case

A small box in which all are placedaccessories, it is very convenient to take with you on a trip, otherwise you have to find the necessary nozzles for the entire bag. If the device was sold without a case, purchase it separately, since it is not hygienic to store such electrical appliances on the shelf together with other cosmetics.

  • Brushes for cleaning

If you do not constantly look afterepilator, clean it on the cages, then after half a year or a year it will be clogged and out of order. If the device is not afraid of water, you can wash the shaving head under the tap. For a simple, inexpensive model, simple brushes should be used. We advise you to read: